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7 Soulful colours that men need to add to their summer/spring wardrobe

May 13th, 2019

Summer is coming soon, and the navy blues, blacks, and browns are soon to be stored back into the deep crevices of your wardrobe. While most men get scared of wearing loud pinks and neon greens, you can rely on us to help you out with colours to wear this warm season in regards to the latest fashion for men. Warmer colours help in keeping the body cool by reflecting sunlight. Follow our ‘colourful’ guide, and we promise, you won’t look like a unicorn riding on a rainbow!

1. Mustard Yellow :

Exciting, but not loud. This sentence is enough to let you know the impact a mustard yellow shirt will have on others. As opposed to a bright yellow, mustard yellow tends to be on the darker side and propels an earthy tone. It also works amazingly with whites, browns and blues. This colour suits darker or tanned skin shades more than lighter skin shades.


Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra


2. Sky Blue :

Light blue hues painting a wonderful open sky. Now to be cast upon your body, sending back rays of the dazzling sun! Sky blue and grey have been at the centre stage of men’s dressing style for a long time. Sky blue has made men look good for generations and will continue to do so in the future. Perfect for an outdoor picnic or trek or just fishing with the kids, sky blue is a young man’s ultimate casual colour of choice!


Courtesy: Sandro
Courtesy: Sandro


3. Muted Pink :

Millennial men have embraced the colour pink in a muted format. And trust us, girls find it hot when a man is comfortable with his masculinity. Muted and more in sync with colours such as peach, off-white or cream with lighter tinges of pink, this new age pink has gripped men’s clothing styles like an alligators jaw to a deer’s neck. Hawaiian shirts, casual blazers, and fitting trousers, this colour has become the hottest one to adorn men in recent times.


Courtesy: The Idle Man
Courtesy: The Idle Man


4. Classic White :

Has any man ever looked bad in a classic white tee? The best colour to suit a man of any skin tone, this classic colour is known to bring out and enhance the bodily features. So if you’re a guy with a body to die for, white is your colour! Go for the regular white tee, and you can pair it up with any pants, shorts or shoes in existence!


Courtesy: Express
Courtesy: Express


5. Pastel Purple :

Sorry, but we are taking you a little close to that dreaded unicorn on this one. Don’t be tensed, you can rock this one by supporting this colour with various other coloured and textured accessories. Make sure that you buy this colour in a matt and muted format. A fitted formal shirt in this number is bound to look smart and chic!


Courtesy: Kraftly
Courtesy: Kraftly


6. Cherry red :

Red is the colour of passion, desire and power. But a bubblegum bright red is destined to shine and blind people on the streets when you’re out in the sun. Don’t be that man. Be an attractor, not a repellent. Use a deeper red which comes off as a matt and mighty statement. When on a date or a party, make your presence felt with this colour of attraction and desire.


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


7. Khaki green :

Khaki green colour, also well known to be sported by military generals and wildlife enthusiasts is a very manly colour to carry off well. You can find it widely used in today’s trends of camouflage prints and khaki trench coats in winter. This colour is mostly worn by outdoor adventure enthusiasts to gel well with nature and surroundings and to not be visual pollution in the forested outdoor areas to the poor animals. The best part of this colour is its versatility to go well with most colours and men’s accessories.
We hope we stuck to our promise and gave you a nice set-list of lighter colours to play with, this summer. We’ll suggest, don’t be cranky and go ahead, wear what you like with confidence and gusto!


Courtesy: River Island
Courtesy: River Island


Soar the style meter and make an impression with these timeless classics

February 18th, 2019

While we are trying out new trends for men, when it comes to style, we believe there are a few timeless pieces of clothing that every man should have in his closet. The following items are essential because they are not too flashy and are appropriate for all ages and sizes.

1. An oxford button down shirt :

The oxford button down shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing there! You can always count on this classic for a dapper look. Pair it with slim fit chinos for a casual look and pair it with a suit for a formal look, it is just perfect for any event! Make sure to keep a few shirts of different colours in your wardrobe and stick to natural fibers for breathability in the summer season.


Courtesy: Target
Courtesy: Target


2. Plain T-shirts :

Basic T-shirts are unproblematic and easy to wear. T-shirts with good solid colours can change your whole look. You should have a good collection of plain T-shirts in your wardrobe as they will be a good foundation for creating more elaborate outfits. Make sure your T-shirts are not over worn or washed out.


Courtesy: Quicksilver
Courtesy: Quicksilver


3. Slim-fit Chinos :

Chinos are trousers that are made with cotton twill fabric. If denim is not your cup of tea, go for a pair of chinos! They are a great alternative to jeans. They look great with a polo or a button down shirt. They are perfect for casual or business events and can be dressed up or down. Avoid sitting on grass in chinos as they are prone to staining easily.


Courtesy: Vans
Courtesy: Vans


4. Tailored Suit :

The most important thing when it comes to clothes is how they fit you. You are better off wearing a cheap well fitting tailored suit rather than wearing an expensive off-the-rack ill fitting tuxedo. Hire a good tailor and get yourself a custom tailored suit. Navy blue, grey and black are classic colours for suits.




5. Jeans :

Nothing looks better than a pair of well fitted jeans! Jeans are super versatile; you can dress them up or down and wear them for any casual event. Make sure to try on a few pairs and check out different styles. Indigo or black jeans almost go with every look. Denim will never go out of style, so go ahead splurge on a great pair of jeans.


Courtesy: Levi’s
Courtesy: Levi’s


6. Sneakers :

Sneakers should definitely have a place in your wardrobe! They may be a hot trend right now but we definitely consider them a classic. They go well with almost all casual outfits! A pair of good quality white sneakers will elevate your outfit to another level. Pair them with chinos or denims and strap a duffle bag over your shoulder and there you’re set to rock like a star.

Gentlemen! We hope you took some notes and promised yourself to incorporate these timeless clothing essentials into your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more articles related to men’s fashion tips and latest trends in men’s fashion!


Courtesy: GearMoose
Courtesy: GearMoose


5 Stylish Ways For Men To Wear Denim Shirt

February 17th, 2019

In the world of fashion, there are only few things that you can consider as eternal. Denims naturally hold that position, as they are all-weather friend for men provided you know how to wear them stylishly. According to the new fashion style for men and latest men fashion trends, we will suggest you the modish ways to wear a denim shirt.


1. Dark Masculine Look :

There are essentially two shades of denim that are men new style – the dark heavy tone and the lighter blue tone. If you want to look more masculine, with less of layering and showcase more of accessories, tattoos and body hairs simply choose a dark shaded heavy denim shirt. You will be thrilled to wear this boisterous combination with skinny jeans, shorts or even khakis. Do wear tough boots and wayfarer sunglasses to add luster to your attire.




2. Cool Funky Look :

Go for a lighter shade of denim shirt to bring ‘coolness’ ‘funkiness’ in your personality. Wear this shade with a white T-shirt and dark-colored jeans or a pair of khakis or dark-colored chinos. You should add round-framed sunglasses and prefer to be clean-shaven.




3. Faded Look :

When donning a light blue denim shirt or black faded wash shirt contrast with dark or tan trousers preferably indigo or black jeans. Your shirt should not be too big or baggy as it will ruin the entire ordeal. Always choose a slim fit shirt and trouser to display the contours of your body.




4. The Backstreet Boy :

This look can be easily achieved by letting your shirt buttons open all across. Underneath wear a simple white T-Shirt like David Beckham. Adore a slouchy beanie to add that ‘attitude’ in your wardrobe. David Beckham wears a denim shirt with a T-shirt and beanie.




5. Double Denim Style :

To become complete denim man, you can certainly wear double denims – blue denim shirt with blue denim jeans. To make it more sensuous, wear extra ripped jeans with thick stubble on your face.




Best Eyewear Styles For Indian Men

February 17th, 2019

Handpick your eyewear to look handsome, sauve and dashing at the time when it really matters. In-tune to the latest fashion for men we present the top 4 eyewear styles for Indian men.

1.Wayfarer Glasses Frames :

Men’s Wayfarer Eyeglasses are the classical, iconic eyewear style that can be worn with any dress. They are proven to be a universal staple and timelessly stylish.



2. Aviator Glasses Frames :

This kind of frames looks good on almost everyone. The aviator frames are also undoubtedly the most iconic eyeglass model ever made. You can match them with almost any outfit.



3. Titanium Metal Eyeglasses :

Most metal frames are made from a copper and nickel base. This mens new style is corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjusted. Found in a variety of shapes and colors, they are on wearer’s top of mind. Wildly popular these days, titanium glasses combine strength with lightweight and offer an impressive performance.

titanium metal


4. Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames :

With thick-rimmed glasses, you will have that exceptional retro look that is a hit this season! These bold frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go. Durable and stronger, they are also hypoallergenic, have good resistance to water and acids that adjusts to your face shape making you tuned to the latest fashion for men in India.

Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames


5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

February 17th, 2019

Books are a man’s best friend. A good inspirational book always provides solace to a wandering soul. With Internet being the need of the hour, fashion blogs, websites and apps provide a solution to all your style queries. However, a good book teaches you how to find the right style for your personality in sync with the latest fashion trends. There are a lot of good fashion books for men; you can take style inspiration from, but mentioned below are our personal favourites!

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from1

1. Ralph Lauren :

The fashion God originally had a whopping 14-pound book dedicated to him, which was reduced and republished with time. Unlike most designers, this fashion guru inspired men to create stunning works of art through fashion. The book talks about his dream to redefine American style, which he very successfully did. The first part is dedicated to his personal life, one that was before he rose to fame. The latter has a detailed chronology of Ralph’s achievements, awards, and collections.

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

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2. Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel :

This 360-page book is a gospel for men who are interested in the world of fashion and menswear. A guide for pyjamas, buttons, fine menswear and so much more, Bernhard Roetzel has written this guide as an interpretation of his notion of style. Call it style or call it taste, the fine line between knowing which fabric to pair with which colour is an art. So, if you haven’t already mastered it, here is something to take inspiration from. A rich and detailed illustration of who’s and whom of international fashion, this book is a fashion classic.

Gentleman A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel

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3. Icons of Men’s Style :

Josh Sims take on timeless fashion trends for men is an inspiration for men across the globe. A menswear 101 guide, the book talks about iconic wardrobe staples and accessories that complement them. Consider the book as a glossary for trendy fashion, ideas and inspiration. Each essay is a story that focuses on designs, brands and their inspiration. A must read for those, interested in the history of men’s fashion.

Icons of Men's Style

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4. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion :

Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man is a descriptive guide for men who want to understand style and dress well without becoming fashion victims. The book includes tutorials that teach how-to, colour coordination and the art of dressing in style. Combining his taste and knowledge, Alan has created an encyclopaedia of fashion that almost every man must refer to.

Dressing the Man Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

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5. Handmade Shoes for Men :

The most important item in a man’s closet is his shoes. Laszlo Vass and Magda Monar talked about handcrafted shoes and their importance in the book. The book talks about custom made leather shoes that capture the individual taste of fashion conscious men. The book also takes you into the workshops of internationally renowned shoemakers, who closely guard the secrets of their trade. There are beautiful images and illustrations, making each pair a unique piece of art.

Handmade Shoes for Men

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These books contain genuine pieces of advice from fashion icons, designers, and craftsmen. While every individual has his own perspective of style, these books will help you channel your style that complements your personality.

5 Soccer Streetwear Fashion Trends

July 13th, 2018

Millennials are prominently exposing the latest trend in fashion for men by wearing their passion and interests on their bodies. Tattoos, accessories or apparels everyone is adoring the latest soccer streetwear fashion trends. We present the new fashion trends for men for those who love the game of soccer.

1. Mashup soccer T-shirts:

Get over with the plain jane soccer shirts, brands have introduced mashed-up tees that look fabulous on any trousers, any occasion. Nike’s mashup soccer t-shirts design is inspired by iconic Arsenal kits from the past two decades. Wear it with a pair of jeans or chinos, along with aviator sunglasses, snapback cap, and slip-on canvas shoes.



2. Dynamic soccer shoes:

Leading brands have come up with high-tech soccer shoes that not only provides support to the ankle bone but also provides astonishing grip, helping you to deliver the high-performance on the ground. Knitted with material that is claimed to be stronger than steel, the shows are super-light, breathable as well as waterproof.



3. Retro-kits are back:

The latest trend is to wear the retro kits of the heydays. Many of the retro jerseys have V-shape neck featuring bold black stripes on the front recap of the 1970s. Try out these reverse trend jerseys at the leading online and offline stores that will truly distinguish you from the crowd. Wear it with a faded pair of denim preferably loose and ripped, along with wayfarer glasses with white sneakers.



4. Eco-friendly jerseys:

Do not get left behind when the rest of the world is getting conscious about the environment. Millenials are switching to environmental friendly soccer tees that are either recycled or are made by non-polluting manufacturing processes and material. These jerseys not only good for your skin but also excellent for our planet.



5. Protective football skins:

A football game goes beyond kicking a ball, hence essential innerwear, protective undergarments, and base layers have also transformed that protect a player from within. The knee-strap, wrist support, knee ligament support and ankle support are now made from a sweat-absorbing material that does not restrict your movements.



Latest Ways In Which Soccer Has Influenced Latest Fashion For Men

July 13th, 2018

History shows that fashion and soccer have not been good friends. Unlike tennis or golf, where fashion is ingrained in the game soccer has been a game where stars are born out from hardships and struggles on-ground. From Luis Suarez to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo almost all of them have seen no normal teenage upbringing, they did not have the time to adorn the latest trend in fashion for men. The reward, of course, is a life many grow up dreaming of adulation, splendor, and fame.

1. CR7:

Few soccer stars have experimented with fashion as they have started their own labels starting with Cristiano Ronaldo who own a denim brand CR7. CR7 has a popular line of men’s underwear, socks, and fragrances that has been designed by Danish company JBS and designer Richard Chai. The line consists of a range of underwear and socks. Ronaldo has also launched footwear and shirts in his home country Portugal.



2. Adidas, H&M:

Paul Pogba, the French mid-fielder owns an Adidas sub-label and has been heavily featured in media campaigns. Pogba also own Twitter-emoji and his logo is marked on black and gold sports products. David Beckham, who already is a fashion icon has also joined hands with Swedish retailer H&M to launch his own men’s clothing line. Ivorian Coast striker Didier Drogba also has a clothing line Drogba & Co by HOM that promotes briefs, t-shirts, and boxer-shorts.



3. Spring and Fall 2018:

Recently, in last few fashion weeks in Paris and Milan, fashion designers have also introduced “soccer scarves” that are typically worn by the football fans that depict their loyalties on the match day. In the Spring and Fall 2018 collections, Parisian label Koché has also introduced innovative and stylish soccer jerseys created in partnership with Paris Saint-Germain. Versace’s latest menswear collection FW18 has the larger-than-life soccer scarves, while Nike’s latest collection has “everything in soccer” right from soccer jerseys to soccer-inspired sneakers.



4. Dolce & Gabbana:

Let’s hope the relationship between the fashion and football head towards peace and harmony overcoming the bad phases that spoilt the relationship, more recently between Maradona and Dolce & Gabbana, wherein the soccer superstar had demanded a huge compensation from D & G for using his name.



This winter, look hot and handsome with these winter fashion trends

June 19th, 2018

Hot dudes out there, it is time to attract a little warmth since winter is coming! As nights start to get longer and days shorter, our fashion goals need to be updated and wardrobes stacked with winter menswear collections. Without beating around the bush and driving straight to the point, here we list some of the top winter fashion trends for men in 2018:


1. A cashmere jumper to embrace some warmth :

Whether you’re going for a formal or an informal look, throwing on a cashmere jumper fits your winter fashion goals. Go for nude colours that aren’t hard-hitting and complement T-shirts and shirts alike. For a laidback weekend look, put on a cashmere jumper over a white tee and finish the look with whitewashed denims, white sneakers and dark aviators.


image courtesy: Johnstons of Elgin
image courtesy: Johnstons of Elgin


2. Layering it is the old classic mantra :

Whether it is about the golden 90s or the modern 21st Century, layering clothes is something that continues to be in our list of winter fashion trends for 2018. For a formal look, pair your formal shirt with a blazer and put on an overcoat on the outside. Thermal vests are also considering options to add on to the warmth factor.


Image courtesy: The Idle Man
Image courtesy: The Idle Man


3. A trench coat or a hoodie fits the bill :

A trench coat is one of the most beloved things that you can include in your winter wardrobe. Something that looks quite sophisticated and is versatile in nature, wear it over narrow pants or denims to rock like a fashion pro. If a trench coat is too formal to carry, then the humble hoodie is the best ally. Pair a hoodie with sturdy chinos over thermal pants and finish the look with a duffle bag to woo the town.


Image courtesy: DHgate
Image courtesy: DHgate


Image Courtesy: AliExpress
Image Courtesy: AliExpress


4. Lapel pins to add that elegant touch :

Spice up your party wear look with gold or silver lapel pins and if you’re looking for something more elegant, go for brooches set in different metals and stones. Since it is about winter fashion, gold lapel pins are the ideal picks as they are warmer than silver. Gold cufflinks, collar bars or tie bars should be the accessories to adorn in winter 2018.


Image courtesy; Alice Made This
Image courtesy; Alice Made This


5. Corduroy pants to stay a class apart :

Other than the much-needed warmth that corduroy pants provide in winter, they are a wonderful alternative to the traditional denims and can be carried with poise to work as well. Pair a denim shirt with corduroy pants and finish the look with a blazer and leather boots. And if you want to beat the norms, go for corduroy pants with a printed corduroy jacket over a solid colour tee.


Image courtesy: The Fashion For Men
Image courtesy: The Fashion For Men


6. Leather jackets are big time in :

Boys, you need not stuff your leather jackets inside a briefcase for they are big time in this year as well. A wonderful fabric for the winter, it gives your body a slim silhouette and when paired with a scarf and leather gloves, you’re effortlessly all set to beat the winter cold. To play it balanced and minimalist, pair a textured leather jacket with slim fit jeans and a turtleneck sweater.


image courtesy: Reiss
image courtesy: Reiss


Which of these winter trends you’d love to try this year?

5 Best Ways For Men To Wear Blazers

June 8th, 2018

Blazers for men have become the order of the day in the latest fashion trends for men. No matter the occasion, blazers have emerged as the new trend in fashion for men that instantly smarten up the appearance and add sheen in the overall personality. We suggest you 5 elegant ways to wear blazers for varied occasions.

1. Basics :

Even before you choose a design, pattern or a style you should essentially ensure that the blazers comfortably fit your body. Wearing ill-fitted blazer, something that is either too big or small can simply ruin your statement. Next step is to brood over the type of occasion you are heading to, if its formal business meeting, a formal function like your mum’s Birthday or simply a dinner date.




2. Slick and Smart approach :

One of the easiest yet trendiest style is to wear a blazer on top of a T-Shirt. This coolest style works well with lighter colors. You should wear a light brown khakis or chinos along with dark tan loafers. Eve wearing this combo with a pair of jeans works well, just take care of the fitting of the jeans – preferably wear it with skinny or slim-fit jeans.




3. Timeless approach :

A slim-fitting, single-breasted blazer with matching suit trousers and formal oxford or brogues can be considered as an eternal fashion style for men. You can wear this combo for any formal occasions and dinners. Moreover, in this scenario you don’t have to worry for color combinations.




4. Stuffy professor approach :

The classic university professor’s tweed jacket has evolved, as now students prefer to wear it with a twist. Use the classical tweed blazer with blue denim along with either formal white shirt and tie or a plain T-shirt with brown brogues. This ripped jean looks even more ostentatious for all the ‘coolest’ occasions in your life.




5. Bold intimidating approach :

If you are ready to wear more adventurous then choose for patterned blazers. You can make a bold and distinguished statement simply by adoring these men new style. If you want to go for joyous occasions, prefer to wear a formal shirt with tie, formal trousers and brogues with the attire. On a casual occasion wear it with ripped jeans and with thick stubble on your face.




4 Unique Ways To Wear Green, The Latest Fashion Craze For Men

June 6th, 2018

The green color is the latest fashion for men, and there are shades of green that you need to adore depending on the occasion you are heading to. This new trend in fashion for men is certainly for the young, the vivacious and the trendy who are probably the millennials.

1. Sage Green Tees + White, Navy or Brown Bottoms + White Sneakers:

This is men new style to express your youthfulness, energy, and buoyancy in a sophisticated new way. You can also opt for sage green cut-sleeves jacket over and above the white Tee. Do not compromise with white sneakers. They are mandatory to look ultra-modish.



2. Army Green Tee + Tan Shorts + brown or dark tan boat shoes:

This youthful combination is a shortcut to look sturdy and raw. You need to have facial hairs to rock the party with this combo, just wear ripped jeans to look extra sensuous and appealing. If you want a variance to try this green with black skinny denim with rounded frame sunglasses on your next date. Try experimenting with Olive green to add more twist in your looks.



3. Yellow Full Sleeve Tee + Emerald Green pants + Brown brogue or loafers:

As this color is louder than the other two, you need to scale it down by wearing white denim. Other than a Tee you can also choose to wear a quilted vest or a hoodie or even a plaid shirt in this color paired with slim white jeans. You can also reverse the combos by wearing a White T-shirt with emerald green chinos and brown loafers or brogues. You can even check sea green as an option.



4. Hunter Green shirt + khaki pants + brown loafers:

Wear this interestingly fresh combination at your workplace to look attractive and youthful. This new fashion style for men will bring you to the forefront, as the hunter green shirt and the classical khaki will raise the level of interest in you. Preferably wear the slim fit clothing to look suave and trendy. You can certainly reverse the colors of the combinations, try hunter green trousers or even shorts with blue or grey tee-shirt to look extraordinary.



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