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5 types of watches every man should know of

February 28th, 2019

Planning to buy a watch? Is it the first time you’ll be investing in a luxury watch? Not sure what watch style suits you the best? How do you know if it fits? Or, isn’t the dial too big for your wrist? Well, the point is, there is an overload of questions to know of before you make of the decision of purchasing the right type and style of watch. After all, you do not want to end up with that feeling of buyer’s remorse!

So, to help you settle for the right type of watch, here we have listed down five different styles of watches that every man should know of.

1. Dress Watch :

The sole purpose of a dress watch is that it complements your business suit or any formal attire. Most dress watches aren’t even considered to be accurate with time-keeping as they do not have second hands. If opting to go for a dress watch, make sure it is properly proportioned to the wrist. Also, as dress watches are to be worn with your formal wear make sure the watch is thin enough to slip in and out of your shirt.


Christopher Ward Forum
Christopher Ward Forum


2. Field Watch :

The first rule of purchasing a filed watch – it must be rugged! If you are opting for a filed watch, make sure that it is readable even under low lights and in night conditions. Look for bands that are either leather or canvas, so that they can be easily swapped when damaged.




3. Aviator Watches :

There isn’t any single style that defines the aviator watches! Aviator watches came into existence when pilots wore repurposed filed watches. Over time these watches were made with specific aviation function and thus the name, aviator watches! When opting for an aviator watch look for the ones with black dials and large white numerals. Also, make sure that they are readable under low-light conditions.




4. Dive Watches :

These are by far the most prolific men’s watch styles. As the name suggests, these type of watches have been made after the divers demanded superior timepieces as accurate time-keeping is essential when hundreds of feet down below water. What makes dive watches top the list is that they are water resistant, have a silicone band that lasts longer and are perfect for everyday wear.


Haute Time
Haute Time


5. Racing Watches :

These watches tend to be flashier than the rest of the mentioned watches. You’ll find racing watches in exotic colours and style options, meaning there’s one for everyone. When selecting for a racing watch be sure to opt for a colour or pattern that suits most with your dressing style. Another thing that makes racing watches special is that it comes with a chronograph and a tachymeter. While the chronograph allows the watch to have two different stopwatch functions, the tachymeter helps to make time and distance calculations, thus helping you to track the miles covered.


Motor Trend
Motor Trend


Soar the style meter and make an impression with these timeless classics

February 18th, 2019

While we are trying out new trends for men, when it comes to style, we believe there are a few timeless pieces of clothing that every man should have in his closet. The following items are essential because they are not too flashy and are appropriate for all ages and sizes.

1. An oxford button down shirt :

The oxford button down shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing there! You can always count on this classic for a dapper look. Pair it with slim fit chinos for a casual look and pair it with a suit for a formal look, it is just perfect for any event! Make sure to keep a few shirts of different colours in your wardrobe and stick to natural fibers for breathability in the summer season.


Courtesy: Target
Courtesy: Target


2. Plain T-shirts :

Basic T-shirts are unproblematic and easy to wear. T-shirts with good solid colours can change your whole look. You should have a good collection of plain T-shirts in your wardrobe as they will be a good foundation for creating more elaborate outfits. Make sure your T-shirts are not over worn or washed out.


Courtesy: Quicksilver
Courtesy: Quicksilver


3. Slim-fit Chinos :

Chinos are trousers that are made with cotton twill fabric. If denim is not your cup of tea, go for a pair of chinos! They are a great alternative to jeans. They look great with a polo or a button down shirt. They are perfect for casual or business events and can be dressed up or down. Avoid sitting on grass in chinos as they are prone to staining easily.


Courtesy: Vans
Courtesy: Vans


4. Tailored Suit :

The most important thing when it comes to clothes is how they fit you. You are better off wearing a cheap well fitting tailored suit rather than wearing an expensive off-the-rack ill fitting tuxedo. Hire a good tailor and get yourself a custom tailored suit. Navy blue, grey and black are classic colours for suits.




5. Jeans :

Nothing looks better than a pair of well fitted jeans! Jeans are super versatile; you can dress them up or down and wear them for any casual event. Make sure to try on a few pairs and check out different styles. Indigo or black jeans almost go with every look. Denim will never go out of style, so go ahead splurge on a great pair of jeans.


Courtesy: Levi’s
Courtesy: Levi’s


6. Sneakers :

Sneakers should definitely have a place in your wardrobe! They may be a hot trend right now but we definitely consider them a classic. They go well with almost all casual outfits! A pair of good quality white sneakers will elevate your outfit to another level. Pair them with chinos or denims and strap a duffle bag over your shoulder and there you’re set to rock like a star.

Gentlemen! We hope you took some notes and promised yourself to incorporate these timeless clothing essentials into your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more articles related to men’s fashion tips and latest trends in men’s fashion!


Courtesy: GearMoose
Courtesy: GearMoose


5 Stylish Ways For Men To Wear Denim Shirt

February 17th, 2019

In the world of fashion, there are only few things that you can consider as eternal. Denims naturally hold that position, as they are all-weather friend for men provided you know how to wear them stylishly. According to the new fashion style for men and latest men fashion trends, we will suggest you the modish ways to wear a denim shirt.


1. Dark Masculine Look :

There are essentially two shades of denim that are men new style – the dark heavy tone and the lighter blue tone. If you want to look more masculine, with less of layering and showcase more of accessories, tattoos and body hairs simply choose a dark shaded heavy denim shirt. You will be thrilled to wear this boisterous combination with skinny jeans, shorts or even khakis. Do wear tough boots and wayfarer sunglasses to add luster to your attire.




2. Cool Funky Look :

Go for a lighter shade of denim shirt to bring ‘coolness’ ‘funkiness’ in your personality. Wear this shade with a white T-shirt and dark-colored jeans or a pair of khakis or dark-colored chinos. You should add round-framed sunglasses and prefer to be clean-shaven.




3. Faded Look :

When donning a light blue denim shirt or black faded wash shirt contrast with dark or tan trousers preferably indigo or black jeans. Your shirt should not be too big or baggy as it will ruin the entire ordeal. Always choose a slim fit shirt and trouser to display the contours of your body.




4. The Backstreet Boy :

This look can be easily achieved by letting your shirt buttons open all across. Underneath wear a simple white T-Shirt like David Beckham. Adore a slouchy beanie to add that ‘attitude’ in your wardrobe. David Beckham wears a denim shirt with a T-shirt and beanie.




5. Double Denim Style :

To become complete denim man, you can certainly wear double denims – blue denim shirt with blue denim jeans. To make it more sensuous, wear extra ripped jeans with thick stubble on your face.




Best Eyewear Styles For Indian Men

February 17th, 2019

Handpick your eyewear to look handsome, sauve and dashing at the time when it really matters. In-tune to the latest fashion for men we present the top 4 eyewear styles for Indian men.

1.Wayfarer Glasses Frames :

Men’s Wayfarer Eyeglasses are the classical, iconic eyewear style that can be worn with any dress. They are proven to be a universal staple and timelessly stylish.



2. Aviator Glasses Frames :

This kind of frames looks good on almost everyone. The aviator frames are also undoubtedly the most iconic eyeglass model ever made. You can match them with almost any outfit.



3. Titanium Metal Eyeglasses :

Most metal frames are made from a copper and nickel base. This mens new style is corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjusted. Found in a variety of shapes and colors, they are on wearer’s top of mind. Wildly popular these days, titanium glasses combine strength with lightweight and offer an impressive performance.

titanium metal


4. Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames :

With thick-rimmed glasses, you will have that exceptional retro look that is a hit this season! These bold frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go. Durable and stronger, they are also hypoallergenic, have good resistance to water and acids that adjusts to your face shape making you tuned to the latest fashion for men in India.

Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames


5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

February 17th, 2019

Books are a man’s best friend. A good inspirational book always provides solace to a wandering soul. With Internet being the need of the hour, fashion blogs, websites and apps provide a solution to all your style queries. However, a good book teaches you how to find the right style for your personality in sync with the latest fashion trends. There are a lot of good fashion books for men; you can take style inspiration from, but mentioned below are our personal favourites!

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from1

1. Ralph Lauren :

The fashion God originally had a whopping 14-pound book dedicated to him, which was reduced and republished with time. Unlike most designers, this fashion guru inspired men to create stunning works of art through fashion. The book talks about his dream to redefine American style, which he very successfully did. The first part is dedicated to his personal life, one that was before he rose to fame. The latter has a detailed chronology of Ralph’s achievements, awards, and collections.

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

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2. Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel :

This 360-page book is a gospel for men who are interested in the world of fashion and menswear. A guide for pyjamas, buttons, fine menswear and so much more, Bernhard Roetzel has written this guide as an interpretation of his notion of style. Call it style or call it taste, the fine line between knowing which fabric to pair with which colour is an art. So, if you haven’t already mastered it, here is something to take inspiration from. A rich and detailed illustration of who’s and whom of international fashion, this book is a fashion classic.

Gentleman A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel

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3. Icons of Men’s Style :

Josh Sims take on timeless fashion trends for men is an inspiration for men across the globe. A menswear 101 guide, the book talks about iconic wardrobe staples and accessories that complement them. Consider the book as a glossary for trendy fashion, ideas and inspiration. Each essay is a story that focuses on designs, brands and their inspiration. A must read for those, interested in the history of men’s fashion.

Icons of Men's Style

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4. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion :

Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man is a descriptive guide for men who want to understand style and dress well without becoming fashion victims. The book includes tutorials that teach how-to, colour coordination and the art of dressing in style. Combining his taste and knowledge, Alan has created an encyclopaedia of fashion that almost every man must refer to.

Dressing the Man Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

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5. Handmade Shoes for Men :

The most important item in a man’s closet is his shoes. Laszlo Vass and Magda Monar talked about handcrafted shoes and their importance in the book. The book talks about custom made leather shoes that capture the individual taste of fashion conscious men. The book also takes you into the workshops of internationally renowned shoemakers, who closely guard the secrets of their trade. There are beautiful images and illustrations, making each pair a unique piece of art.

Handmade Shoes for Men

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These books contain genuine pieces of advice from fashion icons, designers, and craftsmen. While every individual has his own perspective of style, these books will help you channel your style that complements your personality.

Colors to avoid this summer

February 16th, 2019

Summer is finally here and summer sweat is an actual problem. Step one is realizing and embracing the fact that you’re a sweaty pig so you can tackle those leaky stains with some ease. Winter and spring offer so many dressing options to look sharp, but summer is a big no-no. The last thing you want is sweat gushing from your face like the Niagara Falls.

Colors to avoid this summer

Colors are a cruel mistress and finding hues that work with your skin tone is not very easy. Read on for a useful guide to finding colors that won’t work for you this summer.

1. Grays :

If you constantly have leaky pits, back, and chest, it’s best that you stay away from hues of dark gray this summer. They are the worst options for hiding sweat and also absorb tons of heat that will make you sweat even more. However, wearing patterns in this shade for an evening outing might not cause that much damage.


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2. Black and Navy :

Black is a strict no-no for summers. You will be roasting inside because dark colors absorb the sun’s rays and trap their heat, making you feel even hotter. Black and navy blues are a constant in every man’s wardrobe and we know it makes up most of their formal and corporate wear, but it’s worth keeping them to a minimum to have a cool and comfortable month.

Black and Navy

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3. Red :

You might look a little too bold in red and stand out of the crowd. Red as a color conveys both assertiveness and power, however, it will not be the best choice when the temperate is at 45 degree Celsius. Red along with its hues are best not worn in summer as they give a washed out look because of all the heat they trap.


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4. Purple :

Purple is one of the most overlooked colors in menswear, and there is no surprise why. You should avoid darker hues of purple like burgundy that are loud and opt for subtle tones like mauve. You are more likely to leak and have patchy sweat stains when dark and loud colors are worn in summer. Dial the volume down and keep these shades for those dark winter days.


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Final word, summer may be here but that does not mean you have to give up on colors you like. You can be stylish wearing your favorite colors but in lighter hues that will not only help you feel cool but also look sharp. You cannot avoid sweating when the temperate is boiling but can look less of a sweaty wreck if you avoid these colors in summer!

Skinny dudes, here’s the ultimate style guide to look your best

February 15th, 2019

Not all of us are blessed with the perfect body type. And while the whole world is cognizant of the issues healthy people have to face in terms of clothing, for which brands have also launched their plus size collection to cater to their fashion needs, not many realise that skinny people also have issues and struggle with the latest fashion for men. The obvious solution- gain those extra pounds; after all it is easier to gain it than to shed it. However, gaining those pounds also take time. We’ve thus brought for all those skinny albeit gorgeous people some men fashion tips to keep your style game strong, until you gain those kilos:


1. Avoid clothes that make you look frail :

This is a big no. The biggest giveaways of your frail figures are the oversized clothes. Skinny guys generally opt for large clothes in the hopes that their frames get camouflaged. It however, has an entirely opposite effect. Not only does it accentuate your frame more but also brings down your style quotient. Also, wearing skin-tight clothes will do just the same. Therefore, finding the right fit is a must. This may require a little too frequent visit to the tailor, but then, it’s all worthwhile.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


2. Wear the one item designed to make you look stronger :

Yes, skinny men can look buff too! All they need is a jacket- a suit jacket, a sports coat or a blazer. How do they achieve that? They broaden your shoulders, giving you a somewhat muscular look. Most of the jackets have padding in them, which adds about half an inch on each side. However, too much of a good thing is not good. Always opt for options with light padding. Keep it subtle. Jackets also accentuate your V- shape, which is a universal sign of male strength.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


3. Wear multiple layers :

Adding layers to your body adds a bit of breadth to it. However, caution is to be exercised here as well. You cannot simply wear thick layers one on top of the other. That just ruins your look altogether, and makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, you want to layer it from thin to thick and from light to sturdy. Begin with the lightest fabric and then add sturdier ones with each layer. Ensure colour coordination among the layers too.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


4. Wear fabrics that add bulk to the frame :

Choosing the right fabric is a good way of adding visual bulk to the frame. Textured fabrics for instance are a good way to achieve that. It is therefore recommended to stock your wardrobe with more of tweeds, flannels, glen checks, denim and corduroy. Everything that looks a bit rougher to touch are suggestive of more body mass. Thick-knit sweaters or cardigans will also do.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


5. Make your neck look better :

Aristotle approves. According to his works on physiognomy, a sturdy neck is a sign of courage and strength. It is recommended to make your neck look better and sturdier. Turtlenecks are a great way of achieving that. Collared sweaters and cardigans work equally well. Men clothing styles like zip necks, funnel necks, stand up collars and shawl collars are also suggested.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


Go ahead, revamp your closet and rock your fashion statement!

5 Office Bags That You Should Check Out

February 15th, 2019

What style statement are you making with the bag you carry to work? Chances are you don’t give as much thought to the bag you carry as compared to your clothes.Though it’s impractical to have different bags for each outfit, it’s wise to invest in a solid neutral piece that goes with most of your clothes. Here are 5 styles of bags definitely worthy of your consideration:



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1. The Cross-Body Bag:

An age-old, standard bag style, the cross body has made a comeback after a few years in fashion limbo. With the new and fashionable designs available, they are quite an upgrade from the simple, fold over flap variety. Also known as reporter bags, they are difficult to pair with a suit, as they give off a slightly casual vibe. However, make sure the strap shouldn’t hang below your hipline as that looks tacky.




2. The Backpack:

This is another casual style that’s been popular for decades but is a bit bland. However, after numerous designers delving into backpacks to revamp them, there are buttery-leathery, high end versions available of this style. If the right bag is selected, it’s an extremely luxurious way of accessorizing a suit.




3. The Folio:

A leather folio, smart and unobtrusive, shows that you are in business mode whether you are suited up Wall Street style or if you prefer to work in jeans and a shirt. Leaner, more discreet styles look the best, and if you don’t have too much stuff to carry then this is the ideal style for you. This slim, pouch version will reduce the amount of unnecessary junk you carry and also give you a very suave look.



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4. The Tote:

Arguably one of the most fashionable bags, it gives you a lot more storage space. It’s practical and really makes a statement, but remember not to over stuff it. Your laptop, a couple of books, and your keys are quite enough. It’s a fashionable alternative to a briefcase, which is the most basic bag you can carry to work. Popular in leather and canvas mostly, these are available in every colour and style.




5. The Duffel Bag:

If you require more storage space considering you might have to carry a lot of files or if you hit the gym after work, a duffel or holdall bag is ideal for you. Size matters, so make sure it’s no larger than 55 cm wide and that it’s lightweight enough to be carried with ease. Nothing looks as sophisticated as leather but textiles like wool and canvas can also look good.



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Well, now that you have your bag guide handy, make sure you pick a style that really suits you!


All you need to know about wearing white sneakers

February 15th, 2019

White shoes have always been there in fashion with a silent button then. But lately they’ve been making a comeback into our wardrobes and outfit essentials. Here are certain things about white sneakers and how to use them-

All you need to know about wearing white sneakers


1. Occasion :

These need not be limited to your Sunday brunches. A pair of white sneakers basically has the power of changing the outcome of you outfit. White sneakers can be worn to almost all places except probably a few formal meetings. Work in a plaid button-down shirt and roll up the sleeves. Distressed denim is another go-to that looks flawless with white trainers.


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2. Taking care :

White shoes rather require a little more care and looking after than regular dark colour shoes, you can always have a tissue handy to keep your sneakers clean. Once you are done using them simply take a wet cloth and wipe them well, ready for the next use.

Taking care

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3. Necessity :

While we are all still sorting out our requirement of basics, a pair of white shoes also has added itself in the list due to the versatility of its look. A pair of white sneakers does good to even your most distressed pair of pants.


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4. Formal outfit :

Much to your shock, white shoes can also be worn in a formal setting. Obviously, this does not apply to a pair of white canvas shoes with red piping but here we mean to say, white loafers or brogues work perfectly well if you can pull it off along with a suit.

Formal outfit

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5. Embellishments :

Now, it is not completely necessary to always have a pair of white solid sneakers, if you plan on wearing it for concerts or for a night out, you can always invest in a pair of shoes which even though mainly are white, also have a little bit of details, probably gold or silver piping or patches.


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Although hard to maintain and probably difficult to look for a perfect pair, white shoes are always a good addition to the closet.

7 tips to dress appropriately and look fashionable at work

December 28th, 2018

Whether you like it or hate it, you need to pay attention to your attire when dressing for work. And with more and more workplaces adopting casual work wear, it can be tricky to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t. So, here we have listed down seven easy and simple tips, to help you dress in style without having to break your work dress code!

1. Understand what’s acceptable in your industry :

Different industries have different dress code requirements. If you work in the corporate world, you may be strictly required to wear formal for work. But, on the other hand, if working in the media, your office work wear can be comparatively relaxed than the corporate people. So, it is very important to get an idea of what is accepted and what isn’t. Observe your colleagues that have been working for a long time, to get an idea on how you may be expected to dress at work.




2. Wear rich colours :

Your choice of colour is equally important as your office attire. Settle for rich colours in darker tones as they convey a stronger impression. Avoid anything that is bright or neon, as it can be too flashy and distracting for the others.




3. Wear clothes that fit :

An office isn’t a place to experiment. If you are opting for work wear clothes, you have to make sure that your clothes fit you properly. Anything too small or too big will not look good on you. If in case, you already own something that doesn’t fits aptly, try getting it tailored or else just get rid of it!




4. Dry your hair :

This may sound something out of the blue, but only if you have noticed the number of times guys leave their house without drying or setting their hair, you’ll definitely understand the reason behind mentioning this point! Never ever leave your house with wet hair. Firstly, it ruins your look, considering the pollution and dust around and secondly, it can make you look like your life isn’t together, which you definitely do not want at your workplace.


Business Insider UK
Business Insider UK


5. Your office bag counts too :

Imagine you go all dressed up and then team it up a simple backpack. Sounds inappropriate, right? Your office bag is as important as your attire. Also, whether you carry a briefcase or a side bag, make sure that you clean it at least every week because you wouldn’t want your colleagues to catch a glimpse or your untidy bag.


The Fashion Tag
The Fashion Tag


6. Wear well-kept and polished shoes :

Do you know that your shoes too can create an impression of you? Is not uncommon, but in fact, many recruiters actually notice the candidates shoes first. And, the reason behind this, your shoes require the least attention and if you pay attention towards this minute detail too, it means that you have the tendency to pay attention even to the smallest of details. So, the next time you step out for work, make sure that your shoes are polished and in good condition.




7. Pay attention to your watch :

Watch is one of the most important accessories to add to your office attires, irrespective of the fact whether you are a man or a woman. Donning watches along with your workwear adds a sense of etiquette class to you look, which is crucial for any working person.