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Everything You Need to Know About Short Workout

October 17th, 2019

Having trouble deciding which muscle to move and for how long? Then it’s normal to be stuck in a dilemma. At least you are thinking about it. Most people do not. Unfortunate, isn’t it? But we are here for you to give top snippets of the benefits of a short workout.

Through these advantages, you will get to know why a 10-minute or a 20-minute workout is essential for every person at any location. You can begin reading ahead and keep sharing to spread the awareness of exercising daily. We owe it to our body and mind’s wellbeing.

1. Reduces the Excess Fat :

Basically, we know how bad cravings to eat can be for foodies. But for the wellbeing of your body, always take out time to walk, sprint, run, or do crunches and planks for only about 10-15 minutes per day.

It enhances the speed of your digestive system, even after having a 9-5 desk job

Source: torqfitness
Source: torqfitness


2. Tones the Muscles :

Who doesn’t like a sleek and fit body? In fact, such a figure is always appealing to the eyes of the passer-by’s and onlookers. And physical exercises like lifting weights with a protein shake helps in building muscles, especially around your stomach and abs.

Source: healthandstyle
Source: healthandstyle


3. Regains the Confidence That’s Lost :

Have you heard of body-shaming? Chances are when you are a bit fat or have a big belly, your mind does that body-shaming for you before anyone else can. That’s a fact; you will realize it the next time your mind shouts out and over-thinks.

Now, this same predicament dissolves into thin air as you start exercising daily, even for 10-30 minutes’ duration. It can start from light cardio to muscle and strength building exercising like squats, ropes, weight lifting, and much more.

With the continuation of this routine, you will see your body shape in a few weeks and months. This will regain confidence, and you will start believing in yourself more than ever.

Source: pixabay
Source: pixabay


4. Feel Happier In Life :

Exercising is the panacea for all the distress life throws at you daily. When you move muscles or try different styles of exercising either at the gym or at home, your focus shifts slowly towards maintaining a balance and completing the reps of those exercises.

Doing so, the other tension and worries are kept aside. This naturally happens with an increase in blood flow and releasing of endorphins, which are responsible for the happiness quotient in your mind and soul. Several research studies have also been conducted both on men and women to show the happy results of exercising for a short period of time daily.

Source: bon-biotea
Source: bon-biotea


5. Possible Goodbye to Chronic Illnesses :

Studies have shown that exercises for short bouts daily can improve your metabolism, immune system as well as insulin sensitivity. Therefore, risks of heredity diseases like cancer, HIV, or diabetes are radically reduced.

Source: Mpasho
Source: Mpasho


It really isn’t practical for everyone, especially working people, to have long bodybuilding workouts every day. In such cases, doing short workouts can be beneficial enough substitutes to maintain good health.

Efficiency and effectiveness of Cardio in your daily routine

August 23rd, 2019

The best health tips for men have always had cardio as an essential part of it. It is the first word that you come across whenever you start with any workout routine but with the rise of alternative exercises in the fitness world, cardio has taken a seat back. Many people opt for other forms of workouts like yoga and cross fit as a substitute to it. They might have their own benefits but Cardio shares an imperative position in a workout regime. Due to the versatile nature, it can be performed alone and also compliment other workouts well.

Here are a few points that state the efficiency and effectiveness of Cardio in your daily routine:

1. It Burns Calories :

People usually prefer to opt to lose weight through diet rather than engaging in cardio. This is because they believe that one can burn only 100 calories with 30 minutes walk. It is true but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help in weight loss. What they don’t realise that the combination of both can give them exceptional results. There’s no way one can lose weight with a large consumption of calories. Restrict yourself from the intake of extra calories and opt for the best diet plans for men. This combined with cardio will help you sweat out the extra kilos with ease.


Courtesy: Men’s Journal
Courtesy: Men’s Journal


2. It Improvises Metabolism :

It is true that cardio burns less calories than one can expect but the most important thing that matters in this case is consistency. By being consistent with the cardiovascular exercises, you can amp up your metabolism. Although it might not bring about a permanent change, but it will yield efficient results after 24 hours of your workout. All of this also depends on the intensity with which you perform your exercises.


Courtesy: Freeletics
Courtesy: Freeletics


3. It Benefits the Heart :

An important health tip for men is to focus on their overall health rather than their physical appearance. Cardiovascular exercises are of excellent mean to keep your cardiovascular health in check. They share the same name for a reason. Consistency in cardio helps in reducing heart diseases. It would also aid in performing better at other forms of workouts due to a resting heart rate. Never underestimate the power of endurance as it can get you to achieve what you’re striving for. In addition to this, it also helps boost stamina, immunity and lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol.


Courtesy: Men’s Journal
Courtesy: Men’s Journal


4. It aids Mental Health :

Who would have known that cardio could bean excellent stress management technique. It helps in stabilising your emotions, boosts up your confidence, memory and brain function. It also improvises the sleep patterns which in turn affects the overall mental well being. Cardio works effectively towards dealing with stress related problems like depression and eases out people’s pain.


Courtesy: Men’s Journal
Courtesy: Men’s Journal


The best health tip for men would be to engage in Cardio and avail all the benefits that come with it.

Here’s how to plan your workout using only a Barbell

May 14th, 2019

You don’t need an entire collection of gym equipment when your basic workout can be done with the use of just the barbell. We have curated some simple exercises using a barbell that beginners as well as intermediates, can follow in the safe confines of their homes. These 5 workouts are created to target various groups of muscles in order to give your body a complete workout.

1. Squats :

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell across your shoulders and grip it tight. Keeping your back flat and your head looking straight, squat down as low as you can. Then using your heels, come back to the primary position. While you squat downwards, lock your knees and tighten your buttocks. Cease going downwards when your hamstrings feel stretched to the maximum.


Courtesy: FitnessVigil
Courtesy: FitnessVigil


2. Lunges :

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell across your shoulders and grip it tight. Keeping your back flat and your head looking straight, squat down as low as you can. Then using your heels, come back to the primary position. While you squat downwards, lock your knees and tighten your buttocks. Cease going downwards when your hamstrings feel stretched to the maximum.


Courtesy: Yes4All
Courtesy: Yes4All


3. Bench press :

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell across your shoulders and grip it tight. Keeping your back flat and your head looking straight, squat down as low as you can. Then using your heels, come back to the primary position. While you squat downwards, lock your knees and tighten your buttocks. Cease going downwards when your hamstrings feel stretched to the maximum.


Courtesy: Ignore Limits
Courtesy: Ignore Limits


4. Bicep curl :

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell across your shoulders and grip it tight. Keeping your back flat and your head looking straight, squat down as low as you can. Then using your heels, come back to the primary position. While you squat downwards, lock your knees and tighten your buttocks. Cease going downwards when your hamstrings feel stretched to the maximum.


Courtesy: Men's Journal
Courtesy: Men’s Journal


5. Deadlifts :

Deadlifts are one of the most important weight-bearing exercises ever to exist. Most of the muscles in your body tend to get worked up while doing this exercise. It’s also used by people who are on a fat loss routine.

Stand up with feet shoulder-width apart and hold the barbell in your lowered arms, towards the front. Flexing the hip, bend forwards at the middle of your waist, keeping your head looking up and your back flat. Let the barbell reach towards the ground. Come back to primary position and repeat.

You can exercise for two days and then take a rest day. Combine lower exercises like squats and lunges together for a day and upper exercises for the next day. Do 12 reps of each exercise at the beginning.

Courtesy: Muscle & Performance
Courtesy: Muscle & Performance


5 workout techniques you can follow to tone your leg muscles

February 28th, 2019

Good looking legs signal your overall commitment to fitness. They convey that you are not only training muscles that are visible but also those that are hidden. If you are soon to leave for a beautiful beach destination or you want to look good in shorts, we have you covered with some simple workout techniques you can start from today itself! Read on to know more.

1. Squats :

Squats are one of the best exercises for the lower body. You might rarely know any person who does not know about squats as they’ve grown popular ever since ‘toned butts’ have gained importance. They target your core muscles, thighs and glutes and calves.

Method: Stand straight with legs at shoulder length. Stretch your arms ahead of you and drive your hips backward, in a motion as if you were to sit on a chair. Keep your shins vertical and bend your knees according to your capacity. Do not let your knees venture ahead of your toes. Go up and repeat.


Courtesy: FitnessVigil
Courtesy: FitnessVigil


2. Jumping jacks :

They are a set of fun and high intensity cardio workouts. Along with making your heart healthier, they also tone your legs by targeting your glutes, calves and quadriceps.

Method: Stand straight with hands on sides. Now you have to perform two actions together, first raise your hands from the sides to above your head. Second, jump and move your legs towards the sides as your hands are reaching up. Now bring your hands and legs back to the first position and repeat the process.


Courtesy: Muscle & Fitness
Courtesy: Muscle & Fitness


3. Lunges :

Lunges can be done in a forward or a backward format. They help in muscle stabilization and help gain more balance. They target the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Method: Stand straight with legs beneath your shoulders. Then place your right leg forward without moving your left leg and lower the body, locking the knees at right angles. Go back to the first position and repeat the same with the left foot.


Courtesy: Men’s Journal
Courtesy: Men’s Journal


4. Step-ups :

Step-up is the easiest exercise in this list but very tiring simultaneously. It also acts as a good cardio regime and people are well versed with it. It targets the calves, hamstrings and glutes.

Method: Keep a bench or a small stool in front of you. Keeping your body straight, step up on the bench with your left foot first and get down. Then use your right foot first and repeat the procedure.


Courtesy: Avenu Fitness
Courtesy: Avenu Fitness


5. Skipping :

Skipping is a high intensity cardio workout that benefits the entire body. The muscles used fully are the leg muscles and hence, it does a good job at toning them. Skipping helps in calming the mind and gaining agility. Boxers use them for the same purpose.

Method: You will need a skipping rope. Stand holding the ends of the rope with it being placed behind your body. Now move it over your head and pass it below your legs as you jump over it in a circular motion. Make your jump count reach 50, in case you’re a beginner. Increase the count eventually.


Courtesy: Net World Sports
Courtesy: Net World Sports


Build those edgy muscles with these 7 simple tips and tricks

February 11th, 2019

There is not a single man on this planet that does not aspire the perfect build- the V- shaped, muscular, rugged look. We see so many guys training rigorously to achieve the ideal look and body, most of which involves building those muscles. Rome was not built in a day, and neither do the muscles develop overnight; it is a patient process. And so here are seven simple body building tips that help in ensuring that you’re in the right track while at it:

1. Base majority of the training on compound moves :

Although machines and cables are surely one way to gain those muscles, it is highly recommended to use free-weight compound exercises for achieving quicker and better results. For making huge muscles, making free-weights the cornerstone of your program is the way to go.


Picture courtesy: healthline.com
Picture courtesy: healthline.com


2. Use strict form :

Using strict form in all of your exercises ensures that the muscles that you wish to target are getting stimulated. The ones that ‘throw’ the weights up when doing side laterals or barbell curls for instance, are basically cheating themselves out of growth. Once you reach failure while using strict form, you may then stick to using momentum to a reasonable degree. Extending the set a bit further is recommended in such a case.


Picture courtesy: truly-amazing.com
Picture courtesy: truly-amazing.com


3. Don’t Overdo it :

A golden rule of any exercise for that matter. Our bodies have a limited amount of energy that it can put towards building new muscle tissues, along with an ability to recover from it. Here are some health tips for men to follow in this regard:

  • Limit training to only 4 days in a week.
  • Do not train continuously for more than 2 days. Taking a day off in between is paramount.
  • Workouts should only be for 75-90 minutes.


4. Eat Adequate Protein :

This is one of the body building tips that goes without saying. Protein is a very important component needed for building those muscles. Your strenuous routines are a waste if you do not incorporate an adequate amount of protein in your diet. For people seriously dedicated to this regime, at least 1-1.5 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight is required to be consumed on a daily basis.


Picture courtesy: maxim.com
Picture courtesy: maxim.com


5. Take advantage of the post-workout anabolic window :

The 60-minute period immediately after the workout is a golden period for aiding your body in achieving maximum hypertrophy. During this period, your body is not only desiring proteins and carbohydrates but also is redirecting all the nutrients towards the muscle cells. The best thing to do is to concoct a shake containing 30-60 grams of whey protein and 60-120 grams of high glycemic carbs.


6. Use the right supplements :

This is an optional step. It is not essential for you to consume supplements. However, if you wish to achieve quicker results, you may adopt them in your diet. Things like creatine, beta-alanine, BCAAs, glutamine, agmatine, caffeine, etc. are recommended for consumption.


Picture courtesy: medicaldaily.com
Picture courtesy: medicaldaily.com


7. Get your sleep :

Working out intensely and eating the right things are not going to cut it out for you; it is equally important to let your body do its job towards attaining what you want. Sleep is paramount for the body to work its magic. 8 hours is the golden number to stick by.


Picture courtesy: mensjournal.com
Picture courtesy: mensjournal.com


Bodybuilding tips that every aspiring macho man should know

November 29th, 2018

Bodybuilding and maintaining are probably the toughest tasks. At times it can even be difficult to maintain a perfect bodybuilding program that matches with your diet. From planning out on what days to work out and what exercises to include to deciding on what to eat and how long should you rest, it takes a lot. Sometimes individuals even feel overwhelmed and depend on the information that is readily available and apply the same for bodybuilding.

One must always remember that bodybuilding cannot be achieved instantly and requires one to be patient and dedicated for the same. Apart from this, it is also important to maintain your body shape. If unsure on how to do that, here are some bodybuilding tips that you definitely need to know to maintain your ideal physique.

1. More weight lifting :

The first and most important tip that one needs to remember is to lift more weights. No matter what techniques you use, if you aren’t lifting weight or increasing the number of weights, you won’t be building muscles as quickly as you should be. When you focus on building muscles, your workout program should be planned around lifting heavier and heavier weights.




2. Failure is the key to success :

Remember the rule of failure? Well, the same rule can be applied in bodybuilding too. When you think that you are failing to lift each and every set, you are actually building a mindset to work even harder. When you push yourself to get that muscle growth, you actually achieve instead of failing.


Live Well 360 Blog
Live Well 360 Blog


3. Perform exercises that work for two muscle groups at the same time :

Tip number three is to focus on compound exercise. One only has limited time to access the gym every day, so instead of wasting time on one or smaller muscle groups, focus on working two muscles at a time. Follow the rule that 80% of your workout schedule should be focused on at least two muscle groups. This way you can get the best results and you’ll even be able to lift more weight.


Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder


4. Fuel your body right :

The most important tip of bodybuilding is that you fuel your body properly right before and after the workout. Failing to get the right amounts of proteins for your body can lead your body to use synthesized muscle mass, thus leading to lack of muscle gain. These are the two most important times that you must be serious about your nutrition. For the rest of the day, one can be more flexible in terms of meals.




5. Rest days are equally important :

While ending on the bodybuilding tips, one must always remember to plan out rest days. Too many people make the mistake of training too hard, too often, while allowing too little time for their body to recover. If one doesn’t allow their body to rest before going back to the gym, they’ll just be making their body weaker instead of being stronger. One must ideally take one day off between each weight lifting workout. And by rest we mean proper rest, no cardio or no light walks or swims.




Best Soccer Drinks Before, During And After A Match

June 21st, 2018

To stay hydrated during a 90-minute football match you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes drinking 2 liters of fluids every day. More you keep your body hydrated, more is the duration of delivering a power-packed performance on the ground.
In the recommended diet chart for men, especially of professional soccer players sports drinks are suggested at all the three stages (before, during and after) the match. Sports drinks contain essential electrolytes and carbohydrates that quickly restores the body’s lost salts and fluids.

1. Before you pick up ‘a fancy sports drink’ you should be aware of the type of drink that is suited for you as a professional football player. There are three types of sports drinks that are generally available in market Hypotonic, Isotonic and Hypertonic drinks.



2. A hypotonic sports drink gives you less energy but is quickly absorbed compared to water. You should drink this type of drink before a match, as you require less energy but enough hydration. Since this drink has less of sugar compared to what is normally found in our body fluids, due to the process of osmosis, it instantly rushes into the body cells. An ideal hypotonic solution should have less than 5g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100 ml.



3. An Isotonic sports drink has similar concentrations of salt and sugar (preferably glucose) as found in the human body. When you drink this type of sports drink your lost electrolytes and body salts are restored, hence it is generally recommended during and after the match, practice session or the suggested gym workouts for men.



4. A Hypertonic sports drink has more carbohydrates and electrolytes than found in human body. The hypertonic drinks are absorbed slowly compared to the rest of the two, this is most often used as energy supplements after the recommended heavy and intense gym workouts for men.
Although for short practice sessions you don’t need a sports drink, if you are going into the football ground without meals then an isotonic sports drink is recommended at all the three stages as it can give you the required dose of energy levels.



5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Lungs

June 5th, 2018

You need not be a smoker to suffer lung related problem, any type of polluted air is a cause of sickness in our body. Regular cleansing of our lungs hence is one of the basic preventive measures in the contemporary world.

1. Exercising:

Undertaking the recommended exercises for men is very helpful in naturally releasing the toxins out of the body via sweating. Therefore, a reasonable duration of gym workouts for men is recommended. For healthy grown-ups, 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted exercising in the early morning hours in the natural open surroundings goes a long way to naturally clean the lungs.



2. Hot steam bath:

There are numerous benefits you can derive from steam bath but the cleansing of lungs is one of the best natural methods that you should practice regularly. Steam through our nostrils reaches directly to our bronchioles present in our lungs, that helps to melt away the unwanted toxins and mucous glued to the lungs. For healthy grown-ups, it is advised to spend at least 20-30 minutes in steam to detoxify the lungs naturally.



3. Reduce dairy products:

You need to reduce the number of dairy products you consume in a day, as dairy products are known to contain toxins that may aggravate the existing problems in the lungs. If you drink two cups of milk in a day, reduce it to one. You need to experiment with your body for at least 3-4 days to feel the change in your lungs.



4. Honey and Herbal tea:

Add herbal tea with a tablespoon of honey in your breakfast, add leaves of Indian Tulsi to get the instant benefits. During the day, you should also consume 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey regularly at a stretch of minimum 15-20 days.



5. Stay away from smoky areas:

You need to stay absolutely away from the toxic smoke of air that contains particulates, harmful gases and addictive substances such as nicotine, and alcohol during this cleansing regime as they interfere in the healing process.



5 Ways How El Nino Affects Your Health

May 30th, 2018

Other than knowing about men’s new fashion trends and latest fashion styles for men you should also know about your health, fitness and lifestyle is affected by the environmental factors. El Nino is now widely referred to as the periods of prolonged warm weather that is influencing the climate worldwide. We will list down some of the interesting facts on how El Nino is affecting human population globally.

1. The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is actually a periodic natural climate variation that transforms the sea temperature in the Pacific Ocean (El Niño) and the atmospheric pressure across the Pacific Basin (the Southern Oscillation) that directly affects the global climate. It is very often associated with intense climatic conditions resulting in the natural disasters including storms, droughts and floods.



2. According to recent studies, El Nino is directly linked with certain vector-borne diseases in specific geographical areas. The epidemic diseases are spread by either mosquitoes or rodents that are directly impacting the human health. Recent environmental reports that point El Nino for warming the planet, also highlights the spread of the Zika epidemic in the associated geographical regions.



3. The El Nino events is known to occur at every 2-7 years that continues for12 to 18 months as a result there are marked changes in the rainfall patterns that results in prolonged dry weather particularly over the North Australia, South-east Asia and Southern parts of Africa. In India, it is known to affect monsoons that induce drought-like conditions in north-west and central parts and unpredictably heavy rainfall in the eastern parts.



4. Human populations that are dwelling in coastal areas and cities are in high-risk zones as these human habitations are prone to epidemics due to untimely rainfalls and waterlogging. In the year 1991-92 El Nino caused the worst drought in southern parts of Africa that affected nearly 100 million people.



5. Heavy rainfall and flooding caused the spread of malaria in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in 1983 El Nino that forced dislocations of human settlements. In 1997 El Nino is also attributed to huge forest fires that got intensified due to the drought-hit regions of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil. Respiratory ailments were massively reported in these regions due to the breathing of harmful smoke from these fires.



5 Best Known Vegan Body Builders In The World

May 14th, 2018

Protein the essential building block of muscles for the body can be easily derived from plants except for few amino acids that plants do not manufacture. If you are a lacto-ova vegetarian i.e. you do not mind eating milk and eggs then you can easily make up for your amino acids but if you strictly avoid eating eggs and milk then you will need to add lentils with grains in the suggested diet chart for men. Although you cannot compromise on the advised exercise for men you need to make up for your proteins by adding additional protein sources like soy, nuts, quinoa, and hemp. We take you on the motivational journey of these best known vegetarian bodybuilders in the world.



1. Dominick Thompson:

Dominick is a well-known ironman, triathlete, and bodybuilder who became vegan after realizing the draconian ways animals are treated. He is a passionately advocates vegetarianism and strongly oppose cruelty and torture to animals in form. In his own words on the transition to a vegan, he says “Doing something I passionately believe is right made it an easy transition.”



2. Billy Simmonds:

Winner of the Mr. Natural Universe, Billy believes that the best contribution a person can make to himself and to the rest of the world is by adopting vegetarianism. In 2014, Billy co-founded Eco Superfoods, a 100% vegan company that has rapidly grown to become a multi-million-dollar success.



3. K. V Iyer:

Professor K. V Iyer is considered as the father of bodybuilding in modern India as he pioneered the concept of the modern-day gym in 1925. Mr. Iyer was a complete vegetarian and a perfect teetotaler. He always insisted on having vegetarian food containing lots of greens, fruits, ragi, grains, vegetables, chapattis (wheat bread), and yogurt.



4. Sangram Singh:

A professional wrestler who won Gold in 2006 Common Wealth Games is a celebrated brand ambassador of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). He was an arthritic who used to move around in a wheelchair, but with his determination and indomitable spirit, he overcomes all the odds to become one of the World’s Best Professional Wrestler, as adjudged by World Wrestling Professionals, South Africa. He advises his follower’s strict vegetarianism and recommends bodybuilders to have a protein-rich diet like pulses, yogurt, milk-based products, nuts and lots of green vegetables and fruits.

Sangram singh - 5


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