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The science behind sleeping: Why a good night’s sleep is vital

February 11th, 2019

Getting a good night’s sleep is equally important as eating healthy and exercising every day. We often hear people tell us that getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is vital for your body to function. But, with the changing lifestyle patterns, people are now sleeping less in comparison to what they did in the past. Not only is it limited to this, but even the quality of sleep has degraded.

So, for those of trying to understand the importance of sleep here are 5 good reasons why sleep is vital for your body and how these health tips for men and women can be beneficial for their body.

1. If you are a good sleeper you tend to consume fewer calories :

According to various studies, it has been found that people who sleep-deprive have comparatively bigger appetite than those who aren’t. Meaning they tend to consume more calories than normal. And the reason behind this is that sleep deprivation interrupts the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones thus leading to a poor appetite regulation.


Weight Loss Groove
Weight Loss Groove


2. Good sleep helps to improve concentration and productivity :

Sleep is vital for the brain’s various aspects to function properly. All of this includes cognition, productivity, and performance. These can be negatively affected if one is sleep-deprived. According to a study it has been also found that people who are sleep deprived, have the same impact on some aspects of the brain as they would be by alcohol intoxication.


3. With good sleep, you can maximize your athletic performance :

Your athletic performance can be enhanced by good sleep. Many say that people who have a poor sleep or less sleep duration can cause one to perform are less active and participate less in athletic activities. It has been also noted that poor sleeping patterns can be linked to slower walking, lower grip strength and more difficulty in performing day to day independent activities. So, the longer and the better you sleep, the better you perform in your everyday life.




4. Good sleep can improve your immune function :

Getting at least 8 hours of good night’s sleep every day can help improve your immune function and also to fight against the common cold. Even a small loss in your sleeping pattern can impair the immune function and can be the reason why your immune system poorly defends your body from common problems like viral fevers, common cold, etc.


Sleep MD NYC
Sleep MD NYC


5. Poor sleep can affect emotions and social interactions :

Reduction in sleep can reduce your ability to interact socially. People who are sleep deprived have a reduced ability to recognise certain expression like anger, happiness, etc. You may also find such people to be irritated by the smallest of things. According to researchers, it is believed to be caused because poor sleep affects your ability to recognize important social cues and process emotions accordingly.

So, along with the required nutrients and exercising every day, it is equally important to get the right amount of sleep every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Is mental happiness the new key to health? Let’s find out

January 4th, 2019

Mental health is as equally important as one’s physical health. And somewhere down the line your mental health completely depends on your mental happiness. If you look around, you’ll find many of us, especially the young generation, is consumed with materialistic happiness rather than focusing on real things. And this is what leads the youth today, towards stress, anxiety and various other mental ailments. If you can focus on your mental happiness or even pay a little attention towards your mental health, you can automatically improve your physical well-being. Here are six different ways in which your mental happiness contributes to your good health.


1. Happiness protects the heart :


Image courtesy:Atheist Alliance International
Image courtesy:Atheist Alliance International


Love and happiness are probably the two things that do not originate in the heart but are good for it. According to studies, it has also been found that happiness predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure. Happiness as well affects the heart rate variability – the time interval between heartbeats and is often associated with risks for various diseases. When one expresses positive emotions, one can note a serious difference in their heart health compared to the others who don’t express happiness more often.


2. Happiness strengthens the immune system :


Image courtesy :
Image courtesy :


Researchers have proved that happiness and your immune system have a much stronger relationship than you can imagine. Your immune system activities do up or down depending on your emotions. And if you experience more positive emotions, then you are less like to fall prey to common sicknesses such as common cold and fever. On the days a person feels happier and is at mental peace even the immune system responds better.


3. Happiness helps to combat stress :


Image courtesy : ADDitude
Image courtesy : ADDitude


Stress isn’t just upsetting for your psychological health but it as well affects one’s physical health too. Stress can trigger biological changes in our hormones and blood pressure. These effects can be tempered with happiness and if not, happiness at least helps one to recover more quickly. Happiness and stress may be on different poles, but happiness can effectively help to combat stress to an extent. Even when stress is inevitable, happiness can be beneficial for a good health.


4. Happiness can combat disease and disability :


Image courtesy : SE Healthcare Quality Consulting
Image courtesy : SE Healthcare Quality Consulting


Although this may sound weird to some, laughing through the pain can actually be helpful for a speedy recovery. Happiness can be associated with improvements even in severe and long-term conditions and not just for shorter aches and pains. According to research conducted, it was found that people who are happy and contained were about 1.5 times less likely to suffer from long-term health conditions.


5. Happiness helps to lengthen the lifespan :


Image courtesy :
Image courtesy :


In the end, happiness can be your ultimate health indicator. Even many researchers have proofed that happiness and longevity work together. When a person his happy from within, both his mental and physical health mend gradually. Happiness need not have to come from materialistic things, but from even the smalls of tasks accomplished. While happiness can lengthen our lives and keep us at a better space, it cannot perform miracles. Apart from the mental happiness you also need to care for yourself for a better health and a better you.

9 benefits of starting the day by meditating

December 12th, 2018

There is a popular saying, ‘Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when God talks to you’. Just speak with someone who starts his day by meditating, and you will discover some real differences in life that the activity gets along. Here are the 8 benefits of starting the day by meditating:


1. It paves the way to a better workout :

When you follow a daily meditation routine, it leads to an increase in testosterone levels. And the result is what every man dreams of – bigger and stronger muscles, in addition to a more satisfactory workout!


Image Courtesy: AskMen
Image Courtesy: AskMen


2. You feel more satisfied in bed :

Men may not openly discuss it, but they all want to make passionate lovers to their partners. As mediation releases testosterones, your libido increases which means that you can last longer in bed. You also feel more patient and sensitive towards your partner, a thing that every woman desires.


Image Courtesy: Dissolve
Image Courtesy: Dissolve


3. It reduces the dependency on caffeine :

Early morning meditation triggers the parasympathetic lymphatic system, making you feel less stressed and more relaxed. Thus, even if pushing yourself out of bed may seem like mission impossible, meditation releases endorphins that help you spring to the beast mode.


image Courtesy:
image Courtesy:


4. You’re better equipped to tackle daily challenges :

As you meditate, you feel poised, calm, and easily adaptable. Things that otherwise irk you translate into mere pass-by occurrences in the day. Has your boss given you unrealistic targets? No problem, everything is good! Is someone honking insanely at you? Let him do so!


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:


5. It fights stress and depression :

The primary advantages of meditation are happiness, good sleep, and more productivity and work. Think of it as your medicine for stress. You feel light, at peace, and creative, keeping the depression blues at bay.


Image Courtesy: Reader’s Digest
Image Courtesy: Reader’s Digest


6. You naturally eat good, feel good :

Research shows that mental unhappiness leads to unhealthy eating habits, with increased consumption of fried and fatty foods. When you meditate, you’ll realize that the cravings for junk dissipate with time. You’ll find yourself eating healthier, cleaner food that nourishes both the mind and the body.


Image Courtesy: Healthy Food Guide
Image Courtesy: Healthy Food Guide


7. The frequency of your headaches decreases :

Though meditation is not a direct substitute for medical treatments, it can substantially lower the occurrences of headaches and migraines. This makes it an ideal component for mental well-being. As your diet changes as mentioned in the preceding point, you automatically embrace health.


8. You become a better driver :

As you meditate daily, your ability to multitask increases. This has a direct relation with driving skills. People who are aware about their surroundings exhibit a greater multitasking ability, making meditation and safe driving go hand in hand.


Image Courtesy: Driven Deliveries
Image Courtesy: Driven Deliveries


9. It widens your social circle :

Daily meditation makes you an aware and approachable human being. You become more compassionate and full of life, showing less judgment towards others. This helps you to retain friends better, thereby widening your social circle and keeping negativity at bay.


Image Courtesy: Guide Me Away
Image Courtesy: Guide Me Away


These are just a few benefits of starting the day with meditating. If you know of any more, feel free to include them in the comments section below!

These 5 yoga poses are proven to improve mental health

November 22nd, 2018

In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety is now being diagnosed more than ever. The World Health Organization has predicted that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most common disease diagnosed after heart disease. Given this alarming prediction, isn’t it high time that we start prioritizing mental health awareness?

One of the methods that people are increasing adopting for health and physical well-being is exercise. Regular exercising has a positive impact not just on your physical health but also on your mental health. Yoga maybe the hottest trend right now, but it has actually been around for the past 5000 years! It is a mind and body practice that leaves you calmer and more balanced, easing anxiety, stress and physical tension.

Here are the top 5 yoga poses to improve mental health and men’s fitness:

1. Sukhasana or the ‘Easy Pose’ :

As the name suggests, this pose is very simple but works wonders! All you have to do is sit cross-legged with a straight spine, close your eyes and breathe. This pose helps you to shift your focus to your breathing and helps you calm down and stay grounded. It also opens up hips and strengthens your spine. Hold this pose for at least 60 seconds.


Courtesy: The Chopra Center
Courtesy: The Chopra Center


2. Balasana or Child’s pose :

As the name suggests, this pose is very simple but works wonders! All you have to do is sit cross-legged with a straight spine, close your eyes and breathe. This pose helps you to shift your focus to your breathing and helps you calm down and stay grounded. It also opens up hips and strengthens your spine. Hold this pose for at least 60 seconds.


Courtesy: AskMen
Courtesy: AskMen


3. Sirsasana or Head Stand :

This maybe a slightly advanced pose, but it offers just many benefits! It aids blood flow to the brain cells which improves your memory and concentration power. It also aids in the treatment of anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and stress. If you are a beginner, then please make sure to perform this pose with the support of a wall.




4. Seated Forward Bend :

This move is perfect for beginners. For this pose, you need to sit down with your legs stretched ahead of you and try to touch your toes. If you can’t reach your toes, then go ahead and hold your ankles. This pose helps to lengthen your spine and to relieve stress and tension. It also lifts your mood and helps you to relax.


Courtesy: FLUX Hawaii
Courtesy: FLUX Hawaii


5. Corpse Pose or Shavasana:

This is probably everyone’s favourite yoga position! All yoga sessions are usually ended with this pose. It is a great way to focus on your breathing and calm down your heartbeat. It also helps you boost your mental health and eases your body.




We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you found it helpful. Don’t forget to take a break from your routine and care for your mental health. Stay tuned for more stress management tips and techniques.

Best Instant Techniques For Men To Takeover Stress

January 17th, 2018

Stress is a load that a person is forced to carry, without his physical capacity. If a person is tired, weak or unwilling to do an assigned task, which otherwise might be a passion, his brain creates internal bodily measures to inhibit the activity. The measures are reflected in the form of stress on his face, actions and feelings. Sometimes, the unexpected or loss bearing factors also influence the emotions of human beings, the depression, anxiety are the two forms of mental stress.

It happens when a person is living, thinking more about the past or future instead of living and enjoying in the present moments. The moments of stress can be easily relieved by relieving the ‘load’ – physically, mentally or emotionally, we need to keep in mind the importance of living in present. One need to understand the auspiciousness present parameters, and thereby making the best use of them.



A quick way to relieve stress is by keeping yourself groomed, dressed up according to the latest fashion trends for men. The actions taken to be in the best of appearance and health should be done as ‘thanksgiving’ for almighty. Exercise for men, following a diet chart for men and maintain a grooming kit containing a towel, waterless facewash, sanitizer and best smelling deodorant are few other ways to keep yourself stress-free, and absolute ready to grab the opportunities that might knock your door anytime, anywhere!



You need to remember that you’re the stress factor will not get removed by jumping into conclusions, or by following lengthy daily meditation sessions or answering deep questions of self-identity. You need to just start with the basics, go to undisturbed sleep at a decent hour or two and not let yourself get in a state of hunger. Science backs this up; these two factors have a big impact on your happiness.



You need to remove every inch of your irritation and annoyance, at least for few moments – remove all you bad feelings by taking control of your thoughts and thinking of almighty that is showering blessings to you – think of all the moments when you have been saved from the unfortunate moments. Expressing anger on minors, weak or anyone else just magnifies the proportion. Go to bed with the make-believe cover of fortunes around yourself, and you will find negativity dissipates away! You need to be a strong decision-maker than just a thinker, evaluate the options in front of you, decide and go for it. You will succeed, as it is difficult to beat someone who never gives up!

Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing You Slowly

October 30th, 2015

A sedentary lifestyle involves very little, irregular, or no physical activity!.Most people blame their hectic schedules or long office hours for the lack of exercise and physical activities.




If you too are living a sedentary lifestyle, then your health is at great risk. Here’s why:

1. Loss of Lean Muscle Tissue:

Lack of physical activity accelerates this loss that in turn makes daily and,normal routine activities more difficult to perform. Maintaining a definite body weight also becomes difficult.



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2. Weakened Bones:

In order to maintain and strengthen the mineral content of the bones, it is important to regularly exercise. Lack of physical activity ensures faster bone loss.




3. Depression:

Being a couch potato doesn’t exactly have the best effects on minds. In fact, your sedentary lifestyle can make you emotionally unstable and increase your mood swings.



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4. Weight Gain:

No physical exercise means gaining a lot of weight and that also rapidly. It’s simple science!



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If you are not a gym freak Now then let’s talk about a couple of ‘easy’ things you can do to ‘stand up for your health’:

1. Walk:

The more you walk, the more you lose weight. Taking regular walks will also have a positive effect on your mind.




2. Do Zumba:

If hitting the gym is not your cup of tea the regular gym workouts for men are not your cup of tea, join a zumba class. A fun fusion of dancing and exercising, you’ll lose a lot of weight and also feel happy!



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3. Yoga:

If you are looking at long term results and a stronger metabolism, without the usual gym exercises for men, yoga is the answer for you. Meditating also helps in strengthening focus, ensuring peace of mind, and losing weight.



Like to eat? Change your diet; involve these tasty foods in your diet to combat the ill-effects of a typical sedentary lifestyle:

1. Lemons:

One lemon itself comprises of more than 100 per cent of your regular intake of vitamin C. This helps in maintaining a good level of cholesterol and strengthening your bones.



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2. Broccoli:

A medium stalk of this green vegetable contains vitamin K in huge portions—highly recommended in diet plans for men, for building and strengthening bones.



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3. Sweet Potatoes:

This delicious vegetable has almost 8 times the amount of vitamin A that fights cancer cells and boosts immunity.




4. Walnuts:

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts help in keeping cholesterol levels under control. Walnut is essential for a healthy diet plan for men.




With such interesting tips right in front of your eyes, it’s time to get up and break away from the sedentary lifestyle that’s not doing you any good at all.