3 Best Solo Sports Ever

July 26th, 2018

Sports are a great activity for everyone, as not only it teaches about sportsmanship, discipline, and perseverance but also about the value of exercising in our lives. Solo sports drive youngsters to be at their absolute best, let us review the 3 best solo sports ever.

1. Swimming :

This sport is one of the best solo sports that anyone can learn as it challenges them more than many other activities might. This is a classic sport that teaches that sometimes you have to make it on your own in this world. Competitive swimming became popular as a sport that aims to break personal or world records while beating competitors in any given event. Ideally, in a swimming competition, the least resistance is created to obtain maximum speed. You certainly need to follow the suggested diet chart for men and adhere to recommended gym workouts for men



2. Running :

This is yet another individual sport that is world famous and adopted as a part of lifestyle by millions across the world. It teaches the eternal values of discipline, perseverance, and self-dependence. It confirms the fact that while it is great to a part of a team but relying on nobody other than yourself can be just as powerful. It is believed that humans improved their running skills specially to cover long distances 2.6 million years ago, probably in order to hunt animals. Competitive running grew out of religious festivals in various areas, the first running competition in recorded history took place in 776 BCE, at the first Olympic Games.



3. Bicycling :

Introduced in the 19th century, bicycling is done by nearly 1 billion people globally as the means of transport and sport. Never-before-seen bikes have been introduced that features a wide range of conveniences including electronic shifting, disc brakes, and even custom painting options. Bicycles are also widely adopted by men who seek to improve their health and fitness especially cardiovascular health. In this regard, cycling is particularly recommended for people with arthritis of the lower limbs who are unable to pursue sports that cause impact to the knees and other joints. Moreover, men who take up bicycling as a sport or as a means of transportation, the find less need for self-discipline to exercise!



Best Young Players In 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 26th, 2018

As 2018 FIFA World Cup draws to a close, we seek out for the young players under 23 years of age, who are the most potential soccer stars of future. Let us take a break from men’s latest fashion trends and latest fashion styles for men to find out the answers.

1. Kylian Mbappé, France :

There was no doubt that the “FIFA Young Player Award” will be given to Mbappe for his astounding performance on the field. The 19-year-old Paris Saint-Germain star had scored brilliant four goals in the tournament, one in the crucial final against Croatia and three in the knockout stage. He is predicted to win Ballon d’Or award in a few years, especially when he is three years younger to any player in the list. From exceptional speed to amazing control, he seems to possess all the ingredients for the next superstar. He is likely to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid sometime in near future.



2. José Maria Giménez, Uruguay :

Jose has emerged as the ‘best young defenders in the world’ after delivering the scintillating performance at the FIFA 2018 World Cup. His most memorable moment was the last-minute strike against Egypt that initiated Uruguay’s notable performance in the tournament. Fans will also remember his emotions attached to his national team, as he cried before the final whistle against France.



3. Benjamin Pavard, France :

The 22-year-old VfB Stuttgart defender, who was relatively unknown before the tournament has proved himself to be indispensable from the French national team. His memorable performance was an outstanding strike for Les Bleus’ 4-3 win over Argentina in the Round of 16. He has fittingly and firmly slapped in the face of his doubters if ever there was one. In his own words, he had said this prior to Russia 2018 “It’s crazy to be called up, obviously I’m delighted and I’ll make sure I repay the coach for the faith he has shown me. Right-back, center-back, left-back – it’s all the same to me. You have to be able to defend. I’m happy in all positions.”



Biggest Shock And Disappointments In 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 26th, 2018

Freezing, for now, the latest men’s fashion trends and a new trend in fashion for men, we present the biggest shock and disappointments in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

1. Germany’s crashing :

The deafening collapse of the favorites of the FIFA World Cup, has stunned the soccer fans. German national team was considered as a team in the best form with a complete balance of skills and talent, at least on paper. On the ground, the reality was entirely different, as they succumbed to the so-called “winner’s curse” by making an early exit from the tournament. Their performance with Mexico and South Korea proved that they were only paper tigers, even though they do thrash Sweden during the group matches in the tournament.



2. Croatia’s rise :

The rise of Croatian national team has come as the biggest shocker of the season. No one had forecasted based on the track record that Croatia will reach into the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. The team’s performance was astounding as they defeated Argentina by a huge margin by 3-0, moreover, they went on to top their group undefeated! This shock was more electrifying than the rise of Russia, lowest ranked side in the World Cup to reach the quarterfinals.



3. Messi’s fall :

The falling of the legend was witnessed by the soccer fans across the world. Once again Messi failed to perform up to the expectations of the fans, as he failed to score a goal in eight knockout games. Messi’s performances at the club level are entirely opposite of his lackluster delivery in the recent world cup.



4. Neymar’s theatrics :

Brazil’s Neymar received a severe ridicule from soccer fans across the world by overreacting to a challenge from Mexico’s Miguel Layun during the sides’ last-16 tie at the 2018 World Cup. According to FIFA technical director Marco van Basten “This is not a good attitude and works against Neymar and his team. If you are acting too much I think everybody will understand that it’s not going to help you”



5. Own-goal epidemic :

The 2018 FIFA world cup was the tournament that a maximum number of self-goals by various teams. A total of 12 “own goals” were scored by various teams including France, Uruguay, and Spain.



4 World-Cup Records That Stands Broken In 2018

July 25th, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia has been full of drama with the favorite teams crashing out of the tournament, most popular players turning out to be a damp squib and the emergence of the new generation of players like Kylian Mbappé and Eden Hazard. We take a break from new fashion style for men and a new trend in fashion for men and take a look at the 3 most interesting records that have been broken in the recent football world cup.

1. Ronaldo’s record:

Ronaldo not only emerged as the “oldest player to score a hat-trick ever in the FIFA World Cup” but also became the player who has scored goals in “most FIFA World Cup tournaments” successively in the years 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. The exciting match of Portugal vs. Spain that ended up with 3-3 in the group stage helped Cristiano Ronaldo to achieve this feat as he matched the record of Uwe Seller who was first one to achieve this record against West Germany in 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970 tournaments. Other players who hold this distinguished record are Brazilian legend Pelé who also scored goals in the same four tournaments and the German striker Miroslav Klose who netted in each World Cup from 2002-2014. The memorable 88th-minute free-kick of Ronaldo played against Spain was punched at the age of 33 years 130 days!



2. Own goals record:

The 2018 FIFA world cup was the tournament that a maximum number of self-goals by various teams. A total of 12 “own goals” were scored by various teams including France, Uruguay, and Spain.



3. First own-goal in finals record:

The electrifying final match between France and Croatia saw the record that no player wants to take the credit! The self-goal by Croatian striker Mario Mandžukić during a match is for many reasons unpopular as his team lost to France by 4-2. He later scored for his national team as well but this first own-goal in FIFA World Cup Finals became the first ever goal.



4. Harry Kane’s record:

Although England ended up at 4th position in the tournament, the captain matched the record of Maradona to score (six) “most number of goals in the FIFA World Cup as captain”



6 Memorable Moments From The Finals Of 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 17th, 2018

Leaving behind the latest men’s fashion trends and grooming tips for mens face we present you the 5 best moments from the exciting finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

1.Early lead for France :

In the 18th minute France took the lead by Croatia’s own-goal by Mario Mandzukic. As France’s Griezmann kicked the ball during a free-kick from the right channel, the ball hit the Mandzukic head leading straight into the net.




2.Equalizer by Perisic :

As the match progressed, 10 minutes after the first goal, Perisic used a left-footed drive into the far corner to bring back the match into the equalizer.




3.Lead for France at half-time :

Les Blues again took the advantage of their team’s versatility and Greizmann scored the fantastic goal, his fourth goal of the tournament. France seized this opportunity from the penalty that was offered by consulting VAR owing to the Perisic ’s handball. Since 1974, this was the first time when three goals were scored in the first half of the World Cup finals.




4.Croatia’s lost opportunity :

According to statistics, Croatia had 61% possession of the ball, but could not convert it to their advantage. Croatians knew they had to score more goals but solid defenders of France team prevented any such occurrences.




5.Motivated second-half :

France team were more aggressive and motivated in the second-half as they scored two goals in the span of 6 minutes. For Les Blues, a double strike from Pogba and the ‘best youngster in the tournament’ Mbappe ensured that the match is one-sided. While the famous Pogba scored, his first goal of the tournament in the 59th minute, Mbappe scored in the 65th minute.




6.The historic match :

The final match became historic due to several reasons as not only in this finale maximum number of goals were scored since 1966 but also because France equalized the position with Brazil to score four goals in a World Cup Final, Brazilian team did the same way back in the year 1970. It was a win-win for both the coach Didier Deschamps who emerged as the third person in the history to win the World both as a player and a coach and also for Mbappe, who emerged as the first teenager to score a goal in a World Cup final, since Pele in 1958.




3 Greatest Golfers Of All Time

July 17th, 2018

Golf is one of the best games that enhances your accuracy, agility, and perseverance. Many of the golfers have been a source of inspiration not only for their exceptional skills but also for the latest trend in fashion for men and a new trend in fashion for men. We present the 3 greatest golfers of all time.

1. Young Tom Morris :

At age of 17 he holds the record of winning a major championship, who won four consecutive open championships between 1868 and 1872. Interestingly in 1869 and 1870, son of four-time British Open Champion Old Tom Morris, won the game by besting the rest of the field by 11 and 12 strokes in successive years. Unfortunately, his wonderful life’s journey was cut short by a heart attack at the age of 24.


2972-Young Tom Morris


2. Jack Nicklaus:

Widely considered as the numero uno player in golf of all-time, Jack won the won 73 PGA titles between 1962 and 1986.The oldest player who won the memorable masters tournament in 1986 by scoring six shots under par on the back nine of the final round. The other major titles Nicklaus won included four US open, six Masters Tournaments, five PGAs, and three British Opens. Interestingly, at the age of 58, he stood sixth in 1998 Masters while his last professional tournament was the Open Championship in the year 2005.


2972-Jack Nicklaus


3. Tiger Woods:

The most known golfer in the World, Tiger Woods not only has won more than 75 tournaments but has also been credited with some of the biggest wins in major championship history. The most memorable victories were the 1997 Masters that was won by 12 strokes and then in the year 2000 US Open by 15 strokes. He has been often known as “Tiger Slam” as he won all majors consecutively between the 2000 US Open and the 2001 Masters.




Strengths Of 4 Semifinalists In 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 17th, 2018

The four semi-finalists in 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be remembered for a long time, for their fierce battles they have won on-ground, defeating the famed and the biggies in the teams of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal. Leaving behind the latest men fashion trends and men new style, we present the strengths of the four all-European semi-finalists in 2018 FIFA World Cup.

1. Croatia:

After the admission into FIFA, Croatia team ranked 125th in the world, but after their performance at 1998 World Cup campaign, they had catapulted to 3rd place, that earned them the title of “the most volatile team” in FIFA Rankings history! Their performance in 2018 World cup is no different, they have sailed through the group matches and quarter finals beating the hosting nation Russia, and the strong teams like Iceland and Argentina. Their greatest asset lies in their ‘midfield talent’ that currently ranks best in the world. The best players in the team are undoubtedly Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic.




2. Belgium :

After beating Brazil, England, and Japan, the team has emerged as the strongest teams in the world cup history. Three jewels of Belgium national football team viz. Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, and Romelu Lukaku, have lived up to the reputation of being ‘red devils’. The last tournament they won was an Olympic Tournament in 1920, Roberto Martinez’s selection strategy in 2018 FIFA World cup matches is highly admirable and extraordinary.




3. France :

Les Bleus, the winners of 1998 World Cup is back into action with the spectacular performances against Argentina and Uruguay. The strength of the French national team is their ability to ‘adapt’ to the opponents. They have shown striking resilience and the commanding spirit, right from Olivier Giroud’s to Kylian Mbappe’s the team players have successfully confronted attacks successfully. They have proven that possession of ball does not ensure victory and experience does not guarantee success.




4. England :

The team that has qualified for the FIFA World Cup fifteen times and won the World Cup way back in 1966 has shown the power of young talent to the world as the heroic goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and the tournament’s top-scorer, Harry Kane are both just 24 years of age. This ultimate team’s performance will be truly remembered for a long time.




The Best Moments In Group Matches In 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia

July 6th, 2018

Taking a pause from the new fashion style for men and new fashion trends for men, let us review the best moments in the group matches during the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

1. Nigeria’s goal:

This is one of the best moments in the first round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia as Francis Uzoho, goalkeeper of Nigeria is seen in action in the match against Argentina at the Saint Petersburg Stadium on June 26, 2018. In this memorable Group D match, Argentina managed to reach the ‘best 16’ second round, thanks to the winning goal from Marcos Rojo! Finally, Diego Maradona has a reason to be glad.

2948 - 1- Nigerian goal


2. Iran’s late penalty:

BBC expert Alan Shearer described the decision to award Iran’s late penalty as “shambolic”, as the moment emerged as one of the best during the group matches in 2018 FIFA World Cup. The most talked about was the Ronaldo penalty that was saved by Iran’s Beiranvand. Although Portugal managed to reach the knockout stage the match was marked by VAR controversy! In the picture dated 25th June 2018, Ronaldo is seen speaking his mind to Iran’s Karim Ansarifard and Morteza Pouraliganji at Mordovia Arena in Saransk in Group B match.

2948-2-Iran's late penalty


3. France-Denmark draw:

This is the first match in the 2018 World Cup that ended goalless, with both Denmark and France entering the ‘last 16 stage’. In this 37th match of the 2018 World Cup, Denmark has entered the knockout stage first time after 2002, France’s performance has disenchanted the soccer fans, as the famous players including Ousmane Dembélé, Antoine Griezmann, Thomas Lemar playing and the forward Olivier Giroud could not bring a real creativity in the game. France as although managed to cross the group round unbeaten in the consecutive World Cup (2014, 2018) for the first time.



4. Iceland’s dream:

Iceland’s dream of entering the second round crashed after Croatia defeated them by 2-1 on June 26, Group D match in Rostov. Although Iceland won the penalty that was converted by Gylfi Sigurdsson Croatia’s a perfect three-for-three first round ensured elimination of Iceland from the World Cup. One of the best moment is captured in the picture where Iceland’s Hordur Bjorgvin Magnusson is seen heading the ball.



The Soccer Match That Changed The World Cup Forever

July 6th, 2018

There are some rare incidents that change everything, in the football season leaving behind the men new style and the latest fashion for men, we take a look at the soccer match popularly known as the “Disgrace of Gijón” that changed the rules of Football World Cup forever.

1. In one of the greatest upsets in the World Cup history, Algeria had stunned the football fans across the world by defeating West Germany by 2-1 in 1982 FIFA World Cup – the match is often described as the biggest defeats since 1966 World Cup where North Korea won over Italian national team.



2. For Algeria to qualify, the West German national team had to score three or more goals against their match against Austria at El Molinón stadium in Gijón, Spain. On the day of the match on 25 June 1982, Germany scored a mere one goal, claimed as “fixed or pre-decided” by soccer fans leading to the elimination of Algeria and inclusion of Austria into the next round.



3. Interestingly. West Germany’s team had taken the lead 1-0 in 10 minutes but the remaining 80 minutes of the match was a lackluster match that seemed no serious attempts by West Germans to score the goal at the opponents, Austria. This match was widely publicized as the “Disgrace of Gijón” as both West Germany and Austrian teams were accused of match-fixing, but FIFA ruled that neither of the team had broken any rules.



4. During the match at Gijón, the soccer fans realized the misdoing that was happening on the ground consequently, the Algerian supporters, protested by waving and burning the money. The European supporters were heard chanting “Fuera, Fuera Argelia Argelia” (Out, out Algeria, Algeria). Captivatingly, a German fan was also noticed burning their own flag during the incident. Later in Germany, this match got publicised as Nichtangriffspakt von Gijón (“Non-aggression pact of Gijón”) and Schande von Gijón (“Disgrace of Gijón”). After this episode, FIFA took steps and changed the rules to ensure that the last round of matches in each group takes place simultaneously.



9 Bewildering Facts Of The Football World Cup

June 26th, 2018

Let’s hold on to your breath, freeze latest fashion for men and the new fashion styles for men as we reveal some of the most bewildering facts about the players and the teams who have ever qualified for the World Cup, including 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

1. Essam El-Hadary, the Egyptian goalkeeper is the oldest player ever playing in the World Cup. Aged 45, Essam has 156 caps has a daughter who was engaged to one of his team-mates.

Essam el hadari


2. If Neymar wins the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award, Nike will award $ 200,000 and if just Brazil wins the World Cup, he receives $50,000.



3. Carlos Queiroz, the famous Iranian head coach recently remarked that Lionel Messi should be banned for the tournament by FIFA until it is proved that he is a human.

Carlos Queroz


4. Hannes Halldorsson, Iceland’s goalkeeper, is also a leading filmmaker in his country. Hannes has directed Iceland’s video for their entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Hanes halderssen


5. 2018 FIFA World Cup could possibly be the last World Cup for many players, especially for the forwards and the defensive midfielders like Luis Suarez (31), Lionel Messi (30) and Cristiano Ronaldo (33), Andreas Iniesta (33), Keisuke Honda (31), Falcao (32), Thiago Silva (33) and Rafa Marquez (39).

6. The Golden Ball award traditionally had been given to the a “formidable attacker” except in the two instances, first was awarded to Uruguay’s defender Jose Nasazzi way back in the year 1930 and the second was in the year 2002 to the Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Interestingly, 2018 FIFA World Cup’ soccer balls on the ground is made by the iconic makers of the black-and-white ball of the 1970s.

Oliver kahn


7. Wonderfully, nine months after the World Cups, the birth rate went up in the host nations South Africa (2010) and in Germany (2006). According to BBC, World Cup 2010 in South Africa ‘triggered baby boy boom’!

8. Oscar Tabarez, born 3 March 1947 is the head coach or the “El Maestro” (The Teacher) for Uruguay national team who is making a fourth appearance in the World Cup, unlike any other teams in the tournament.

Oscar taberez


9. India had automatically qualified for 1950 World Cup, but withdrew due to many reasons, one of them was the imposition of FIFA’s rule to ban playing barefoot. Interestingly, Indian national team had played 1948 Olympics barefoot, since then the team has never played in the World Cup.

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