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Looks Adorned By Saif Ali Khan That Have Given Every Man Major Fashion Goals

October 24th, 2019

The actor who played Sartaj Singh in the Netflix original show ‘Sacred Games’ is no less than a fashion icon. He seems to nail each and every look he sports, and sets trends that people find hard to catch up with. Being a father to three hasn’t worn out his spirit to keep pioneering as a fashion icon. He can be an inspiration to people of all ages. After launching his own personal clothing brand, The House of Pataudi, Saif has raised quite a few eyebrows in the fashion industry. Here are some of the most memorable looks the Nawab of Pataudi has got us hyped about.

1. Kurta With a Nehru Jacket :

This outfit is a part of Saif’s own clothing brand, ‘The House of Pataudi.’ He values the cultural heritage India and Pataudi has to offer and makes sporting such an ethnic outfit quite effortless.

Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra


2. Cream Tuxedo :

The off-white blazer contrasting the black pants is like a breath of fresh air. The red flowers and a gentlemanly moustache, which he sported in the film ‘Rangoon,’ finish the vintage look of this royally fashionable film star.

Courtesy: India Today
Courtesy: India Today


3. White Kurta-Pajama :

We just can’t get over this full-white outfit with the thick beard and black shades which Saif wore at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. He was, undoubtedly, the coolest looking dad of the day.

Courtesy: Rediff
Courtesy: Rediff


4. Purple T-shirt and Blue Denims :

This is how Saif looks on a casual lunch outing with his family. It is astounding how just a basic purple and a basic blue can combine with black sunglasses and brown footwear to create such a cool casual look.

Courtesy: Mid-Day
Courtesy: Mid-Day


5. Black Sherwani :

This black-and-white look of the versatile artist was spotted at the GQ Men of the Year awards 2018. It is one of his looks which we find perfect, once again displaying our ethnic heritage. What caught our attention is those black boots which give a slick finish to the minimalistic look.

Courtesy: Mid-Day
Courtesy: Mid-Day


6. White Suit :

A white suit with a light blue shirt, an indigo tie, black gradient sunglasses and a rose is all Saif needs to look the boldest in the room. We have never seen anyone pair light blue and white so effortlessly in a suit before.

Courtesy: India Today
Courtesy: India Today


7. Bronze Sherwani :

Stopping the show for Shantanu and Nikhil, the fashion icon donned the designer duo’s most stylish number. The intricate designs woven into the sherwani’s chest stands out as the mark of royalty in this exquisite ensemble. Not many names come to mind who can do justice to this woven work of art.

Courtesy: Tribune India
Courtesy: Tribune India


Saif Ali Khan just doesn’t go wrong when it comes to fashion. His consistent display of dapper and class on and off-screen has left us craving to have a peek into his closet. It is safe to make Saif’s wardrobe your buyer’s guide for this (or rather any) year.

A Man’s Guide to Wear Shoes for Occasions

August 23rd, 2019

You may have heard of the phrase ‘Great Styles Come from Top to down’. It surely may but we believe the opposite. It is your footwear that sets the precedent for your outfit and we firmly stand by that. One should style their footwear with the same intricacy and detail they put in for their top wear. Shoes are an item that is of utmost importance for men’s dressing styles that binds the entire outfit together and tells a lot about your personality. Shoes account a significant place in a man’s wardrobe as they have the ability to either mend or break your overall look.

Here is a man’s guide to wear shoes for occasions:

1. The Everyday Look :

As easy it is to decide and put on a casual outfit, selecting the footwear most appropriate requires some extra effort. You need to look out for a pair that is appropriate both for office and an outing that constitutes a majority part of our routines. An ultimate pair that can complement almost everything you wear be it a jeans or trousers are the brown longwings. This versatile pair works best for office as it serves the exact balance between casual and formal.


Courtesy: Grant Stone
Courtesy: Grant Stone


2. The Formal Days :

A pair of shoes that it is compulsory for you to invest in are the Oxfords. A tie and suit would help you make an impression but it is the oxfords that will give you the dapper look. Days when you have to look your best and present yourself formally, they are the ultimate pair that you can rely on. An investment in these today will help dodge many future bad days.


Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra


3. One for the Pals :

When with your friends, you require a pair that not only keeps you comfortable but also gives you the freedom to move about with ease. The Canvas Sneakers are the best pair you can own for a day out with friends. A wardrobe essential for men, these shoes gives you the best of both world –comfort and style.


Courtesy: Phillipines The Printable Coupon
Courtesy: Phillipines The Printable Coupon


4. When with the Specials :

Family lunches or dinner and a date with your special one are events that hold a special place for you. In such cases, you would want to put in your A-game. A pair that helps you ace your look is the Brogues. Non-fussy footwear that compliments almost all men’s clothing styles; Brogues are the ultimate pair of shoes that you can enhance your outfit for the special meet.


Courtesy: TrendBridged
Courtesy: TrendBridged


5. Vacation Essential :

An essential fashion tip for men is to not stick to just slippers when on a vacation. Add on to your ecstasy with a pair of Espadrilles that are perfect item when on holidays. You can travel places beyond the beach with this comfortable and soft pair. You also need not worry about space as it can be easily folded and stuffed in your suitcase with ease.


Courtesy: Algaecontrolire
Courtesy: Algaecontrolire


Gear up your entire look by pairing appropriate shoes for the occasion and add on to it with the Magic He Deodorant that gives you two distinctive fragrances that you can share with your appearance.

5 outfits that you can wear with the White Sneaker trend

June 30th, 2019

White sneakers are these days fast becoming the latest fashion for men to sport. Its feverish success is largely owing to the fact that you can seamlessly pair them with almost any sort of attire and colours. Moreover, the stand out white colour of the shoes adds an instant coolness and smartness into the whole look. Thus, here are top 5 outfit types which go best with white sneakers:

1. Jeans and T-shirt :

This classic men’s clothing style is one of the best attires to pair with white sneakers. You can pick out a variety of colours in T-shirts. Usually, bright colours and light cotton textures give the best results. However, this is completely up to personal preference and you should pick one that you feel suits your style and personality best. In Jeans again, you can choose lighter colours to give a sombre look or dark shades to bring out a contrast adding to the sharpness to the entire outfit.


Courtesy: Fashionetter
Courtesy: Fashionetter


2. Shorts and T-shirt :

For the optimum casual look, go with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with your white sneakers. This look will give off the perfect breezy vibe and is one of the best outfits to sport during summers. Experiment with the colour schemes according to your personal preferences and personality. Usually, common practice is to either go for all neutral colours (this will make for a sombre look), or bright coloured T-shirts and dark shorts to bring out contrast making the attire look very smart.


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


3. Shirts with Denim Shorts :

Another very interesting variation of attire to go with white sneakers is a casual shirt paired with denim shorts. This is essentially a very holiday look and gives off a relaxing vibe. Try out broad checked shirts and use lighter colours that match with the shoes. In the denim shorts, you can use either darker or lighter shades depending on your personal likings. Together put, this look exudes a relaxed and smart vibe.


Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra


4. Polos and Shorts :

Polo shirts in themselves make for a very smart look. Add a casual pair of shorts to them and finish the look with white sneakers to make for the optimum smart summer look. Experiment with different patterns and colours to find the perfect blend depending on your tastes. Usually, this attire works best with lighter shades of polo (white works best) and matching pair of shorts (grey or khaki works best).


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Smart Casuals :

White sneakers are one of the best pair of shoes to compliment a smart casual attire. So take up a pair of casual shirt, a nice coat, a crisp pair of trousers and up the game by complimenting it with your white sneakers. The shoes here will uplift the entire outfit making you appear to be a perfectly smart gentleman. You can experiment with colours again, of course, depending on your preferences but the usual standard advice here is to stick with lighter colours throughout.


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


Men’s style guide: The ultimate pieces men need to dress for summer 2019

May 14th, 2019

Summer is here, and it’s time to bring back the shorts and the tees. When you’re in double minds about your pieces while dressing up, keep in mind that less is more. Always stick to lighter colours and breathable fabrics. And when you’re going to stay outdoors for long, it’s better to cover up your body. Let us get more detailed and enter into the nitty-gritty of men’s clothing style this summer. We have written about the ultimate pieces you need to dress for summer 2019.

1. Basic t-shirts :

You need to stack up your wardrobe with a few pieces of basic tees in neutral colours. White, light blue and grey are essentials. You can spice up a bit and add colourful greens, yellows and reds to your collection to add in a sparkle of colour in your outfits. Basic plain tees are versatile and go amazingly well with shorts or beneath jackets. You can wear black in cooler indoor environments but avoid it if you’re to stay outdoors for long. Make sure your t-shirts are fully made of cotton, or other light, breathable materials.


Courtesy: WeAreCasual
Courtesy: WeAreCasual


2. Khaki Shorts :

Shorts and summers go hand in hand. Khaki shorts in tan, olive and camouflage colours are a never dying breed of clothing especially during summers. You can also try on different coloured shorts with basic casual shirts. T-shirts and shorts are the best combination in existence to grace summers’ sunshine and heat. A day at the beach or a hilltop picnic calls for light coloured shorts to be worn with flip-flops. Buy two to three plain coloured shorts to create different combinations and looks with shirts and t-shirts and shoes or flip-flops.


Courtesy: Styleoholic
Courtesy: Styleoholic


3. Light coloured pants :

It’s a better choice to wear light coloured chinos and trousers compared to thick denim. Along with reflecting the light back, they also cover up the legs protecting them from heat and radiation. In times of a long trip in the outdoors, it’s a better option to opt for light coloured pants instead of shorts. You can at times ditch the light coloured cream, beige and white pants to go for coloured pants to add a little funk to the outfit. Stick to neutral colours for the upper body in this case as the pants would be the star attraction!


Courtesy: Brostrick
Courtesy: Brostrick


4. Shirts :

When we talk about men’s dressing style, shirts are the most basic pieces of clothing to arrive in our minds. Summer shirts are light, bright and fun. Hawaiian shirts are a hot favourite to sport on with shorts or casual chinos and loafers! If you’re wearing full sleeved shirts the fold the sleeves and stick to lighter colours. Check pattern shirts with short sleeves also work great in workspaces as well as other outdoor activities.


Courtesy: Lyst
Courtesy: Lyst


5. Footwear :

Floaters and flip-flops are your best comfort options this season. If you want to go for shoes; espadrilles, loafers, sneakers, and boat shoes pair up well shorts and should be worn with ankle-length or invisible socks. Keep your shoe length below the ankles.

While keeping these basic items in mind, don’t forget other peripheral men’s accessories like caps, sunglasses and belts. Stick to a classic style of eyewear that suits your face shape. You can own two basic coloured leather belts, and they will go well with most of the outfits that you wear. The only thing to acknowledge is, the less the better this summer!


Courtesy: French Connection
Courtesy: French Connection


Colors to avoid this summer

February 16th, 2019

Summer is finally here and summer sweat is an actual problem. Step one is realizing and embracing the fact that you’re a sweaty pig so you can tackle those leaky stains with some ease. Winter and spring offer so many dressing options to look sharp, but summer is a big no-no. The last thing you want is sweat gushing from your face like the Niagara Falls.

Colors to avoid this summer

Colors are a cruel mistress and finding hues that work with your skin tone is not very easy. Read on for a useful guide to finding colors that won’t work for you this summer.

1. Grays :

If you constantly have leaky pits, back, and chest, it’s best that you stay away from hues of dark gray this summer. They are the worst options for hiding sweat and also absorb tons of heat that will make you sweat even more. However, wearing patterns in this shade for an evening outing might not cause that much damage.


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2. Black and Navy :

Black is a strict no-no for summers. You will be roasting inside because dark colors absorb the sun’s rays and trap their heat, making you feel even hotter. Black and navy blues are a constant in every man’s wardrobe and we know it makes up most of their formal and corporate wear, but it’s worth keeping them to a minimum to have a cool and comfortable month.

Black and Navy

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3. Red :

You might look a little too bold in red and stand out of the crowd. Red as a color conveys both assertiveness and power, however, it will not be the best choice when the temperate is at 45 degree Celsius. Red along with its hues are best not worn in summer as they give a washed out look because of all the heat they trap.


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4. Purple :

Purple is one of the most overlooked colors in menswear, and there is no surprise why. You should avoid darker hues of purple like burgundy that are loud and opt for subtle tones like mauve. You are more likely to leak and have patchy sweat stains when dark and loud colors are worn in summer. Dial the volume down and keep these shades for those dark winter days.


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Final word, summer may be here but that does not mean you have to give up on colors you like. You can be stylish wearing your favorite colors but in lighter hues that will not only help you feel cool but also look sharp. You cannot avoid sweating when the temperate is boiling but can look less of a sweaty wreck if you avoid these colors in summer!

Skinny dudes, here’s the ultimate style guide to look your best

February 15th, 2019

Not all of us are blessed with the perfect body type. And while the whole world is cognizant of the issues healthy people have to face in terms of clothing, for which brands have also launched their plus size collection to cater to their fashion needs, not many realise that skinny people also have issues and struggle with the latest fashion for men. The obvious solution- gain those extra pounds; after all it is easier to gain it than to shed it. However, gaining those pounds also take time. We’ve thus brought for all those skinny albeit gorgeous people some men fashion tips to keep your style game strong, until you gain those kilos:


1. Avoid clothes that make you look frail :

This is a big no. The biggest giveaways of your frail figures are the oversized clothes. Skinny guys generally opt for large clothes in the hopes that their frames get camouflaged. It however, has an entirely opposite effect. Not only does it accentuate your frame more but also brings down your style quotient. Also, wearing skin-tight clothes will do just the same. Therefore, finding the right fit is a must. This may require a little too frequent visit to the tailor, but then, it’s all worthwhile.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


2. Wear the one item designed to make you look stronger :

Yes, skinny men can look buff too! All they need is a jacket- a suit jacket, a sports coat or a blazer. How do they achieve that? They broaden your shoulders, giving you a somewhat muscular look. Most of the jackets have padding in them, which adds about half an inch on each side. However, too much of a good thing is not good. Always opt for options with light padding. Keep it subtle. Jackets also accentuate your V- shape, which is a universal sign of male strength.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


3. Wear multiple layers :

Adding layers to your body adds a bit of breadth to it. However, caution is to be exercised here as well. You cannot simply wear thick layers one on top of the other. That just ruins your look altogether, and makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, you want to layer it from thin to thick and from light to sturdy. Begin with the lightest fabric and then add sturdier ones with each layer. Ensure colour coordination among the layers too.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


4. Wear fabrics that add bulk to the frame :

Choosing the right fabric is a good way of adding visual bulk to the frame. Textured fabrics for instance are a good way to achieve that. It is therefore recommended to stock your wardrobe with more of tweeds, flannels, glen checks, denim and corduroy. Everything that looks a bit rougher to touch are suggestive of more body mass. Thick-knit sweaters or cardigans will also do.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


5. Make your neck look better :

Aristotle approves. According to his works on physiognomy, a sturdy neck is a sign of courage and strength. It is recommended to make your neck look better and sturdier. Turtlenecks are a great way of achieving that. Collared sweaters and cardigans work equally well. Men clothing styles like zip necks, funnel necks, stand up collars and shawl collars are also suggested.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


Go ahead, revamp your closet and rock your fashion statement!

7 tips to dress appropriately and look fashionable at work

December 28th, 2018

Whether you like it or hate it, you need to pay attention to your attire when dressing for work. And with more and more workplaces adopting casual work wear, it can be tricky to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t. So, here we have listed down seven easy and simple tips, to help you dress in style without having to break your work dress code!

1. Understand what’s acceptable in your industry :

Different industries have different dress code requirements. If you work in the corporate world, you may be strictly required to wear formal for work. But, on the other hand, if working in the media, your office work wear can be comparatively relaxed than the corporate people. So, it is very important to get an idea of what is accepted and what isn’t. Observe your colleagues that have been working for a long time, to get an idea on how you may be expected to dress at work.




2. Wear rich colours :

Your choice of colour is equally important as your office attire. Settle for rich colours in darker tones as they convey a stronger impression. Avoid anything that is bright or neon, as it can be too flashy and distracting for the others.




3. Wear clothes that fit :

An office isn’t a place to experiment. If you are opting for work wear clothes, you have to make sure that your clothes fit you properly. Anything too small or too big will not look good on you. If in case, you already own something that doesn’t fits aptly, try getting it tailored or else just get rid of it!




4. Dry your hair :

This may sound something out of the blue, but only if you have noticed the number of times guys leave their house without drying or setting their hair, you’ll definitely understand the reason behind mentioning this point! Never ever leave your house with wet hair. Firstly, it ruins your look, considering the pollution and dust around and secondly, it can make you look like your life isn’t together, which you definitely do not want at your workplace.


Business Insider UK
Business Insider UK


5. Your office bag counts too :

Imagine you go all dressed up and then team it up a simple backpack. Sounds inappropriate, right? Your office bag is as important as your attire. Also, whether you carry a briefcase or a side bag, make sure that you clean it at least every week because you wouldn’t want your colleagues to catch a glimpse or your untidy bag.


The Fashion Tag
The Fashion Tag


6. Wear well-kept and polished shoes :

Do you know that your shoes too can create an impression of you? Is not uncommon, but in fact, many recruiters actually notice the candidates shoes first. And, the reason behind this, your shoes require the least attention and if you pay attention towards this minute detail too, it means that you have the tendency to pay attention even to the smallest of details. So, the next time you step out for work, make sure that your shoes are polished and in good condition.




7. Pay attention to your watch :

Watch is one of the most important accessories to add to your office attires, irrespective of the fact whether you are a man or a woman. Donning watches along with your workwear adds a sense of etiquette class to you look, which is crucial for any working person.




World’s Top 5 Fashion Labels For Men

July 16th, 2018

Clothes are a reflection of our mood, they tend to depict whether we are trendy, poised, glad, gloomy or edgy. The right style of clothes comes with a right brand that suits our personality, we present you the world’s top 5 fashion labels for men. These labels are part of men’s latest fashion and men new style across the age and location.

1. Hugo Boss:

This German label with more than 1100 company-owned stores around the world, has clocked the revenue of €2.733 billion in the year 2017. Traded and styled as BOSS, this global fashion house offers high-fashion clothing, accessories, and footwear employs nearly 13,985 people and has been supplying uniforms to Nazis before and during WW II.



2. Tommy Hilfiger:

With nearly 1400 retail stores in 90 countries and head office in Amsterdam, this American multinational corporation is a global fashion house that designs and manufactures premium apparel for men, women, and children. The other popular products of the label include fragrances, accessories, footwear, and home furnishings



3. Lacoste:

Novak Djokovic the brand ambassador for this French clothing company has been promoting the brand since 2017 for popular products that include footwear, eyewear, perfume, watches, towels, and clothing. The brand is identified by its ‘green crocodile’ logo, who was founded by the tennis player René Lacoste.



4. Levi Strauss & Co:

With 2,800 company-operated stores and 15,000 employees, this American clothing company is known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. This popular brand, that was founded in 1853 is still popular among all age group notably, Nobel Prize recipients including Albert Einstein adorned the leather jacket that manufactured by Levi Strauss & Co in the 1930s. The jacket was recently auctioned for £110,500



5. Ralph Lauren Corporation:

With the popular labels including Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Double RL, Chaps, Club Monaco and others, this American fashion, and retail company that is headquartered in New York City has 493 directly operated stores.



Best Outfits For Indian Men For Family Celebrations

June 6th, 2018

India is a land of celebrations, where we express our happiness by sharing, caring, decorating, and following age-old rituals. If you are searching for advice on the new fashion for men in India and the latest fashion for men in India then your search ends here. Read on to know about the best outfits you can wear for your upcoming family celebrations in India.



1. The Elegant Ethnic Family Attire:

Your dress will actually depend on the kind of activities you intend to do during the gathering. If it’s all about serving the guests and having fun with them in terms of selfies, food and laughter then we suggest going for Designer Kurta + Pleated Pyjamas + Ethnic Half Jacket over the Kurta + Kohlapuri or Punjabi Jutti.



2. The Classical Ethnic Fun Attire:

If you are planning to have lots of fun in the upcoming family event, like Bollywood dancing and group games with your cousins then wear something that will create ‘wow’. Choose half cut-sleeve designer Nehru jacket + Dhoti pants + Kohlapuri Sandals. Display your mighty arms and manly chest to the ladies and the jealous relatives. Keep a stubble beard to further add magnificence to your personality.



3. The Sophisticated Ethnic Attire:

Now if you come off the age to all those activities, you want to show that you are well-settled in your life now, choose this attire that will truly reflect your status and your opulent lifestyle. Black Or Blue Designer Sherwani with metal buttons + Plain Designer Churidar + Stall with embroidery all over. You should also wear Designer Jutti + Designer Pagri with a prominent ‘Tilak’ on the forehead. Either keep a flamboyant handlebar mustache or a thick stubble to radiate royal aura.



Most Preferred Outfits For Men To Get Maximum Attention

June 5th, 2018

If you are confused about the outfit that you should choose to wear for an upcoming event, then go ahead and read about the 5 best outfits for men, that will help you get the maximum attention.


The most reliable outfit for men that will never go wrong is your blue ripped jeans with a skin-fit white shirt. This classic combination of white and blue looks astonishing on most occasions as it carries the elements of both casual and formal wear. You can blindly go for this new fashion style for men on most of the informal occasions where you need to appear stylish, confident and self-important.




Wear this elegant combination with poise, as this enduring choice will make you look suave. Go ahead and pull on a collared black polo t-shirt with light brown or a khaki pants. You should preferably flaunt a stubble or clean-shaven look to add the touch of manliness. Certainly, do not ignore the grooming face tips for men’s face to avoid landing up in an unwanted situation.




This model combination is best suited for the formal occasions, especially when you have to meet a formal gathering. Avoid wearing strips on any of the clothing, and delicately place the pocket square giving it the nice reason to peep over your blazer’s pocket. This is one of the men’s latest fashion trends when it comes for a formal business instance.




One of the finest late-night attire for men, unquestionably you can wear this majestic combination on the ‘closest gatherings’. Just take that you do not wear all glossiness, prefer it to mix with ‘matty shirt’ and glossy thin tie or vice versa. Shoes should bring the shine while trousers should be of extreme fitting and bring out the body contours on right areas.



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