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8 Food Items to Eat Right Now If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

July 4th, 2019

Maintaining a healthy diet and weight has been a task for many. Weight loss has been one of the major concerns for a majority of the people and the numbers are increasing with time. Cutting of weight requires keeping the calories in check by burning more of it than consuming.

For a majority of people weight loss involve no eating or eating fancy food. But to everyone’s surprise, our kitchen holds a number of items that can aid us in losing weight if consumed in a proportionate manner.

Here are 8 Food Items that can help you lose weight:

1. Almonds :

Almonds hold more benefits than just sharpening our memory. A great stimulant that aids weight loss –almond acts as a rich source of fibre. It helps maintain our blood sugar level that if not controlled can lead to weight gain. It also acts as a great preventive food item for cardiovascular diseases which makes them the best snack for weight loss.


Courtesy: Pressed Juicery
Courtesy: Pressed Juicery


2. Spinach :

Throughout childhood, we have all been asked to eat spinach just like Popeye to get healthier and stronger. High on fibre and nutrients and low in calories, Spinach not only help in weight loss but also keeps the digestive tract on track.


Courtesy: USA Today
Courtesy: USA Today


3. Moong Dal :

High on vitamin A, B, C, E and other nutrients, Moong Daal is one of the healthiest Dal to be found in Indian kitchen. It helps to keep you full for a longer time thus curbing your hunger pangs. It is packed with proteins and fibre and is easy to digest.


Courtesy: The Better India Shop
Courtesy: The Better India Shop


4. Popcorn :

One of our favourite food item that accompanies us while binge watching- Popcorn works best for weight loss unless it is dipped in butter. Popcorn is low on calories and high on protein and fibre. You can consume a whole bowl of popcorn for only 100 calories.


Courtesy: Food and Wine Magazine
Courtesy: Food and Wine Magazine


5. Yoghurt :

Yoghurt is your gut’s best friend as it contains a number of probiotics and protein. Your gut plays a major role in your weight loss and the fibre and probiotics in yoghurt keeps the gut bacteria happy which also aids your metabolism.


Courtesy: Doorbell Deli
Courtesy: Doorbell Deli


6. Bananas :

Bananas are rich in fibre that helps in weight loss which is contradictory to the myth that their consumption leads to weight gain. Bananas also contain high amount of antioxidants and have low glycemix index which is why it is included in a number of bodybuilding tips.


Courtesy: Consumer Reports
Courtesy: Consumer Reports


7. Tomatoes :

Surprisingly tomatoes can also help losing weight as they contain Vitamin C that releases a certain hormone after consumption that helps keep a person fuller. It also lowers the blood sugar level, boosts energy which makes it the best food item for the weight watchers.


Courtesy: Bonnie Plants
Courtesy: Bonnie Plants


8. Coffee :

A health tip for men would be to consume Black Coffee right before a workout session as it increases the energy levels and does not contain calories unless milk and sugar are added to it.


Courtesy: The Clinton Street Theatre
Courtesy: The Clinton Street Theatre


The above mentioned foods can play a major role in best diet plans for men that would not only help them lose weight but also stay fit.

5 reasons to stay away from supplements

June 4th, 2019

In the past decade, the importance of maintaining physical health has risen drastically. People have become more conscious about their health and the factors affecting it. Apart from just maintaining physical and mental health, people have also started giving more importance to their physique and body type. This is in order to increase their appeal and the degree of being fit. Amidst this evolution, gym owners have profited a lot and continue to attract more customers. However, physical fitness centres and gyms prove to be the hard way, and useful only to some extent which is why some people resort to supplements to boost their muscle gains in an attempt to provide an extra little push to their bodybuilding process.

Supplements are believed to provide extra vitamins, minerals and proteins as per the intake and their type. However, this is a popular misconception and supplements may not always be beneficial. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should stay away from supplements

1. Your body can only take so much :

Your body can only take a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Once your body has reached its saturation level, it cannot take up any extra vitamins and minerals. The required amount of vitamins and minerals are covered with a healthy diet which can be maintained every day. Your body will dispose of the extra minerals you provide with pills and powder.


Courtesy: Right as Rain by UW Medicine
Courtesy: Right as Rain by UW Medicine


2. Some of the supplements Are Not Regulated :

Any eating substance that is not approved by the Government is not advised as healthy for consumption. The law regulates and provides its affirmation on any eating substance that is launched in the market if it is viable for consumption and your supplements might not be approved by the governing body. Supplements constitute chemical substances that might affect your health directly.


Courtesy: FDA
Courtesy: FDA


3. Risk Of Overdose :

Anything in excess bears a certain risk and makes your body prone to damage. Similarly, an overdose of supplements is highly damaging which is likely once you start consuming in excess and your body gets used to it. For instance, it is scientifically proven that high intake of Vitamin A and Manganese have adverse effects on your body. Different nutrients have different effects in case of an overdose.


Courtesy: Dr Weil
Courtesy: Dr Weil


4. Supplements are expensive :

When you are spending on something, you wish it to be effective, useful and cost-efficient as well. According to statistics, consumers spend over $30 billion annually, with some individuals spending over $100 per month, on supplements with exaggerated claims and unsupported claims of effectiveness. Whereas when it comes to the value for money, supplements do not meet their claims as well. It is scientifically proven that artificial intake of Vitamin d is completely useless.


Courtesy: Harvard Health
Courtesy: Harvard Health


5. Side-effects :

Consumption of chemicals and artificial products surely bears some side effects. Supplements are no less. Calcium carbonate is known to cause constipation, Vitamin D causes kidney stones and Vitamin E is known to cause blood thinning.


Courtesy: Industrial Management Blog
Courtesy: Industrial Management Blog


These 5 reasons should be enough to let you know why supplements are not so important and why you should always go for natural alternatives rather than artificial.

7 reasons why proteins should be an inseparable part of your everyday diet

March 11th, 2019

The concept of consuming protein every day was basically followed by the bodybuilders and professional athletes. But today, it has become a mainstream concept followed by the people the world over! However, some confusions that still pertain are ‘how much protein should one consume?’, ‘how safe is it to consume proteins everyday’ and ‘what are the actual benefits of a high protein diet?’

If you too are someone interested in knowing the actual benefits of consuming protein every day, read on as we tell you the 7 reasons why proteins should be an inseparable part of your everyday diet.

1. Muscular development :

When you combine resistance based activities like weight lifting with higher levels of protein intake it helps to stimulate lean muscle development. Your body constantly breaks down muscles and rebuilds it, especially during weight lifting! If you consume enough proteins every day, you provide your body with amino acids to help repair and grow your muscles.


Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness


2. Reduce calorie rate :

The best thing about protein-based food is that it is more filling and satisfying. So, eating more of proteins can only result in fewer calories being consumed. By reducing the total amount of calories being consumed one can manage his weight more easily.


Medical News Today
Medical News Today


3. Increase in daily overall calorie burn :

Your body uses a lot more energy to break down and digest protein than it does to digest other food rich in fats and carbohydrates. The reason being, protein requires more than double the amount of calories to become metabolised, which is also known as a thermic effect.




4. Increases potential for fat loss :

When you combine increased muscle mass, more satiety from meals, and a higher metabolic rate, your body automatically has more potential to lose body fat. Although, your body must have an overall energy deficit to lose body fat, with this combination of factors dieting becomes much more effective and easier to sustain than any other method of body fat reduction.




5. Helps gain more strength from training :

Expect your strength levels to increase when you start consuming proteins on a regular basis. The reason behind this is the combination of extra muscle development and quicker recovery of the muscles.


The Cheat Sheet
The Cheat Sheet


6. Better sleeping patterns :

If you are some who struggles to sleep at night, increasing protein intake in your diet can help you. When one consumes a higher proportion of proteins while dieting the energy from the protein can help improve sleep in overweight and obese people. If this doesn’t help, one can try consuming small amounts of carbs in their evening meals. Doing so helps to increase serotonin levels, thus making you feel more drowsy and ready to sleep.




7. Better quality of life :

Strength, mobility, muscle mass, staying lean and having good internal functionality are vital if you wish to have robust health and the ability to perform well. Along with overall diet and fitness program, increased protein intake can have a significant impact on your body and will give you a much better quality of life now and as you age.


Verywell Fit
Verywell Fit


7 healthy eating habits for every college student

March 11th, 2019

We know that your life as a college going student consists of hectic schedules, lots of stress, skipping meals and eating on the go, all of which lead to unhealthy eating habits. But, you also need to keep in mind the after-effects of these habits on your body. Here are 7 healthy eating habits for you to battle the possible after-effects, feel and perform better and cope with stress.

1. Do not skip meals :

Do not let busy schedules hamper your meals. The body needs fuel to function efficiently throughout the day. Make sure you eat something every 3-5 hours. It’ll keep your brain charged and you in a positive mood. If you are hoping to lose weight by skipping meals, we must tell you, it’ll only leave you more stressed and hungry!


Courtesy: lipstiq
Courtesy: lipstiq


2. Have a good breakfast :

Make breakfast the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast is very important for young students like you as it keeps your body charged up throughout the day. Consuming a healthy and heavy breakfast will keep you active and concentrated all day long. It’ll set the tone for the day and promote weight maintenance and weight loss by keeping in check blood glucose levels and body metabolism.


Courtesy: Metrodiner
Courtesy: Metrodiner


3. Munch on healthy snacks :

Snacking helps keep you from getting hungry between meals and thus prevents overeating during your next meal. So the next time you feel hungry don’t wait until the meal. Munch on snacks and avoid junk food. Keep healthy, easy to grab snacks to eat on the go. For example, trial mix, low fat yogurt, popcorn or raw vegetables are always good choices.


Courtesy: Lourdes-Noreen Mckeen
Courtesy: Lourdes-Noreen Mckeen


4. Limit your caffeine and sugar intake :

While 1-2 cups of coffee per day are okay, do not depend on caffeine in soda, soft drinks or energy drinks. Consumption of caffeine beyond limits can cause insomnia and anxiety. Similarly, too much sugar adds to calories and contributes to tooth decay.


Courtesy: Eat Breathe Believe
Courtesy: Eat Breathe Believe


5. If planning to lose weight… :

…starving is the last thing you would want to do! Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, thus leading to weight gain. Do not go for drastic measures. If you starve yourself, you may end up consuming more food later, thus leading to overeating. This may become an unhealthy cycle. If you really want to lose weight, do it the right way. A combination of healthy eating habits, proper lifestyle, and suitable exercise regime will definitely help you.


Courtesy: Reader’s Digest
Courtesy: Reader’s Digest


6. Say no to alcohol :

If you consume alcohol at all, make sure that its consumption is limited. Alcohol supplies calories, adds no nutritional value to your diet, and increases the risk of developing a long list of unhealthy conditions.


Courtesy: Fiercebiotech
Courtesy: Fiercebiotech


7. Drink lots of water :

Make sure you carry a water bottle around and keep drinking water throughout the day as it’ll keep you hydrated. Substitute water for energy drinks and soft drinks. Drinking a lot of water will also keep your skin clear and free from acne outbreaks.


Courtesy: Quora
Courtesy: Quora


Now that you have all the basic guidelines, make sure you follow them to eat right.

Diet And Nutrition Chart Of Famous Football Players

June 12th, 2018

The game of soccer demands speed, vigor, and stamina that you can get only by adhering to recommended exercises for men and by rigorously following the suggested diet chart for men. In the season of soccer, we provide you the complete inside information on how the famous football players stay energized and strong for their most beloved sport.

1. The most essential nutrient that the famous football players sustain is carbohydrates. The forward players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar need abundant of energy to showcase their attacking talents hence they carbohydrates account for about 45 to 65 percent of their daily caloric intake. Instead of sugary food and drinks that provide instant dozes of energy, players prefer to have refined alternatives like whole-grain bread, legumes, beans, and cereals that contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid fried potatoes, pastries, cakes, and other junk foods are often high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals.



2. Defenders and other key soccer players including goalies like Manuel Neuer, David de Gea, and Sergio Ramos cannot afford to gain weight, as overweight players tend to tire easily and have less endurance on the field. These players tend to avoid high-fat foods in the diet as the fatty foods take a longer time to digest and directly affect the performance during the crucial practice sessions.



3. In the game of soccer where you are prone to injuries, an early recovery is considered as a sign of good health. According to the diet charts followed by the leading football players, 10 to 15 percent of their caloric intake comes from protein, the most common food items in the post-game meal are fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, with nuts.



4. The breakfast, as a pre-game meal should combine both proteins with carbohydrates like a turkey sandwich or scrambled eggs on whole- grain bread or a pancake and a smoothie made with low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit, or a banana with peanut butter.



5. As soccer players sweat profusely during the game or in the practice sessions, it is highly recommended to rehydrate the body by consuming juices, sports drinks, and beverages that help to replenish the lost electrolytes.



4 Reasons Why Timings Are Important For Instant Weight Loss

June 8th, 2018

It is a common belief that one should eat small quantities of food multiple times during the day for an effective weight loss. According to a recent study, it was concluded that if you eating a low-calorie diet there is no advantage of eating food multiple times during a day when it comes to reducing one’s weight.


1. It is now scientifically proven that having snacks or low-calorie food for as much as six times in a day does not help in “fat burning”. Instead, the recommendation is to reduce the number of calories in your diet by strictly following recommended diet chart for men and adhering to the suggested exercises for men.




2. You should keep your calories in check rather than consciously working on frequent snacking, as it does not matter at all how many times you eat provided you are aware of ‘what are you eating’. In fact, if fasting makes you overeat then you should stick to the standard three times healthy meal in the day to reduce fat from your body.




3. According to dieticians, if you are without food for about 3 hours, your blood sugar starts to fall and once you reach the 5th hour, you tend to ‘pick up’ junkies available within your reach. In fact, after 7-8 hours of sleep, our body is in a need for absolutely healthy breakfast which you should never skip.




4. The more you tend to skip your morning meals, the more are the chances of gaining weight due to the habit of eating unhealthy food, that is devoid of essential nutrients like Vitamins A, B12, D, vital minerals, and proteins. This happens because of food carving that develops over the period, by staying hungry. To avoid this carving for ‘unhealthy food’ it is recommended to eat ‘healthy low-calorie’ food after every 3-4 hours. Do not go through the mini-meals route as it puts you in danger for eating too much of unhealthy food. Instead, eat healthy protein rich and fibrous diet that will keep your weight in control.




How Fasting Is Beneficial For Your Overall Health?

May 11th, 2018

1. According to health experts, you should not only adhere to the recommended exercise for men and diet chart for men but should also give your body organs a break from their usual activities. What was advocated by ancient Hindu scriptures is realized today by the scientific world? Almost all scientific journals, health experts and health conscious recommend fasting as the best panacea for health-related problems. Research confirms that fasting relieves the body organs such as the liver, kidney, and spleen from additional work during the fasting period wherein it utilizes the stored energy and detoxifies them. Intermittent fasting has now proven to have numerous health benefits, that are experienced either immediately or in long-term.



2. Fasting, or intermittent fasting diets, shift the focus from what you’re eating to when you’re eating. It’s not about restricting calories for days on end, but rather it’s about eating for a prescribed number of hours a day, or a certain number of days per week, and then abstaining or limiting food consumption for another period of time. It is advised that you should restore to the Fast Diet, the 5:2 diet at least for two days in a week, wherein you should reduce your calorie intake by one-fourth, preferably 500 calories for women and 600 for men.



3. As you control the intake of calories, the supply of glucose in the blood starts to drop, and body starts using the stored glucose, called glycogen for energy. This helps you to burn fat and help muscles to store its own glucose to fuel your cells. You should also note that if your body enters into ketosis mode, that usually results after uninterrupted fasting your body fat becomes the primary source of fuel for energy and you start losing weight mechanically



4. You need to pay attention to your body during fast, especially if you are in ketosis mode, as you are likely to experience initial symptoms like bad breath, and fatigue. Men with the history of anemia, diabetes, low blood pressure, should avoid fasting. It is further suggested to restrict your level of physical work and activities on the days of fasting, avoid hectic, vigorous activities instead stay calm and peaceful.



5. Recent studies confirm that the intermittent-fasting diets are directly linked to less neuronal dysfunction and degeneration, as well as fewer clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.



5 Reasons Why Bread Crust Is More Nutritious For You

May 10th, 2018

While we choose to eat meals based on the recommended diet chart for men we often ignore few important basics that causes wastage of important healthier food. The bread crust that most of us abhor is scientifically more nutritious than the soft inside of bread.

According to a research study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the bread crust contains higher amounts disease fighting pronyl-lysine (an anti-oxidant) that helps in cancer prevention.

1. The research studies have also found that pronyl-lysine is formed in both yeast-based, and non-yeast baked bread. The darker the bread, more are the chances of having this prized anti-oxidant. Moreover, always choose to have smaller loaves of bread instead of bigger ones as more surface area is exposed to baking.



2. Surprisingly, the last pieces of the bread that are also often dumped by us contains not only the larger amount of pronyl-lysine but also an important type of antioxidant, called melanoidins than upper pieces of regular slices of bread.



3. According to the latest studies, even the dark crunchy toasted bread should be avoided, only the lightest toasted bread is recommended by health experts as increases the not-so-desirable compound, called acrylamide that often associated with toxic effects on the body especially on the brain, and reproductive organs. As acrylamide is a proven carcinogen, it is advised to eat an untoasted bread. It is advised not to have burnt toast as it also contains small amounts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs that are proven carcinogens, chemicals that cause or aggravate cancers.



4. You should not forget to do the recommended exercise for men, as exercises are the nature’s best cure for diseases and ailments. You just need to avoid certain foods such as french fries and potato chips in your diet as they can have up to 20 times more acrylamide than a slice of toasted whole-wheat bread.



5. It is also recommended to pick always a whole-grain bread as it contains more fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, selenium, and other nutritious compounds over the regular refined white bread. When a grain is refined, such as in the making of flour for white bread, the outermost and innermost layers of the grain are removed. This process removes the fiber and atleast25 percent protein, leaving behind only the starch.



Foods You Must Avoid That Cause Allergies

May 3rd, 2018

While you stick to recommended diet chart for men and also follow the suggested exercises for men to remain in best of health, there are some common allergies that you should know to be caused by certain foods. While any food can be a cause of allergy but primarily, according to the various available studies given below are the top foods that can cause an immediate allergic reaction.

You should know that a food allergy results in an abnormal immune response that usually results in inflammation, swelling of the tongue, mouth or face. Other common symptoms include breathing problems, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes.

1. Cow’s Milk:

Young adults often complain of indigestion and allergy related symptoms due to the intake of cow’s milk, this is mainly due to the exposure to cow’s milk or protein during their childhood. Be careful if you notice the symptoms of diarrhea, swelling, rashes, or vomiting – you should simply avoid products or the consumption of cow’s milk. Take precautions while you eat or drink milk-based products that include Milk, Milk powder, Cheese, Butter, Yogurt, Cream and even Ice cream.



2. Eggs:

An egg allergy is one of the most common ailments, you can notice problems like stomachache, skin reactions, respiratory problems due to the intake of either just egg whites or just yolks or both. To avoid the reactions with egg, you will just need to change the form of egg you generally prefer to eat – as that is less likely to cause allergy. Have baked biscuits or cakes containing a cooked egg component, as you will probably be easily tolerate that. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case for everybody, and do check with your doctor before you reintroducing egg-containing foods in your diet.



3. Tree Nuts:

Tree nuts are also known to trigger allergy amongst people. If that is the case with you avoid taking tree nuts such as Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, and Walnuts. It is also recommended to avoid products that are based on these nuts especially various nut butter and oils. According to available studies, an allergy to tree nuts is usually a lifelong condition hence people are recommended to keep with them an epi-pen, this is a potentially life-saving device that contains a shot of that stimulates the body to fight the allergens.



4. Soy:

This is also common food allergen that can result in symptoms like itchiness, prickly mouth, and running nose. It can also escalate to body rashes and breathing problems. You should avoid allergy-triggering food such as soybeans and soy products like soy milk or soy sauce.



5 Best Smoothies For Athletes

May 2nd, 2018

If you are an athlete, sportsmen or just fitness enthusiast you are probably following a recommended diet chart for men and also undertake suggested exercises for men but do you know that there are few smoothies that you can simply add to your diet chart that are not only quick to make but also highly nutritious and are also full of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fat.

1. Mesmerizing Nut Butter Smoothie:

This is the best smoothie that gives you loads of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You will just need to add reduced Fat Milk Soy Milk, or Almond Milk (Plain, Vanilla, or Chocolate) with Greek Yogurt and Nut Butter (Peanut, Almond, or Sun Butter) with Honey and Ice. You will enjoy the refreshing taste that will leave you mesmerized.



2. Nutty Strawberry Banana Smoothie:

This smoothie is full of nutrients especially for the men slog hard to achieve their goals. This smoothie contains balanced amount of all that is needed for your body, you will just need to add Reduced Fat Milk Soy Milk, or Almond Milk (Plain, Vanilla, or Chocolate) with Fresh or Frozen Mixed Berries, add at least 1-2 Bananas, and make it crunchy by adding Peanuts or Almond or Walnut. To get protective elements, add up Honey and drink chilled.



3. Fruity Avocado Smoothie:

This smoothie is an all-season drink for sportsmen and health freaks, as it contains loads of essential nutrients needed for your body. To make this smoothie you will need to add a handful of Spinach, Avocados, Apple Juice and Mango Pulp for vitamins and minerals. Add Greek Yogurt and Protein Powder, as per the for the daily diet recommended for you. You can also spice it up with Ginger and Cinnamon. You definitely need to serve and drink chilled.



4. Spicy Veggie Smoothie:

With loads of herbs, this smoothie will keep you away from the environmental diseases and infections. You can daily have this smoothie after your workouts, as this easy to make smoothie id made from Spinach or Kale, Apple Juice, Bananas, Mixed Berries and lots of herbs like Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cumin, and Turmeric. To add crunchiness to your drink, just add few Nuts like Peanut, Almond or, Walnuts along with the recommended amount of Protein Powder.



5. Dazzling Mint Basil Smoothie:

With the freshness of Mint and Basil, this super smoothie will rejuvenate you instantly as it can be easily prepared from by adding these leaves into Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice, or Lemonade along with Strawberries and Avocado. To get extra nutrients add Honey and Protein Powder – it is one of the best smoothies to get a quick dose of proteins and anti-oxidants.

2441-Mint Basil smoothie


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