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Outfits To Wear In Warm Months Of Russia

June 11th, 2018

Every world cup gives the host country to showcase the best that can be offered, 2018 World Cup will have 64 matches that will be played in 12 venues located in 11 cities across Russia. Scheduled from 14th June to 15th July 2018, the matches will be the part of 21st FIFA World Cup. You also need to note that the Russian summer starts by the end of May and lasts till August with the typical temperature around 23 °C (73 °F). During heat waves, the daytime temperature soars to 30 °C (86 °F) that continues for one or two weeks.


1. While you are visiting the world’s largest nation, you need to avoid wearing too bright clothes as Russia is fairly conservative. Jeans is a part of current fashion trends for men in Russia, a skinny or slim fit denim can serve as a versatile base for your outfit, avoid wearing shorts if you plan to travel orthodox churches. If you are planning to visit multiple sites during the day, keep set of white sneakers, and wayfarer sunglasses that will not only be protective and comfortable but will also make you look modish with most of your outerwear during your itinerary.




2. You can also pick up your denim jacket along with that you can wear on varying occasions, combine the jacket with a white T-shirt and blue ripped jeans or with pair it with a sports coat. Locals prefer to dress formally when attending functions like ballet or opera, it is recommended to wear men new style dark colored tuxedo with contrasting tie and oxfords during such occasions.




3. You can certainly carry forward the best hairstyle for men in India straight into the St. Petersburg football stadium or Moscow’s palatial underground metro. Avoid wearing just vests or sleeveless t-shirts during the formal functions like on Russia’s National Day on 12th June, if you arrive few days in advance before the start of the World Cup 2018. You need to merge with the locals to enjoy the energetic concerts on the streets. Although it is recommended to drape yourself up in the formal sports outfits to participate in the local sports competitions that are held during the Russian National Day, you can dress semi-casually during your visits to the exhibitions and the fireworks on this special occasion.




4 Proven Things That Celebs Do To Become Irresistible

May 3rd, 2018

If you adhere to latest men fashion trends and also follow the celebrities to find out the new fashion trends for men you should also know about the 5 basic things any celebrity works on to look attractive and irresistible.

1. Skin:

Most celebs are extra cautious of their skin, they always take extra care of their skin. They always prefer to use the most natural products for their skin, away from the products they may be endorsing. The real choice for most of them are the plant-based products. Not only they always carry sunscreen, shades or scarf to protect their skin tone but also eat a diet that gives them all the needed nutrients for the glowing and radiant skin. Most men celebs undergo frequent facial massage, facial therapies to remove the scares, acne or rashes that helps them to overcome wrinkles that come with age. While on the go, they always prefer to carry a waterless facewash, that help them to protect skin from environmental pollutants.



2. Teeth:

That mesmerizing smile has a lot of story behind it, as the celebs ensure regular appointments with the dentist to avoid any teeth infections. Moreover, they maintain all the recommended dental hygiene including the avoidance of sticky and sugary foods in their diet charts. To avoid tartar and maintain the sheer whiteness in the teeth they themselves undertake and adhere to daily dental do’s and don’ts.



3. Hair:

Hair is the style factor for most celebs, as they love to showcase the shiny latest hairstyles that draw full-scale media attention. Right from the color of the hair to the health of the strands and roots of the hairs, the celebs are extra-cautious of their tresses. Beard, whiskers or body hair, celebs know what to display when to display and how to display them. Not only daily dietary nourishment but also precautions are taken to look and remain stylish in most of their outdoor appearances.



4. Clothes and Accessories:

The statement they issue to their fans is through their clothes and accessories they carry. They rigorously follow the latest trends in fashion for men, keep themselves updated about the changing trends and even sometimes start a new trend to catch the attention of the onlookers and media.



How is black is becoming everyone’s go-to color?

April 5th, 2018

Various research studies confirm that wearing all-black color makes you look more attractive, intelligent, and confident. According to this study that had surveyed over 1,000 people to find the colors preferences they most associated with certain qualities, black came out either first or second in every positive category! Massive Sixty-six percent of women voted for black as the most attractive color for a man, based on this outcome we support reasons why black is the new trend in fashion for men. The colors least associated with intelligence were yellow, orange, and coming in dead last, pink.

1. Wearing black is easy :

You don’t have the struggle to match and think about the combinations, you can quickly get ready within 10 minutes.



2. Black works for every skin tone and every hair color :

Black looks absolutely stylish with any skin color and black hair color gels with anyone, any face type or shape.



3. Prefer black skinny denim :

Instead of loosely fit, normal denim, according to men new style choose a skinny black denim in your all-black wardrobe.



4. Black will give you a European look :

With the trend of minimalism, black is mostly preferred by most of the Scandinavians, you will mix with the European crowd faster.



5. Black anywhere :

From casual wear to a formal occasion, you can wear it from a gym to the most important date in your life. It engulfs all kind of accessories stylishly.



6. Black is sexy :

From detectives to movie heroes, black brings out the best in them. If you need to add the manly aura to your looks, just add all-black.




7. Black never fades :

You don’t have to worry about the fading away of color, any shade of black will look good on your rest of the black wardrobe.

8. Black leather jackets :

The eternal secret to look awesome, you should never wear it with woolen sweaters.


9.Match a black outfit with Ray-Ban Wayfarers, you will never look underdressed or overdressed.

10. The black dress will never go out of style :

The black will never ditch you because black will always be the new black.

How Fusion Attire Is Ruling The Charts In Latest Men’s Fashion

April 3rd, 2018

The festive season is one of the best times for men to adopt the latest trend in fashion for men. Fusion attire is currently ruling the charts amongst all the labels, as the right combination of ethnic and western wear is doing wonders in the world of men’s fashion. We present the tips for men on fusion wear for the season:

1. You can try the fusion attire for all the special occasions according to men new style, go in for quiet pastels, floral motifs, bolder prints on brightly colored fabrics with intricate embroidery.



2. It is advised for men to always pick lighter work of embroideries like pitta and ari that not only look opulent but also modish. Never go over the top, instead add a contemporary touch, a kurta with jeans rather than a pajama.



3. For black-tie events, you should prefer to pick a bandhgala with 100 percent velvet than a western bow with a typical blue or black blazer. This mix of modern fabric with a traditional silhouette will look elegant and also sophisticated.



4. For formal events, pair your bandhgala with black braided trousers to create a unique Indian styled tuxedo. You can also further customize your fusion ethnic wear by changing the buttons and the lining of jackets.



5. Have light weighted Mao 100 percent linen jackets with cotton trousers or with black denim for a semi-formal or smart casual look?



6. Your fusion game should speak of modern masculine style with traditional ethnic taste. The latest fashion for men is to wear the coat over kurtas that look very urbane as it adds a touch of sophistication to the special occasion.



7. A tightly fitted silk kurta-pajama will exude more masculine gestures to simply make you appear appealing and adorable. Remember to opt for kurtas either in embellished motifs or solid colors.



8. Do not write-off Jalsa juttis, as they are one more item that will add versatility to your wardrobe. These juttis perfectly complement the Indo-western attire that effortlessly gels casual kurtas and jeans.

9. Lately, you must always keep your options open by teaming up your fusion attire with simple yet classic leather Kolhapuris or crisscross style sandals especially the rich tones of brown, black or burgundy will add elegance.

The Latest – Tshirt With Shirt Combination, Trend For Men

December 4th, 2017

The most stylish latest fashion for men, is shirt and T-shirt combination. The sheer design contrast and the ‘dual effect’ look you fashionable, trendy and cool.

This casualwear look is the men new fashion, for almost all occasions where you should appear up-to-the-minute, younger and fresh. Always choose fresh colors in contrast with the color of the shirt. Let’s look at few combinations -

1. Sky with Clouds:

Embrace blue, as it looks cool on men. Either choose a plain white tee under a blue button-down shirt or choose the reverse. Pair this with some classic bronzed chinos and you’re good to go. Finish the look off with some white sneakers and make it your perfect, go to summer outfit.

sky with clouds


2. Check them out :

Wear an open checked shirt with a graphic T-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans and accessories like wrist skull chain or a band. Choose a loose-fitting shirt with a loose-fitting T-shirt with tight skinny when your physique is lean.

check them out


3. Loud T-shirt :

If you want to overpower your presence, just wear a tight loud t-as your base and over-shirt needs to be in soft color, letting the T-shirt do the talking. Wear this combination with ripped jeans and few accessories for men including wrist band or chain and a metallic pendant to stay connected to current fashion trends for men.

loud tshirt

4 Things To Carry To Look Stylish While On The Go

September 11th, 2017

Traveling is the new fad and looking stylish has always been non-negotiable. What to pack and what not to pack? Baffled? Drop your worries, my friend! Our fashionistas present you four must have things to look stylish while on the go:

4 Things To Carry To Look Stylish While On The Go


1. Sunglasses :

Pack your favourite pair of sunglasses and enhance your glam to woo the girls while on the go. Oh, did we mention that wear sunglasses only in the sunshine? Don’t be a fashion faux pas and refrain from wearing sunglasses at night.


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2. Wristwatch :

Wristwatches come in all shapes and sizes. From classic fashion to sexy fashion, a wristwatch complements your every look. So, whether you are flying off for an official tour or a leisure vacation, do not forget to wear/carry a wristwatch.


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3. Shorts :

Shorts being the latest fashion for men is a staple for every man’s wardrobe. So, why to deprive your suitcase of shorts? For a beach holiday, it is a must have!


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4. Jacket :

Are you planning a beach holiday or a hill vacation? Irrespective of the answer, pack your most-liked jacket right away because, for menswear, the jacket is a classic fashion. Jackets simply add up to your fashion styles. So, put on your favourite jacket right away!


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The key to hassle-free travel is to pack light. Fortunately, none of the things mentioned above consumes a lot of space. So, pack light, look stylish and thank us later. Happy Traveling!

Jewelry Trends for Men

June 30th, 2017

Once upon a time, in the Venn diagram of men and jewelry, there was a narrow overlapping of gold reserved exclusively for engagement rings that would not jeopardize their masculinity. Recently jewelry has gained a prominent position in men’s fashion style and is expanding rapidly. Men want jewelry and they like to wear it in style. It is not about chunky diamonds for them, rather it defines their own sense of style. Men prefer comfortable pieces to flashy ones, so here are our personal picks for this season’s coolest and trendiest pieces.

Jewelry Trends for Men


1. Neckpieces :

Necklaces are more popular than ever. Gold chains are a classic staple, but the ball and bead and the dog tag shapes are soon becoming the new man’s style. You can make a statement by layering leather cords with metal pendants for an offbeat street style look. You can also pick from a range of punk inspired bullets or religious imagery that can up your necklace game!


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2. Watches and Bracelets :

Contrary to the popular belief of people, men like to spend on accessories. From gold and diamond studded watches to beaded and leather bracelets, men love their funky pieces of jewelry. Men prefer pieces that are masculine and have a worn-in feeling instead of big embellished ones. Bracelets with detailing like anchors or engravings are a rave these days. Stacks of bracelets along with a big watch is not a look that everyone can pull off, however, if you have the confidence you should go ahead and rock this style.

Watches and Bracelets

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3. Cufflinks :

Men spend time when looking for jewelry for themselves because each piece has a strong personal resonance to it. A strong accessories game can be an indicator of a man’s character and defined sense of style. Bold statement cufflinks in bright yellow gold are soon gaining popularity for the cool punk-rock star vibe they give. Cufflinks are a piece of accessory that can be worn formally to work and to a wedding, so bling up in style. If you are still wary about pulling these pieces off, take inspiration from stars like George Clooney who sparkle in style.


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4. Glasses as jewelry :

Latest fashion trends have transformed men from conservative beings into fashion icons. Men are seizing the opportunity to up their style game by experimenting with new and unique statement jewelry. The 80′s golden wire frame glasses are bringing back the hip-hop vintage look for men. Brands are focusing on half framed horned rims retro glasses in colors like gold and black matt. Glasses are no longer just an accessory; they have become a style statement for men who want a vintage inspired everyday dapper look.

Glasses as jewelry

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Style is all about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and natural. Stick to jewelry that is within your comfort zone instead of blindly following fashion trends. Bling gold jewelry makes a statement as it stands out making everything else look dull, so if it looks great on you and makes you feel good, you don’t have worry about the world.

Pinstripes v/s Checks: Which one looks better?

February 17th, 2017

Power dressing is a real thing. Hear us out, for appearance may not be everything but the impression is. Patterns on your suit or shirt may not matter to you, but if you want to impress the big client you have to be remembered.

When wearing patterns, there is a thumb rule; one of the three basic elements – suit, shirt, tie, should be solid or plain. Well, the rule isn’t etched in history, but unless you look like Benedict Cumberbatch we think you should apply it.


Pinstripes vs Checks Which one looks better

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1. Pinstripes:

Pinstripes scream professionalism and are also less flexible than other patterns. However, since the stripes are so thin unless you look closely they might give a solid appearance. That in a way is its strength, pinstripes have the ability to camouflage and appear once you’ve noticed them closely. The same way you spot a quiet girl at the party and only realize how much fun she is till you notice and begin talking to her.




Owing to their unconventional appearance, pinstripes may not be the right stripes for your date night in the hope to look taller appear thinner or strike a spark. However, for work and business, subtle pinstripe shirts with a dull base and the go-to solid blues and whites that professionals have been banking on for decades work quite well.



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2. Checks:

Checks – cleverly disguise men as responsible adults. Checks come in two styles, which can be categorized, into busy and clean patterns. Thought you knew all about shirts? Well, a busy pattern has more lines and edges while cleaner patterns tend to have small and distinct squares. Heading out for a date or casual day at work pick the latter. Busy pattern checks are more suited for a Saturday night chilled out party or a game night with the boys.

Experimentation is not all that bad. Team a clean checked shirt with a tie and a dark blazer for a formal look or tuck it in with jeans for a sharp yet minimalistic outfit.



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3. Winner:

Well if you want to vote the pros and cons, I think we have a clear winner here. Checks! They never seem to go out of fashion and there is one for everyone’s need. Casual to formal style them the way you like, on the other hand, pinstripes are sharp but restrict you from experimenting with colors and looks.




However, one thing that goes with both the patterns are quirky and cool socks. Grab ‘em now!

How can you style your leather jacket

February 16th, 2017

Clothing communicates to the world about who we are. Leather jackets are one of the most iconic items of clothing that have a voice of its own. They are classic fashion for men. Leather jackets have stood the test of time to become a classic and timeless piece of menswear fashion. Today there are more than one ways to style your leather jacket and look dapper as ever.


How can you style your leather jacket

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1. Classic Rock:

Nothing looks better than an all black outfit topped with a timeless black leather jacket. Even if you can’t sing like a rock star but in a pair of black jeans, t-shirt, and converse, you can look like one. Black makes everyone look slimmer and a classic black leather jacket always looks cool with black shades.


Classic Rock


2. The Biker Look:

A 20th-century look that never went out of style, the biker jacket gives off a cool and rebel look. Who doesn’t love a rebel; don a rugged pair of denim with a simple gray t-shirt and black boots to rock this look. A big buckled belt is optional unless you want to look like Bruce Lee from a 1980’s movie. You may not be riding off into the sunset on a Harley but you sure look like one who is about to.


The Biker Look

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3. Varsity Leather Jacket:

Worried you will look right out of a Teen Vogue magazine? The varsity leather jackets are a new addition to the leather family and look equally smart if worn correctly. These jackets give off an athletic look and are perfect to impress the girl next door. Perfect for a first date the cotton and leather mix will bring a casual look to your ensemble. Wear these with monochrome chinos or slim pants, a plain shirt and vans for a minimal yet stylish look.


Varsity Leather Jacket


4. Bomber Jackets:

Indiana Jones! It’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of brown leather; however, they scream fashion and style more than anything else. Get an iconic brown bomber jacket with a plain white t-shirt, cargo pants, and tan boots. Finish off your classic military inspired outfit with a pair of aviators and you can ace the look with ease.


Bomber Jackets

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So, go ahead, rock that classic leather jacket with the help of these tips mentioned above.


4 Ways you can look absolutely stylish in a shrug

January 24th, 2017

Shrugs are unisex but since they have been associated mostly with women, one should be careful while donning shrugs. Here are a few fashion tricks for men to dress up and look hot in a shrug.


4 Ways you can look absolutely stylish in a shrug


1. Layer Up:

Since woolens don’t hold themselves up well, you need to layer them up to look good and stylish. If you layer shrugs with a funky printed shirt or aV-neck cardigan, it creates the illusion of the much desired V-shaped body.


Layer Up


2. Know your Fabric:

When you are out buying fashion clothing, never forget to choose your fabric well. You could try denim shrugs, woolen shrugs or nylon shrugs. Never go for cotton or even worse net shrugs; they look repugnant and not to mention girly.


Know your Fabric

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3. Color and Length:

Go for dark or neutral shades while choosing shrugs. Colors like coffee, dark maroon, navy blue, black, gray or beige work great. Keep in mind that high waist shrugs are not for men; always opt for waist length or long shrugs.


Color and Length

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4. Add a dash of your own style:

To give your attire a personality, never forget to add your personal touch. Be it a cap, a lapel pin, a beanie or a muffler; it could be anything that you like to wear or that suits you. Remember what makes you feel good automatically makes you look happy and attractive.


Add a dash of your own style

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Dress up warm, cozy and sexy this winter. Play with new styles and trends, tune in to the season and be smitten by the stares and compliments that follow. Happy winter styling!


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