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4 Core Fitness Rituals Of Football Players

June 19th, 2018

The fitness of soccer players starts at the gym. Any football player needs to focus on speed, strength, and power, hence the gym workouts for men should be in sync. Since most of the soccer players cannot spend their entire day on the football ground, they should essentially know the recommended exercises for men that can help them improve their posture, balance, power, and speed.

The stronger you are, the more speed you will be gave. Instead of ‘popular’ exercises you will have to focus on some core fitness rituals that will help you to improve your speed, endurance and agility. Most of the top-level soccer players never compromise on their fitness rituals, we present you the 4 core gym workouts essential for football players.

1. Front Stretch:

Do this essential exercise for 3 times in a week. For doing Front Stretch, you need to lie down with stomach facing the ground. Keep yourself in vertically straight, keeping your arms stretched in front, while your legs, glutes should be squeezed in together. Slowly raise your left leg, hold it for 30 seconds and bring it down. Now repeat this for your right leg. Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each, you can take a rest of 1-2 sec between the sets.



2. Side Stretch:

You should repeat the entire exercise while keeping yourself still in the side position. Remember to stretch the legs to the maximum possible extent, feel the pain, the nerves and let the body sweat. It is highly recommended to do both the exercises simultaneously for minimum 3 days of the week.



3. Single-leg hurdle linear hops:

You cannot miss this core exercise that will strengthen your legs, instilling agility and flexibility to control the ball on the ground. You need to combine both lateral and linear hops to achieve the best results over time. You need to do 4 hops at a time and repeat it twice. This fitness regime should be implemented for both type of hops. For a linear hop, imagine a hurdle of 6 inches to lift your body making sure that you land comfortably on the ground without hurting your ankles, keep on increasing the speed as you practice reaching to a point that you cannot extend.



4. Single-leg hurdle lateral hops:

Repeat this procedure for the lateral single-leg hops just make sure that you always land softly with total control over your feet. The combination of these two exercises will build up your bilateral strength, as soccer players spend most of their time on the ground on one leg or the other.



5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Lungs

June 5th, 2018

You need not be a smoker to suffer lung related problem, any type of polluted air is a cause of sickness in our body. Regular cleansing of our lungs hence is one of the basic preventive measures in the contemporary world.

1. Exercising:

Undertaking the recommended exercises for men is very helpful in naturally releasing the toxins out of the body via sweating. Therefore, a reasonable duration of gym workouts for men is recommended. For healthy grown-ups, 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted exercising in the early morning hours in the natural open surroundings goes a long way to naturally clean the lungs.



2. Hot steam bath:

There are numerous benefits you can derive from steam bath but the cleansing of lungs is one of the best natural methods that you should practice regularly. Steam through our nostrils reaches directly to our bronchioles present in our lungs, that helps to melt away the unwanted toxins and mucous glued to the lungs. For healthy grown-ups, it is advised to spend at least 20-30 minutes in steam to detoxify the lungs naturally.



3. Reduce dairy products:

You need to reduce the number of dairy products you consume in a day, as dairy products are known to contain toxins that may aggravate the existing problems in the lungs. If you drink two cups of milk in a day, reduce it to one. You need to experiment with your body for at least 3-4 days to feel the change in your lungs.



4. Honey and Herbal tea:

Add herbal tea with a tablespoon of honey in your breakfast, add leaves of Indian Tulsi to get the instant benefits. During the day, you should also consume 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey regularly at a stretch of minimum 15-20 days.



5. Stay away from smoky areas:

You need to stay absolutely away from the toxic smoke of air that contains particulates, harmful gases and addictive substances such as nicotine, and alcohol during this cleansing regime as they interfere in the healing process.



5 Ways How El Nino Affects Your Health

May 30th, 2018

Other than knowing about men’s new fashion trends and latest fashion styles for men you should also know about your health, fitness and lifestyle is affected by the environmental factors. El Nino is now widely referred to as the periods of prolonged warm weather that is influencing the climate worldwide. We will list down some of the interesting facts on how El Nino is affecting human population globally.

1. The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is actually a periodic natural climate variation that transforms the sea temperature in the Pacific Ocean (El Niño) and the atmospheric pressure across the Pacific Basin (the Southern Oscillation) that directly affects the global climate. It is very often associated with intense climatic conditions resulting in the natural disasters including storms, droughts and floods.



2. According to recent studies, El Nino is directly linked with certain vector-borne diseases in specific geographical areas. The epidemic diseases are spread by either mosquitoes or rodents that are directly impacting the human health. Recent environmental reports that point El Nino for warming the planet, also highlights the spread of the Zika epidemic in the associated geographical regions.



3. The El Nino events is known to occur at every 2-7 years that continues for12 to 18 months as a result there are marked changes in the rainfall patterns that results in prolonged dry weather particularly over the North Australia, South-east Asia and Southern parts of Africa. In India, it is known to affect monsoons that induce drought-like conditions in north-west and central parts and unpredictably heavy rainfall in the eastern parts.



4. Human populations that are dwelling in coastal areas and cities are in high-risk zones as these human habitations are prone to epidemics due to untimely rainfalls and waterlogging. In the year 1991-92 El Nino caused the worst drought in southern parts of Africa that affected nearly 100 million people.



5. Heavy rainfall and flooding caused the spread of malaria in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in 1983 El Nino that forced dislocations of human settlements. In 1997 El Nino is also attributed to huge forest fires that got intensified due to the drought-hit regions of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil. Respiratory ailments were massively reported in these regions due to the breathing of harmful smoke from these fires.



Acupuncture Benefits That You Should Know About

May 11th, 2018

When everything else fails, alternative medicine is the only way out. Acupuncture is considered to be one of the effective treatments for many diseases, symptoms, and conditions as compiled by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002. Steering away from the new fashion style for men and a new trend in fashion for men, let us review the benefits associated with Acupuncture as a therapy.

1. Trims down pain:

Although acupuncture is largely effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, it can also be very effective for dental problems such as a toothache. There have been cases where patients have reduced the painful conditions associated with posture, and acute trauma. Now leading hospitals have included acupuncture within emergency departments as it not only addresses the pain response in the body but also the source of pain that prevents recurrence.



2. Encourages relaxation:

As acupuncture directly acts on the neurotransmitters such as dopamine, it brings about the feelings of happiness, calm, and contentment giving instant relaxation to patients. In the management of anxiety, depression, and PMS, the acupuncture is known to induce sleep and reduce muscular tension.



3. Boost fertility:

In males, acupuncture is widely known to increase the quantity and quality of sperm that helps couples to conceive naturally without depending on the donors. In females the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries increases that enables regular ovulatory and menstrual cycles.



4. Improves skin tone, stamina:

As acupuncture improves blood circulation it brings about the change in the skin texture by channelizing the flow of qi (energy), reducing wrinkles and improving the elasticity. Acupuncture relaxes the body by addressing the imbalances of energy within, as result abundance of qi flows through the meridians. Energy imbalance is the primary cause of lethargy and illness in the body, as believed by the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.



Research suggests that the short-term treatment with acupuncture does not produce long-term benefits, moreover many a times acupuncture’s effects are mainly due to the placebo effect. If you plan to undergo acupuncture treatment it is advised to look for a trained practitioner that uses clean needle technique and single-use needles as accidents and infections are often associated with infractions of sterile technique or neglect of the practitioner.

How 1 Month Sugar Detoxification Will Improve Your Health

May 10th, 2018

1. If you considering fasting, juicing or vegetarianism for health reasons, you should also actively consider sugar detoxification to experience marked improvement in your overall wellbeing. You will have to continue not only the recommended diet chart for men and suggested exercise for men, but also reduce the intake of sugar in your day that will help to lose weight drastically and leave you with a more radiant skin!



2. 1-month sugar detox is the best solution for men who are out of shape, as it is now scientifically proven that sugar makes you look fat, ugly and old. Sugar is a recognized as a leading cause of heart diseases and premature aging.

Sugar addiction has also emerged as one of the leading problems as the dependency on ‘feeling good’ and ‘the craving’ keeps on escalating. According to health experts, sugar entices, induces rewards and makes one addicted similar to narcotic drugs!



3. You should be extra careful about the amount of hidden sugar in the diets that is often overlooked. Be aware of white stuff that is garnished with the salad dressings, or ice-cream toppings over an otherwise sugar-less smoothie, you need to completely avoid even tomato sauces and bread at least for 1 month.

“People don’t realize that seemingly healthy foods are loaded with sugar — and so we’re basically eating sugar all day long, from morning till night,” Alpert said.



4. The positive news is that by eliminating sugar from the diet, one can quickly achieve the radiant appearance. So for the first three days of a sugar detox, you should completely avoid sugar, in any form no fruits and no starchy vegetables, be aware of peas, sweet potatoes, and dairy products. You will have to sustain for initial three days on just on protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.

For first three days, an ideal breakfast diet should have eggs and nuts. For lunch prefer to have soya, fish and green salad. At night sustain on steamed veggies, soya or fish and completely abstain from alcoholic drinks.



5. From the fourth day, start adding natural sugary fruits in your diet including apple, papaya, and almonds. You should also add one dairy food preferably curd in the diet that will help in better absorption of sugars. Continue this diet for week two except add few more anti-oxidant rich fruits like berries, avocados. You can also add back starchy vegetables in your diet in moderation. From week three onwards add grains preferably barley, and oats and some more fruits like grapes and one banana. In eek four start eating one or two starches per day, preferably bread and rice. After 1 month of detox, you are likely to experience noticeable changes in your weight and appearance.



5 Ways To Undergo Weight Loss By Hot Bath

May 2nd, 2018

New male fashion trends include not only to stay in shape by adhering to recommended gym workouts for men but also to follow the diet chart for men that help them to stay in good health. According to the recent studies, taking a relaxing bath has similar health benefits as going to the gym. So, what are waiting for just plunging into the tub for an hour-long soak that will give you numerous health benefits including the reduction in any inflammation and can also burn calories that are equivalent to an hour-long, moderately tough workout!

1. According to researchers at Loughborough University, passive heating like a hot bath results in the similar results as cycling. So, after a marathon day at the office, you can give yourself a boon by enjoying a hot shower bath. Instead of a sweaty workout, you could also choose this simply means to improve your health.



2. If you have goals to reduce your weight, then simply burn few calories in the hot tub. A sauna is also claimed as one of the best activities to burn as much as 300 – 350 calories in 15 to 20 minutes. The only thing you have to remember is to rehydrate yourself by drinks lots of water after a sweaty session in a sauna.



3. The other way to burn your calories is to enjoy a steam bath by maintaining the temperature of the steam room equivalent to the hot tub. You can expect not only skin benefits but also reduction in your weight if done on regular basis.



4. Considering the proven fact that the hot bath would help you to burn your calories at the rate of 140 calories per hour, you should enjoy hot bath not more than an hour at a stretch. If done consistently you can also reduce your blood sugar level by 10 percent more than exercising.



5. The research found that the due to exercising or passive heating our body produces certain proteins that help in the functioning of insulin and ultimately controlling the blood sugar.
It is suggested that instead of completely avoiding exercising, you should combine both the techniques to stay healthy. Benefits of passive heating cannot substitute but can add-on the gains of adhering to the recommended gym workouts for men



Facts On How Hearing Loss Is Linked To Smoking

May 2nd, 2018

To stay healthy, it is just not required to adhere to suggested diet chart for men and perform recommended exercises for men but also to avoid certain foods and habits that now scientifically proven to cause serious diseases and ailments.

1. Smoking time and again has been proven to be the root cause of horrendous diseases right from cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems and now even to the loss of hearing. So if you are a smoker or just dwell with someone who smokes, your health is at extreme risk.



2. According to latest published studies, smoking has emerged as one of the leading contributors to hearing loss in humans. Various reports now confirm that smokers increase the risk of getting hearing problems by as much as 70 percent, compared to non-smokers.



3. The study also confirms that the non-smokers who spend time with smokers are twice more likely to develop hearing related problems compared to those who are not exposed to smoking at all.



4. According to the researchers at the New York University School of Medicine, teenagers that are exposed to cigarette smoke early in their lives can develop hearing problems as much as twice or thrice more than the ones who remain out of this avoidable concern.



5. The harmful chemical substances such as nicotine, ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide can affect the blood flow in the vessels by interfering with the normal functions of the blood cells.



6. Not only nicotine and carbon monoxide deplete the oxygen levels in the blood cells but also disrupts the neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve resulting in gradual loss of hearing. No reason why smokers often complaint of the problems such as dizziness and vertigo.



7. These chemicals have a direct impact on the Eustachian tube and the lining of the middle ear, making the smokers oversensitive to loud noises.

8. The worst part of the problems associated with smoking especially the hearing loss is that it cannot be reversed. So, the best advice is to immediately quit smoking to prevent the further escalating of symptoms and diseases that are linked directly or indirectly.

9. Spend few days in the de-addiction center to learn the effective skills and proven techniques to quit smoking, once and for all.

Things To Know Before Choosing Any Fat Loss Therapy To Shape Up Your Body

April 30th, 2018

To look astonishing, you should not just adhere to recommended diet chart for men but also must stay tuned to new fashion style for men. If you are thinking to undergo laser or non-surgical therapy to remove fat from your body to shape up, read below the given below essential points.

1. You should choose the latest non-surgical high-technology weight-loss tool that liquefies fats using the phototherapy, or the Low-Level Laser Therapy also popularly called as Zerona laser therapy as it will not heat up your body tissue.



2. The low-level laser therapy will use only the lower levels of light to stimulate fat cells in the body, making pores in them to release waste that results in direct weight loss.



3. This Zerona therapy is generally given by plastic surgeons only over the selected portions of the body like waist, hips, and thighs for approximately 30-40 minutes per session.



4. This Zerona therapy is better than the Cryolipolysis where the fat cells are destroyed by freezing within the temperature range of +5 to −5 °C.

5. Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) is also a non-invasive procedure where fat deposits are reduced only on the targeted areas to reshape the contours of the body and is FDA approved for the fat reduction.

6. Zerona laser is also FDA approved and is only meant for non-invasive body contouring (circumferential reduction) and not for fat reduction.

7. So, if you are looking for selectively eliminating fat from the targeted areas the go for CoolSculpting and if you are looking for total contouring you will have to choose the Zerona.

8. It is important to note that in low-level laser therapy the fat cells remain active, as the only perforation of cells happens that begins to leak. The lipids released by cells are removed through the lymphatic system.

9. In Coolsculpting, the fat cells freeze and get completely destroyed, hence there is a permanent reduction in the number of fat cells in the treated area.

Fitness Experts Steps To Flatten A Bloated Belly

March 27th, 2018

Belly bloat is a common problem that men face, especially when wearing skinny jeans. The sight of bulging around your waistline becomes an instant cause of worry. Bloating in the stomach is triggered by a variety of factors including unhealthy food choices, lack of recommended exercises for men, due to high intake of sodium in the diet and even due to lack of water. Following are the best steps, as recommended by fitness if you are troubled by the bloating of your tummy.

Step 1 : Modify your eating habits

You will to bring about changes in your lifestyle, prefer the ketogenic diet that has reduced calories, especially if you are overweight. Make efforts to reduce at least 500 calories from your diet by following suggested diet chart for men.



Step 2 : Switch to all-natural high-fiber foods

High fiber foods will quickly reduce bloating as they will help in digestion. Make sure to include raw fibrous foods including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Avoid over-eating the processed foods that are harder to digest and causes gas and bloating.



Step 3 : Reduce the sodium

Increase in the sodium causes retention of water that results in belly bloat, hence reduce the amount of sodium you consume in your meals, processed foods. Instead of sodium-based salts, you can try flavors to salads, fruits, and vegetables or simply switch to herbal seasonings.

Step 4 : Fill More Water

You will have to drink at least 2-3 liters of water in a day if you travel often carry a fresh water bottle. The more you drink water, the more puffiness in your stomach is reduced.



Step 5 : Avoid milk and milk-based products

Dairy consumption leads to midsection bloating due to the lactose (sugars) in milk. Often digestion of milk lactose results in stomach problems like gas, diarrhea and bloating, opt for soy milk. You should also use cheese that is prepared from soy instead of milk-based cheeses.



Step 6 : Adhere to gym workouts for men

You will have to stay physically active to burn adequate calories daily through the activities like running, swimming or just walking. Every day you must spend at least 40-60 minutes on recommended cardiovascular exercise for at least five days per week. Full-body workouts such as pushups, sit-ups, lunges, dumbbell shoulder press, squats and barbell triceps will help you overcome the problem of bloating

How Exercise Help You To Recover Easily

March 27th, 2018

It is an open secret that regular physical activity makes our body tuned to recover from illnesses more quickly, heal effortlessly, and dominate over all kinds of disease and injury. Undoubtedly, we can say that exercises are the nature’s best medicine.

Right from a healthy heart, an alert mind to an attractive personality, exercises make it possible to do everything. Right and regular exercise for men can easily combat cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, common cold, and can even heal wounds faster.

According to research studies, compared to exercising there is actually no medication or nutritional supplement that even comes close. Exercising is truly the best medicine that medical science knows of. Instead of just taking gym workouts for men as a preventive measure we should consider exercises as an indispensable daily activity for a human body. Not only it keeps you away from lifestyle diseases but has a vast range of healing influences on the body — that can help reverse negative biochemical trends, while improving our resiliency and immunity at virtually every level of our physiology.

It is now proven that exercises actually transform the function of genes, making one less prone to diseases like cancer, depression or anxiety. And in the event, if someone does get inflicted, exercises will help you to recover easily and completely. Exercises bestow healthy mind, body, and soul. Let’s look at quick benefits that recommended exercise for men can offer:

1. Aerobic exercises can reverse the risk of heart diseases

According to various published studies, existing arterial damage could easily be reversed in obesity, if men switch to a healthy diet and regular exercises.



2. Strength training improves vitality

Researchers have found that athletes, particularly those engaged in weight-bearing exercise, have greater bone density and hence have more vitality and abilities to recover from injuries compared to the peers. Scientifically exercising helps to improve blood circulation, neurological activity and also influences biochemical activities that promote quick healing.



3. Sharpens mental insights

More and more studies have found links of physical wellness with mental health and acuity, while inactivity puts anyone in the dangers of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, regular exercising for just three months can encourage the brain to grow new nerve cells resulting in the faster firing of neurons directly improving the abilities to concentrate.



4. Exercise is the best method to naturally instill relaxation and relief to a stressed body

It is now proven that exercise can also help break the cycle of obsessive worrying by redirecting the emotional, psychic and physical energy in the right directions.



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