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These 5 ethnic footwear are apt to look smashing on Diwali

November 1st, 2018

The last few months of the year are jam-packed with various festivals. From Navratri to Durga Pooja, Dussehra to Diwali, to various other festivities, each requires apt ethnic wears for different occasions. While getting your hands on some traditional wear can be an easy job for men, they often ignore their footwear. But as important is a traditional outfit for the Diwali season so is ethnic footwear. But don’t you worry, as we have got you covered!

Here 5 ethnic shoes for men that you can add into your collection and these are sure to complement with all your Diwali looks.

1. Ethnic mojaris:

When it comes to ethnic men’s footwear, mojaris are the most common and versatile ethnic footwear for men. If wanting to make yourself look smart and sophisticated, add a pair of black or brown mojaris with your traditional kurta and pyjama set. These mojaris also work well with a Nehru jacket! Mojaris are probably the most convenient ethnic footwear for men as they are closed form of shoes and are perfect to add the right amount of ethnicity to you tradition ensemble.




2. Embroidered mojaris:

Embroidered mojaris are yet another opulent piece, ideal for teaming up with your traditional wear. These embroidered mojaris not only look gorgeous but will also complement your Diwali outfits. So take a break from your regular sneakers and give yourself a royal treatment with these leather mojaris topped with intricate embroidery and zari designs.




3. Ethnic sandals:

If mojaris aren’t your choice of style, you can opt for some ethnic sandals to glam up your traditional attire for the Diwali season. From sherwanis to baggy pants, ethnic sandals can be your perfect fit. Not only are these comfortable but also provide one with a clean and a sophisticated look. Plus they are available in a variety of colours, meaning there’s one for everyone.




4. Ethnic kolhapuris:

If opting for a more comfortable look for the Diwali season, ethnic kolhapuris are the way to go for. You can simply pair some brown ethnic kolhapuris to your regular cotton kurta and pyjama. This can also be your go-to look for the Diwali season. The look is almost effortless and perfect for the attending the Diwali festivities.




5. Ethnic slip-on:

If nothing seems to be the right fit for you, an ethnic slip-on is the way to. Whether in a hurry to finalise your footwear or want something that is comfortable yet stylish, ethnic slip-on can come in handy for you. Opt for neutral kurta set, team it with an embroidered jacket and add a pair of black ethnic slip-on to complete the look. Simple yet stylish, and that too in no time!

Invest some time when shopping for the festive season. Opt for a pair of footwear that not only complements your Diwali outfits but is as well comfortable enough to dance all night long at the Diwali parties. With a little search, you can surely find the best suited ethnic footwear styles for all your traditional garments.


World’s Top 5 Fashion Labels For Men

July 16th, 2018

Clothes are a reflection of our mood, they tend to depict whether we are trendy, poised, glad, gloomy or edgy. The right style of clothes comes with a right brand that suits our personality, we present you the world’s top 5 fashion labels for men. These labels are part of men’s latest fashion and men new style across the age and location.

1. Hugo Boss:

This German label with more than 1100 company-owned stores around the world, has clocked the revenue of €2.733 billion in the year 2017. Traded and styled as BOSS, this global fashion house offers high-fashion clothing, accessories, and footwear employs nearly 13,985 people and has been supplying uniforms to Nazis before and during WW II.



2. Tommy Hilfiger:

With nearly 1400 retail stores in 90 countries and head office in Amsterdam, this American multinational corporation is a global fashion house that designs and manufactures premium apparel for men, women, and children. The other popular products of the label include fragrances, accessories, footwear, and home furnishings



3. Lacoste:

Novak Djokovic the brand ambassador for this French clothing company has been promoting the brand since 2017 for popular products that include footwear, eyewear, perfume, watches, towels, and clothing. The brand is identified by its ‘green crocodile’ logo, who was founded by the tennis player René Lacoste.



4. Levi Strauss & Co:

With 2,800 company-operated stores and 15,000 employees, this American clothing company is known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. This popular brand, that was founded in 1853 is still popular among all age group notably, Nobel Prize recipients including Albert Einstein adorned the leather jacket that manufactured by Levi Strauss & Co in the 1930s. The jacket was recently auctioned for £110,500



5. Ralph Lauren Corporation:

With the popular labels including Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Double RL, Chaps, Club Monaco and others, this American fashion, and retail company that is headquartered in New York City has 493 directly operated stores.



Best Outfits For Indian Men For Family Celebrations

June 6th, 2018

India is a land of celebrations, where we express our happiness by sharing, caring, decorating, and following age-old rituals. If you are searching for advice on the new fashion for men in India and the latest fashion for men in India then your search ends here. Read on to know about the best outfits you can wear for your upcoming family celebrations in India.



1. The Elegant Ethnic Family Attire:

Your dress will actually depend on the kind of activities you intend to do during the gathering. If it’s all about serving the guests and having fun with them in terms of selfies, food and laughter then we suggest going for Designer Kurta + Pleated Pyjamas + Ethnic Half Jacket over the Kurta + Kohlapuri or Punjabi Jutti.



2. The Classical Ethnic Fun Attire:

If you are planning to have lots of fun in the upcoming family event, like Bollywood dancing and group games with your cousins then wear something that will create ‘wow’. Choose half cut-sleeve designer Nehru jacket + Dhoti pants + Kohlapuri Sandals. Display your mighty arms and manly chest to the ladies and the jealous relatives. Keep a stubble beard to further add magnificence to your personality.



3. The Sophisticated Ethnic Attire:

Now if you come off the age to all those activities, you want to show that you are well-settled in your life now, choose this attire that will truly reflect your status and your opulent lifestyle. Black Or Blue Designer Sherwani with metal buttons + Plain Designer Churidar + Stall with embroidery all over. You should also wear Designer Jutti + Designer Pagri with a prominent ‘Tilak’ on the forehead. Either keep a flamboyant handlebar mustache or a thick stubble to radiate royal aura.



Most Preferred Outfits For Men To Get Maximum Attention

June 5th, 2018

If you are confused about the outfit that you should choose to wear for an upcoming event, then go ahead and read about the 5 best outfits for men, that will help you get the maximum attention.


The most reliable outfit for men that will never go wrong is your blue ripped jeans with a skin-fit white shirt. This classic combination of white and blue looks astonishing on most occasions as it carries the elements of both casual and formal wear. You can blindly go for this new fashion style for men on most of the informal occasions where you need to appear stylish, confident and self-important.




Wear this elegant combination with poise, as this enduring choice will make you look suave. Go ahead and pull on a collared black polo t-shirt with light brown or a khaki pants. You should preferably flaunt a stubble or clean-shaven look to add the touch of manliness. Certainly, do not ignore the grooming face tips for men’s face to avoid landing up in an unwanted situation.




This model combination is best suited for the formal occasions, especially when you have to meet a formal gathering. Avoid wearing strips on any of the clothing, and delicately place the pocket square giving it the nice reason to peep over your blazer’s pocket. This is one of the men’s latest fashion trends when it comes for a formal business instance.




One of the finest late-night attire for men, unquestionably you can wear this majestic combination on the ‘closest gatherings’. Just take that you do not wear all glossiness, prefer it to mix with ‘matty shirt’ and glossy thin tie or vice versa. Shoes should bring the shine while trousers should be of extreme fitting and bring out the body contours on right areas.



Best Formal Dress For Boys For A Farewell Party

June 4th, 2018

If you are heading for a farewell party it is mandatory for you to present the best of yourself not just in terms of your wardrobe but also the attitude you will carry in the party. The last impression you will leave behind will be sealed in mobiles, picture frames, and alumni handbook etc. So, you ought to know about the current fashion trends for men and the latest fashion styles for men that you will need to stick on to make the lasting impression forever

1. Black Blazer + White T-shirt + Khaki Chinos + White Sneakers:

If your aim is also to impress the girls, choose this most trendy and perhaps the coolest attire of all. You will have to wear your classic black blazer along with an ultra-white T-shirt that should not be tucked in, combine it with skin-tight khaki chinos and white sneakers, you will surely generate maximum attention.



2. Blue Striped Shirt + Blue Tie + Blue Vest + Bottom Folded Blue Denims + Brown Boots:

If you prefer something more formal but not entirely formal, pick up a striped blue shirt wear it with dark navy blue, bottom folded denims and standard brown boots. Your wardrobe will allow you to mix with the crowd instantly you will be easily noticed because of the poise you should carry along. Either go for a full beard or have stubble to look appealing.



3. Grey Suit + Light Blue denim jacket + black, bottom folded jeans + Grey Brogue:

Get absolutely into the farewell mood, if you think you want to get the prime attention. You have to wear grey suit preferably without any lines or patterns, stitched according to the men new style. Wear it with blue denim jacket, white shirt and black or dark grey jeans. Fold the jeans at the bottom and wear it with grey brogues, you will look stunning! Do not forget to go through the grooming tips for men’s face.



4. White Shirt + Black Bow Tie + Black Tuxedo + White Pocket Square + Black Oxford or Loafers:

If black color is your favorite, choose this combination. You can never go wrong with this age-old gentlemen’s attire. Wear the spotless white slim fit shirt, along with a nice black bow tie and a black tuxedo. Do not forget to keep s stylishly folded pocket square in your pocket. You should avoid wearing accessories except a wrist watch, avoid collar pin.



Ways To Wear White Or Black Colors In Summers

May 16th, 2018

1. If in winters, layering that distinguishes you from the others in summers it is the combination of the colors that keep you tuned to the latest fashion trends for men. Men’s latest fashion is to wear monotone colors in summer either all-white or all-black, we will suggest you how to wear the best colors in summers this season.



2. When you choose to wear black in sun, you need to wear a loose-fitting shirt and pants, completely avoid wearing skinny black jeans or slim fit shirts, as your black clothing will absorb both the solar radiation and the heat radiation of the body.



3. In loose airy black attire, the air that is in the immediate vicinity of the clothing gets heated and is efficiently transported away by the wind. Remember if the climate is not windy, you are likely to feel all the heat inside. Tight black clothing is a complete no-no regardless of wind speed.



4. Standard white shirt with white denim or with formal gray or blue trousers is preferable as white reflects more sunlight and radiation from the body. If there is no wind, the white outfit is better since the most important thing in the conditions is to reflect as much incoming sunlight as possible.



5. Have you also wondered how the desert men wear a loose-fitting black robe that is open from the bottom and also relatively airy from the top? Heating of air inside is helpful as it helps you to remain cool by the convection flow upwards through the garment. This airflow helps one to remain cool through sweating



5 Ways Men Can Look Stylish In Turtle Neck In Cold Weather

March 14th, 2018



As winter arrives, new fashion style for men is sure to follow. It is just not enough to wear aviator jackets and slouchy beanie to look modish, you will have to wear turtle neck sweaters to weave into the latest mens fashion trends. Hold on to your nerves, we will tell you finest ways to wear the turtleneck this winter or if you are visiting any part of the world that has cold weather conditions.



If you are planning to wear turtleneck sweaters, you should choose standard thin knit design over the chunky style one. You need to roll-up the sweaters to cover half of your neck, wear them with the monotone colored accessories and trousers or else take a different route to wear them as a complete contrast. Try both the look on different occasions, while monotone outfits can look more manly and sexier perfect for your date or semi casual meetings, a contrast looks more formal if you are not using very bold colors. Wear the preferably with chinos and pleated pants at the office or else pull-up dark colored denims and even track pants on casual gatherings like strolling in parks or just enjoying the cold flavor of the weather. Gone are the 60s and 70s when turtlenecks and suits were only worn on extreme occasions and only on formal meetings – now men are more relaxed and open to variations and try out everything that can distinguish them from the masses. You will definitely not look too casual, if you can add the right blazer with your outfit. We recommend you to opt for a neutral, but slightly brighter, colour scheme, working with colours such as blue, cream and grey to give your wardrobe a less solid look.



If you are planning to wear a turtleneck with a jacket, undoubtedly you should pick up a leather one with simple plain or checked collared shirt that gels in with the color of your suit. If you are heading for a casual occasion, simply pick a dark colored turtleneck that can outsmart the color of your jacket. You should either go for a bomber jacket or an aviator one that will look sexier with the blue denims and pair of white sneakers.



We also recommend not going for black turtleneck with contrasted leather jacket, as it will undo the intensity of the looks. Instead go for a muted, versatile colour, like tan, to give just enough of a contrast to work with the look. You should also pick up the boots and few accessories that will help you look just extraordinary.



Top 5 Fashion Mantras For Men In 2018

February 6th, 2018

Guys, 2018 has already arrives, if you have not looked at what’s the latest fashion trends for men and if you are not aware of new male fashion trends, then it is a wakeup call for all those who want to look stylish, groomed and different from the crowd! According to mens new style, new trends are knocking at your door, you will have to wake up and open the world of fashion to enter into your physical appearance. We will take you through what has arrived for you in 2018.


Yes, this has become the norm of the day, you do not have to wear them at sports but also everywhere, right from gym to jogging and meetings to casual gatherings. The new informal style is slowly inching towards the formal fashion for men. You need to follow up with the coolest brands like Adidas, Nike, Umoro and more.




2. WHITE :

White is again back, bring out those whites, wear them all the time, they are the flavor of the season for men. They will look fabulous on your bearded and pompadour side part haircut. Wear the white sneakers all along, you are now matching the mens latest fashion.





You need to hang the Cross-body bags, they are making waves all around, just not on the runway, right on the streets in Europe to New York. Just hang those leather cross bags, black or dark tan bags on your body in the front. It is the latest style for men who want to remain in the trend for sure.




4. BLACK :

Not that black is ever gone or ever unstylish. But now you would wear them during Spring or Summer, season no bar! All black collections will continue to make waves this year as well. You just need to keep spare set of clothes to wear it every day, on the street or at business meetings, just check out the collections of in H&M, Zara and Pacsun for the next couple of season.




5. Belts :

Finally, the belts have come off age, your belts are likely to distinguish you from the me-too, you need to check out the latest styles and the options available at the online or offline stores. Change your belt before it starts looking awkward with your attire of 2018.




3 Airport Look Of The Famous Celebrities

February 1st, 2018

Men latest fashion is to stay stylish 24X7, right from the weekend dress to office attire and from airport to party, everywhere wherever you go, your style quotient should not fade away. Get ready guys to adopt the celebrity grooming and styling mantras for 2018. The days have arrived when you got to display to the world the best of yourself. Indeed, your clothes, your way of grooming conveys a powerful message to not only the person sitting beside you but also to the numerous onlookers, who are always ready to take inspiration from others. Your grooming needs not just end up by adoring the best hairstyle for men in India, you will have to know the secrets of famous celebrities who look so young, refreshed and buoyant every day, round the year that you always stay amazed! Let’s look at the top 3 Airport look of the famous celebrities that will leave onlookers amazed with your astonishingly good looks and style quotient!

1. Runway Look:

The airport is actually a runway for celebrities, David Beckham has the huge fan following as he not impresses with his travel dress code but also directly teaches many the latest style for men. Have, sunglasses to hide jet-lagged eyes, a hat to disguise slept-on hair combine that with Jeans (black and ripped to look more stylish) and a comfy tee with and smart denim jacket that you should remove as soon as you board.



2. Workway Look:

Most of the business tycoons, when they travel they have only work on their mind. If you belong to that category and when you are going for a work trip with a mind to going straight up into the important meeting, you should wear a business formal coat, with your sunglasses and there is no choice but to wear a formal Oxford shoes and nice pants.



3. Bagway Look:

Let not the clothes issue a statement, let your bag also give a strong message to the onlookers – the takeaway from the sportsmen and players. You need to display all that style through the stylish bag you carry, it could be a make or break moment for your entire look. You ought to carry not only showcase the bag you carry but also the shades, earphones and gadgets.
Always remember celebrities also dress very comfortably, there should be room in your trousers, a shirt or tee should either be tucked or worn it un-tucked but ensure nothing should pinches or rubs harshly especially when you are on a 24-hour flight!



Top 3 No Show Socks For Men

January 29th, 2018

Wearing shoes without socks should be considered an offense as it not only invites bacteria and welts but also produces a gross odor that can make anyone puke. But hold on, don’t be so quick to reach for those dress socks as they are no longer among the current fashion trends for men, a new trend in fashion for men is to wear no-show or the invisible socks. This style of socks are comfy and can even be worn with sandals for a trendy expression. Here is a list of top three no-show socks for men which will provide maximum comfort without rolling back across the ends.

1. Vans no-show socks :

These classic no-show socks are ideal for any low top shoes. Made from a combination of cotton and nylon the vans no-show socks are very comfy and stretchable which makes them fit the feet perfectly. Besides being notably relaxing these socks are also very durable and also absorb the sweat to keep the feet dry and soft.


Vans no-show socks


2. Nike Dri-Fit no-show socks :

Specially made for athletes, the Nike Dri fit socks are made from Dri fit fabric that doesn’t retain any moisture and helps an individual stay dry and comfortable even while performing at maximum intensity. The other unique feature of these socks is the compression arch support which offers a strong grip and perfect fitting. These socks are easily available both online and offline.


nike lightweight no show


3. Adidas men no-show athletic socks :

These are another stylish yet comfortable socks for men who love to stay active. The Adidas men no show athletic socks are made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and elastane which offers a soft feel and ideal fitting. The unique feature of these socks is the climalite technology which wicks the moisture away and keeps the feet relaxed and dry.


Adidas men no-show athletic socks