8 fashion accessories that you can own for less than INR 2000

December 28th, 2018

Splurging on men’s accessories is a thing of the past. Today, the fashion market is dominated by such brilliant styles and trends that going for branded items is anything but a necessity.

If you’re interested in owning the most stylish items in a tight budget, cheers for you’re not alone in the league. Here, we have compiled a list of 7 fashion accessories that you can own for as low as INR 2000!

1. Ultra-cool sneakers :

Sneakers are the trendy talk in town. They go with all attires with unmatched poise – from chinos and denim to shorts and cargos. We personally love white sneakers as they look classy and timeless. However, if you think you’ll spoil them, then a pair of navy blue sneakers is also a good choice.




2. Spacey wallets :

Why pile your jeans pockets with notes and coins when a wallet can serve the purpose? A wallet is no longer just a necessity; in fact, it’s a fashion trend by itself. Colours like black, brown, navy blue, and maroon make great choices for all seasons.




3. Leather belts :

Apart from holding your pants in place, a leather belt makes you look serious and sophisticated. It looks great on all formal and informal wear. Avoid going for flashy and neon colours as they will make you look out of place. Black and brown are all-time favourite colours to invest in.


Courtesy: Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon


4. Voguish sunglasses :

Now this is something you really need to own right now. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun, keeping premature ageing of the skin, cataracts, wrinkles, and skin tanning near the eye at bay. Would you still not want to buy a pair of statement sunglasses?.


Courtesy: Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon


5. Analogue watches :

This is indeed the most versatile and impressive accessory that you can include in your collection. A watch makes an impression of its own and instantly elevates the style appeal of any look. Moreover, it looks great on everyone – whether tall or short or dark or fair!


Courtesy: Myntra
Courtesy: Myntra


6. Playful hats :

Gone are the days when wearing a hat was the symbol of the British elites. Today, hats have been widely accepted as men’s accessories for casual summer outings. However, avoid going for woolen or synthetic materials as they will make you feel hot and lead to immense sweating in the hair.


Courtesy: Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon


7. Fine ties :

Nothing complements a suit better than a trademark tie. It not only finishes the look with touches of finesse but elevates your formal look by leaps and bounds. So if your profession demands you to be in formal attire, owning a pair or two of ties is surely worth.


Courtesy: Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon


8. Funky bracelets :

Bracelets add that much-required masculinity to your wrist. They look lovely and pretty good, as long as you follow the golden rule: less accessorizing is always more. If you want to add a little more elegance to your wrist, wear the watch and the bracelet simultaneously.




Breaking the taboo: A man’s guide to wearing accessories

December 21st, 2018

With men swiftly adopting the latest men fashion trends, it’s a no-brainer that they are successfully donning the same for their everyday looks. However, if there’s one thing that men still struggle the most with, its men’s accessories! They might have the perfect outfits planned, but, cannot successfully decide on what men’s accessories to pair along with it.

So for all those of you, we here have listed down the perfect breakdown to aptly sway men’s jewellery. Know what to wear, how to wear, and what to style them with!

1. Watches :

Let’s begin with something easy! Watches are the ultimate and the most important accessory that every man needs to own. Not only are they a necessity, but they give off a sense of sophistication. Watches can easily be matched to all your outfits and one can easily find multiple options to choose from. You can either settle for an expensive, timeless and minimal piece to go with all your outfits or simply opt for a few cheaper pieces in different styles to match with varied outfits.


2. Necklaces :

Most men deem necklaces as a women’s accessory, but, the truth is men too can wear necklaces. However, men’s necklaces aren’t anywhere similar to what women don. When opting for men’s necklaces, the length of the chain is what matters the most! When going for a minimal one for your casual outfits, a long silver chain with dog tags make a wise choice. For ethnic outfits, you can opt for high-quality gold and silver chains of different thickness and different lengths.


Sicherer schulweg
Sicherer schulweg


3. Bracelet :

Bracelets can either be a hit or a miss, there’s no in between. They can make a substantial difference to the outfit you pair it to. As bracelets go on to your wrists, it’s always suggested to match the colour of your bracelet to the colour of your watch. Matching the colour can help you to pull off the look better and to appear more put together. There’s no hard and fast rule against mismatching, but, all you need is to keep in mind that your watch and your bracelet must sync with each other!




4. Rings :

When it comes to men’s accessories, rings are probably the most favourite and the easiest accessory to sway. From bands to diamond embossed, men can surely flaunt in any of these patterns. Your style completely depends on the number of rings you want to wear. While some may like weight down their hands with rings, the others might prefer to go clean with a signet. The choice is completely yours! And for the colour of your ring, the same rule applies as it does for the bracelet. Try and match the colour to the rest of your look.


South China Morning Post
South China Morning Post


5. Earrings :

Men’s earrings are slowly gaining popularity, especially among the ones in the creative industry. If you too are looking to sway this trend, you just have to follow one rule – keep it simple and limited to one! Donning an earring on just one ear doesn’t look overdone and is easier to carry along with your attire. There are plenty of cool, plain studs that you can easily find in the market to fit perfectly to your with your style.


Evening Standard
Evening Standard


4 Trendiest Shoes For Soccer Players

July 17th, 2018

In the soccer season, it is not just a soccer jersey that you need to buy, you can go all hog for the men new style soccer cleats or shoes. The shoes will not only help you to deliver the performance on-ground but also create impression off the ground, we present yet another men’s latest fashion, the 4 trendiest shoes for soccer.

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 FG :

If you want to deliver a performance matching to your favorite soccer star Lionel Messi, then these top-line cleats are meant for you. The unique offering is the stud placement and the versatility of the shoes to adjust according to the user’s foot. According to the maker, these unique, stylish and trendy shoes are made with AGION technology that will overcome the odor caused by bacteria and fungi.




2. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG :

These super cleats offer an exceptional glove-like fit that is made for both outdoor and indoor environments, that promises to build on player’s speed and responsiveness. The exceptional feature is a larger area for “kicking the ball” than normal cleats, covered with leather skin that essentially means that you can kick the ball as hard as you can in any possible direction. The shoes also promise to give you excellent support with moderate cushioning.




3. Puma evoTOUCH 2 FG :

Although the shoe design is a more traditional design they are designed brilliantly to be lightweight. The exceptional feature of the shoes is the addition of conical studs that promises to give you a lot of stability in the kicks. They also promise to give you the extra comfort with fashion and style. According to the maker, it is made with GripTex technology that ensures absolute grip by eliminating movement within the foot.




4. Under Armour Spotlight FG :

One of the trendiest cleats that have a microfiber synthetic upper leather, giving you ‘feel the ball’ experience and enormous control. The shoes also have a sock-like neoprene sleeve that promises extra protection and support. The exceptional feature of this cleats is the zippered lace cover and high-rebound EVA insole that is claimed to absorb the impact of the strikes.




Top 3 Accessories For Soccer Players

July 13th, 2018

You don’t need just a soccer ball to deliver a high-performance on the ground, you need to equip yourself with essential accessories. We do not just recommend you to adhere to a new fashion style for men and men’s latest fashion trends but also guide you to buy products that protect you from sports injuries. Presenting the top 5 accessories that you will need to have as a soccer player.

1. Soccer Shoes:

Soccer cleats or shoes are absolutely essential irrespective of the place you are playing. If you are playing on the ground, you should choose between three types of outdoor cleats the ones with the plastic studs, the ones with the iron studs and the ones with the combination of both plastic and iron studs. There are a wide variety of soccer shoes available with the online or an offline retailer but remember that the shoes with plastic studs should be used while playing on dry natural and artificial grass, while the ones with iron studs are used on the wet natural grass. You can choose to wear a mix of studs when the grass is not so wet.



2. Soccer Socks:

These socks are different from the normal socks as it is specifically designed to control moisture and absorb sweat. Although brands have their own sweat-wicking technology, we recommend you to go for Adidas that has ClimaLite or ClimaCool technology or Nike having the Dri-FIT. The other things you need to check is the length of the socks, the OTC (over the calf), arch support, ribbed ankle support, mesh ventilation, Achilles cushioning and the most important the anti-odor technology



3. Soccer Shin Guards:

Perhaps the most important soccer accessory that protects you from most probably sports injuries. It is recommended to buy the shin guards that not only protect your shin but also ankles. We recommend you to go for Adidas Ghost Pro that re-complete value for money that has three different shields. This well-fitting gear not only has a front plate for each guard but also is backed with EVA foam for comfort and durability.



Boots, Sneakers Or Flip-Flops – Which Is Best For Travel

June 6th, 2018

Choosing the right footwear at the right occasion will change the look of your entire wardrobe. Moreover, if you are traveling the right footwear can either make or break your backpacking experience. A wrong choice of footwear can not only ruin your trip but can also leave you sulking with blisters and pain. A new trend in fashion for men is to wear stylish boots or trendy sneakers during travel but often you get confused about the suitable footwear that needs to be packed in your travel bag, we present you the detailed solution that solves the enigma.

1. In the wild:

Choosing a footwear starts from the activities that you wish to pursue your trip. If you are intending to go for hiking, in forests, on rocks, and on hard terrains – there is only one straight answer, pack your sturdy hiking boots. These shoes are designed to give stability and comfort to feet. The boots are designed to support your ankle and are durable for long distance walk, even on rough terrain. You should note that while ‘Trainer’ shoes have thin soles; hiking shoes have thicker and waterproof options.



2. In the markets:

If you want keen to explore historic monuments, colorful markets, and ethnic rural villages, simply choose a good pair of trainers or sneakers. Always choose a comfortable, supportive and lightweight option. You will not only look stylish all day but will also help you uncover numerous hidden facts of those travel places.



3. Staying cool in the sand:

Flip-flops are the latest men’s fashion trends, they are not only suitable for long walks on the beach but also for all religious places where removing footwear is essential. If you on the sand and just want to do some fun activities, prefer wearing flip-flops else if you want to sit at a distance and enjoy the sea-food, wear sandals. You can practically wear all the casual clothing with this type of footwear right from shorts, the Bermudas to pajamas. One of the best type of footwear when you are spending time just with yourself.



6 Best Ways To Pair Shoes With Jeans For Men

June 5th, 2018

You may adhere to latest fashion trends for men and a new hairstyle for men in India, but when it comes to choosing the right shoes for your attire men often slip-up. We present you the 6 best ways to combine shoes with your jeans.

1. The simplest way to combine shoes with your jeans is to wear standard black oxford shoes. Just be sure you choose the right combination of a sweatshirt with your bottoms, either have wear a complete contrast or just go for full monotone colors. Go for all-black, grey-black, white-black or simply go for a standard white-blue combination.



2. Prefer to choose brogues or boots like Chelsea boots with slim-fit jeans to look more manly and stylish. Avoid wearing loafers unless you are heading for a casual get-together where you completely want to portray ‘coolest’ attitude.



3. If you are wearing a white shirt with a pair of light blue straight cut jeans simply go in for a pair of black or brown suede desert boots. This combination essentially never goes wrong, as this work perfectly both in formal and informal situations. If you are in a cold climate add a tweed blazer or sports jacket and men’s accessories that will add gusto to your personality.



4. If you are planning to wear black ripped jeans, play on with white sneakers that will balance your look. If you want to add an element of jazz in your outfit, pull on a white T-shirt and black bomber jacket with wayfarer sunglasses.



5. For skinny, super tight jeans you should choose slim line shoes. Chelsea boots should be high on your priority because of their sleek slip-on design they won’t add bulkiness instead will create a nice finish to your leg contour.



6. You need to adequately maintain a balance of brown shoes with black jeans. The easiest way out is to simply wear brogues, that will make you look well-dressed on an array of occasions. We recommend you to refer to styling charts, to know more about which upper body wardrobe color combines with the color of jeans.

Tips For Choosing Athletic Shoes

May 17th, 2018

Among the various exercise for men, running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise. Choosing wrong athletic shoes could lead to various problems including aching heels. You should enjoy your running, and shoes must be your best partners in your spirit. We tell you how to choose the best footwear.

1. Remember you need to have separate shoes for running. Walking shoes have a hard sole and are hence thicker and stiff while running shoes are flexible. It is advised not to have multi-tasking shows that suffice all your purposes.



2. You should look for the design of your foot through your footprints, before deciding on the model of the footwear. Remember everyone’s foot shape differs, what is offered to you in the shop is a standard design. You may have a large narrow connection between the forefoot and heel indicating that you should look for a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole. Else if you have a side portion ‘a neutral arch’ a distinct curve, then prefer to have the right mix of cushioning and support.



3. Sizes vary between the brands, you should definitely measure your feet size, before ordering online. One size does not fit all, your comfort factor might be very different from others who are also ordering online. If you are really serious about your health and your sports, you should not do what others are doing.



4. You should measure the size of the feet toward the end of the day. Feet expand while you run or walk, so you should ideally choose your shoes in the evenings or after the suggested gym workouts for men when they are the largest.



5. When you have finalized the design and the type of shoes based on your foot shape, you should ensure that there is at least 3/8-1/2-inch space between the front of your big toe and the end of the shoe. The heel portion of the shoe should fit relatively tightly while the upper part of the shoe should not be compact, your toes should not feel compressed.

5 Accessories You Should Own To Show up as a Gentleman

July 31st, 2017

Well, who doesn’t desire to be a debonair gentleman? Everybody does, right? And the good news is that becoming one is no rocket science, provided you accessorise accurately. To satiate your quest of becoming a gentleman, we have done our research and penned everything you need to know.

Let’s take a quick look.

5 Accessories You Should Own To Show up as a Gentleman


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1. Wrist Watches: A staple for every gentleman! :

No matter which age group you belong to, wearing a wrist watch is non-negotiable. Step up your fashion style by wearing a wrist watch complementing your attire and personality.

Wrist Watches A staple for every gentleman!


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2. Shoes: The first thing people notice! :

As they say, “You can always judge a gentleman from his shoes”. Women have taken this saying quite seriously! So, choose your pair of shoes wisely as they may help you to pair off with your dream girl.

. Shoes The first thing people notice!


3. Belts: The Quintessential Accessory of a Gentleman! :

The belt is an accessory which goes well with both formal and casual outfits. A gentleman’s wardrobe is incomplete without an extensive collection of belts.

Belts The Quintessential Accessory of a Gentleman!


4. Sunglasses: Fifty ‘Shades’ of a Gentleman! :

Sunglasses give you a stylish edge that no other accessory can match up to, provided you pick the right type. Know your face profile before buying your pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses Fifty ‘Shades’ of a Gentleman!


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5. Briefcases: A ‘Brief’ About a Man’s Personality :

The briefcase is a staple for every businessman/professional. It keeps you organised, and the right choice adds up to your personality.

. Briefcases A ‘Brief’ About a Man’s Personality


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Fashion keeps changing, but the accessories mentioned above will always feature in the latest fashion trends for the gentleman. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and add these accessories to your wardrobe if you don’t own them already. Happy Shopping!

Must-have Yoga essentials

June 20th, 2017

Yoga has been the part of our culture since ages. There was a time when people used to practice yoga sitting under a tree, using the available natural resources such as floor instead of a yoga mat, big stones/rocks in place of a yoga block. But now, things are different. Yoga, like many other industries, has tonnes of options to choose from when it comes to supplies and equipment. Let’s explore some must-have yoga essentials that will help you perform the exercises with ease:

Must-have Yoga essentials


1. Yoga Mat :

The first most important piece of equipment is the yoga mat. Normally, your gym or yoga studio do have spare yoga mats, but it is a better idea to invest in your own mat. It is more hygienic and convenient because then, you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime. Invest in a good quality mat and carry it on your vacation too!

Yoga Mat

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2. Yoga Bag :

Now that you own a yoga mat, how do you think you will carry it around? Obviously, a yoga bag is most suited for a yogi. Mats come in various lengths and widths, which is why a stylish yoga bag is your most practical solution.

Yoga Bag

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3. Mat Towel/Towel :

Yoga is a peaceful way to stretch, but you end up sweating quite a bit during your practice. The mat is made of fabric that is easy to slip on. And you don’t want sweat to trickle into your eyes as you try to balance yourself upside down. You can either invest in a full-sized yoga mat towel that will absorb all the extra sweat or get a small hand towel. Depending on the intensity of your practice, you can choose a good quality yoga towel.

Mat TowelTowel

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4. Fitness Wear :

Clothing is an important aspect to consider when you are working out. Fitness wear clothes are best as they are specifically designed to be airy and comfortable yet fitting enough to allow the body to move with ease. Shorts that are too loose may expose more than what the eye should see, and shirts that are ill-fitting often ride up breaking your concentration. Tank tops with a pair of Mojo Shorts offer a full range of movements, and look good after the practice too!

Fitness Wear

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5. Yoga Block :

The yoga block is a prop that should always be a part of your practice, as you gradually move to more complex poses. It is best to invest in your own block to comfortably expand your range of motions without any hassle. These blocks help to make an asana attainable and ultimately more enjoyable.

Yoga Block

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Buying yoga essentials does not need to be an overwhelming process. The main point is that you have to enjoy your yoga practice. These essentials are just a small medium to help you create a connection between your mind, body, and soul.

All you need to know about wearing white sneakers

May 25th, 2017

White shoes have always been there in fashion with a silent button then. But lately they’ve been making a comeback into our wardrobes and outfit essentials. Here are certain things about white sneakers and how to use them-

All you need to know about wearing white sneakers


1. Occasion :

These need not be limited to your Sunday brunches. A pair of white sneakers basically has the power of changing the outcome of you outfit. White sneakers can be worn to almost all places except probably a few formal meetings. Work in a plaid button-down shirt and roll up the sleeves. Distressed denim is another go-to that looks flawless with white trainers.


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2. Taking care :

White shoes rather require a little more care and looking after than regular dark colour shoes, you can always have a tissue handy to keep your sneakers clean. Once you are done using them simply take a wet cloth and wipe them well, ready for the next use.

Taking care

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3. Necessity :

While we are all still sorting out our requirement of basics, a pair of white shoes also has added itself in the list due to the versatility of its look. A pair of white sneakers does good to even your most distressed pair of pants.


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4. Formal outfit :

Much to your shock, white shoes can also be worn in a formal setting. Obviously, this does not apply to a pair of white canvas shoes with red piping but here we mean to say, white loafers or brogues work perfectly well if you can pull it off along with a suit.

Formal outfit

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5. Embellishments :

Now, it is not completely necessary to always have a pair of white solid sneakers, if you plan on wearing it for concerts or for a night out, you can always invest in a pair of shoes which even though mainly are white, also have a little bit of details, probably gold or silver piping or patches.


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Although hard to maintain and probably difficult to look for a perfect pair, white shoes are always a good addition to the closet.