Lesser known facts about Nawazuddin Siddiqui

March 26th, 2019

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, fondly addressed as ‘Nawaz Bhai’ is known for his electrifying acting and risk-taking abilities. He has been receiving praises for his latest releases at the beginning of 2019. The first one being Rajnikanth starer ‘Petta’ in which he played a negative character named Singaar Singh to perfection and the other one, a biopic on the great Balasaheb Thackeray that was completely justified by Nawazuddin. Nawazuddin is one of the most versatile and natural actors of Indian Cinema. His performances have been making the audiences adore his acting abilities since the past few years.

However, life was not easy for him as he had to fight his way up towards superstardom. It is this struggle that made Nawazuddin capable of doing all types of roles that comes his way. Be it lead, negative, side or even smaller roles, he makes sure that he justifies every role with honesty and dedication. Nonetheless, there are certain facts about this ‘Gangs of Wasseypur ‘actor which are lesser known!

1. A humble background :

Nawazuddin was born to a zamindari Muslim family in Budhana, a small town in Muzzafarnagar district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was the eldest of all the eight siblings. Nawazuddin did not compromise with academics to fulfil his passion for acting and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya in Haridwar.


Courtesy: Friday Magazine
Courtesy: Friday Magazine


2. Did odd jobs :

During his early days, Nawazuddin did not hesitate to do any type of work. He started out by working as a chemist in Vadodara. Later, he even worked as a watchman in Delhi and this was the time when he developed a love for theatre and eventually enrolled in National School of Drama to learn acting.




3. Initial roles that went unnoticed :

This might sound strange to you, but no one knew of Nawazuddin during his first decade in the industry. It was only after his performance in the movie New York (2009) that caught the people’s attention. He made his onscreen debut in Sarfarosh (1999) with a short role of a local criminal followed by movies like Munnabhai MBBS, Black Friday, Manorama Six Feet Under, etc. However, these movies did the least to help Nawazuddin establish himself.



4. His struggle in Mumbai :

Nawazuddin moved to Mumbai to pursue his acting career. However, it seemed like destiny had other plans for him. He stopped receiving work after a point and in fact, was unemployed for two years. His condition had grown so miserable that he had to cook meals for his senior at NSD in order to make ends meet.


Courtesy: BizAsia
Courtesy: BizAsia


5. Never craves for the spotlight :

This is one of the most unique features that helped Nawazuddin become one of Bollywood’s most respected actors. Unlike other celebrities, he does not seek any media attention or indulges in any high-profile business ventures. One can only find him at the centre stage when it’s time to promote his movies or while doing commercial works.


Courtesy: Miss Kyra
Courtesy: Miss Kyra


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ‘never say die’ attitude is indeed an inspiration to all!

Rags to riches – The touching story of Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood

December 11th, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan. These three words are enough to set someone’s heart on fire. The King of Bollywood, with the largest fan base globally, he is a superstar in all aspects. Things however, did not come to him easy, nor was he born with a silver spoon. This man has struggled; a young boy with sky reaching aspirations, he never gave up on his dreams despite the tribulations that came his way. This is the story of how he transformed from Shahrukh Khan to Shah Rukh Khan.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Shahrukh has been an achiever since his school days, having performed well in academics as well as in sports like hockey and football. He has also been commemorated with his school’s highest award. Initially he decided to pursue a career in sports, but a shoulder injury in his early years prohibited him from pursuing this path. He has been appreciated for his acting in his stage plays, especially his impressions of Bollywood actors like Dilip Kumar, Mumtaz and Amitabh Bachchan. During his graduation days, he became an active member of Delhi’s Theatre Action Group where he studied acting under the mentorship of theatre director Barry John.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


He also attended National School of Drama during his early days in Bollywood. Tragedy struck his family when his father passed away from cancer in 1981, followed by his mother’s death 10 years later. After the death of their parents, his sister Shahnaz Lalarukh fell into depression and Shahrukh took the responsibility of taking care of her.

His initial career began with acting in television. Fauji was his debut show in television, which kickstarted his career as an actor. He went on to work in several other shows. His look and acting style were compared to those of Dilip Kumar, and he did not seem interested in making the leap into films, since he felt that he wasn’t good enough.

In order to overcome the grief of his mother’s demise, SRK later went to Mumbai from Delhi to try his luck with Bollywood. He was soon signed to four films, making his debut with Deewana, which gave him recognition and the leverage that was needed to kickstart his career. He earned the Filmfare Best Male Debut Award for the same.


Image courtesy:
Image courtesy:


Shahrukh also took up anti-hero roles and villainous roles during a period where performing such characters was a monumental risk, but we all know how that worked out for him. Darr and Baazigar became box office hits with SRK being showered with praises for his portrayal of the obsessive lover and murderer respectively. While he lost out on the Best Villain Award, he ended up bagging the Best Actor Award for Baazigar. He then went on to essay romantic roles and rest as they say, is history.

Shahrukh is known to have essayed unconventional roles with such aura that the Indian diaspora could not help but love him. Today, he is a big name to reckon with, a successful actor. Sure, there have been several setbacks that have come his way, but none have been herculean enough to bring him and his stardom down. He is the true epitome of success, and the rightful King of Bollywood.


Image courtesy:
Image courtesy:


Kartik Aaryan – The budding Bollywood heartthrob

December 11th, 2018

India is cognizant of Kartik Aaryan. The newbie of the block, he is already in a streak of winning the hearts of all the ladies with his impish smile and unmatched style, while garnering the respect of the boys due to the relatability of the roles essayed by him on the big screen. In a nutshell, this guy is here to stay and leave an indelible mark in everyone’s minds.

Born and raised in Gwalior, Kartik relocated to Navi Mumbai to pursue engineering in biotechnology. He concurrently tried his luck in modelling as well as a career in the film industry. After three years of relentless struggle, he finally bagged a role in Pyaar ka Punchnama directed by Luv Ranjan and co-starring Nushrat Bharucha, and rest, as they say, is history.

Aaryan went on to essay romantic interests of lead female characters in Aakash Vaani and Kaanchi: The Unbreakable. However, neither of the films bore fruition and they weren’t commercial successes. He subsequently collaborated with Ranjan and Bharucha again in two buddy movies, Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 and Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety, which were the turning points of his career as they were commercial hits, with the latter emerging as one of the highest grossing Indian films of 2018.


Picture courtesy:
Picture courtesy:


He was first noticed by the audience through the infamous monologue in Pyaar ka Punchnama, where he goes on to criticize the behaviour of girls in relationships. This outburst became extremely viral and Aaryan became the guy all the boys respected and resonated with. Even though his movies had an undertone of misogyny given the portrayal of women in bad light as far as relationships are concerned, many of the females were ready to overlook that aspect, given his pretty demeanour and mesmerising smile.

The roles essayed by him in all the Pyaar ka Punchnama instalments as well as Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety were relatable on many levels. In the latter movie, he essays the role of Sonu, the guardian angel of his friend Titu who is about to be married to a girl named Sweety, whom he suspects to be malign. The camaraderie portrayed between the two men in the movie has been duly appreciated by the audience, other than the comic elements that propped up every now and then.


Picture Courtesy:
Picture Courtesy:


Aaryan has been recognised for his comical roles and has even won a Stardust Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role for Pyaar ka Punchnama 2. As part of upcoming movies, he has Luka Chuppi which is a romantic comedy co-starring Kirti Sanon and he has also been roped in to play the protagonist in a Hindi language remake of the 2016 Kannada teen comedy Kirik Party.

Besides movies, he is the brand ambassador for the cream Emami Fair and Handsome and the body spray Envy1000. He also is a current member of the All Stars Football Club that organises football matches for charity. He also has been actively involved in raising awareness on plastic pollution during World Environment Day.

With several things lined up in future for him, it cannot be denied that Kartik Aaryan has established himself as an upcoming star. His flair for comedy with his perfect timings and the boyish charms that every girl seeks for, you cannot simply ignore this budding heartthrob of Bollywood.


Picture Courtesy:
Picture Courtesy:


5 Kinds Of Personalities In Men: Where Do You See Yourself?

August 1st, 2018

Men are usually of 5 personality types taking a pause from our regular information about the latest trend in fashion for men and men new style, we present the characteristics of these personality types. If you can identify with any of these, during your self-analysis you can auto-correct to become a better husband, father, and a leader.

1. Why me personality :

If you wake up in the morning, criticizing yourself about “why me”, and “why this is happening to me” then you very much exist here. This type of personality very often looks into the past, and compare and comes out with a question, why me and why not him or her.



2. What if personality :

These are the men who always think of future possibilities because a lot of information has been deeded into the mind that always tend to think of “unplanned” happening anytime, anywhere. While in reality, untoward happenings are rare but this person is always extra conscious of things going wrong and people not listening to him. He will have questions like If ..and What if?…



3. Can’t do much about it personality :

These are the men who although are in present most of the time but are unable to take decisive actions. They might be unhappy in a relationship but they avoid talking about it to someone who can help, they know they should do daily exercises but they not willing to take steps in direction by getting up early in the morning etc. They are always waiting for a miracle or act of God to change his circumstances or situation. They expect themselves to be rescued regularly and reap the rewards with little or no efforts on their part.



4. Leave me alone personality :

These men have taken life little too seriously, they are ashamed, afraid or angry with themselves and hence prefer to live in isolation and solitude. These men hardly trust anyone and cannot let go of their past. These types of men blame everything on others, they tend to doubt everyone around them right from their own abilities to their near and dear ones and even God.



5. Lionhearted personality :

These men take risks because they believe in their abilities. They also come across tough times but they move on from their past. They are not afraid of being wounded again that they prepare better for next time. They go to any extent to achieve their goals; their dedication and perseverance is an example for others. The best thing about them is that they build on their character, their shortcomings, as they are the fighters. They would rather die with a spear in their chest than one in his back. Their motto of life is simple, is no retreat, no surrender.



5 Best Male Celebrities For Tattoo Inspiration

July 17th, 2018

Tattoos are one of the trendiest fashion for men today, almost all celebrities ink themselves up to look tuned in to the latest trend in fashion for men and prevailing current fashion trends for men. We present the 3 best male celebrities for your next tattoo inspiration.

1. Odell Beckham Jr.:

The NFL superstar who has inked the legends including Mike Tyson and passion on his arm, leg sleeves, chest, and back. Recently, when OBJ got injured he took his love for tattoos to another level by getting hold of world-renowned Spanish tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga Lopez to turn his right leg into an amazing work of art. Since entering the NFL, Beckham has emerged as one of the most productive and popular players, but he received the media flak due to his conduct on and off the playing field.


2973-Odell Beckham Jr


2. Justin Bieber :

If you are passionate about tattoos, you need to follow this Canadian singer, actor, and songwriter who has sold more than 140 million records. Justin is not only one of the world’s best-selling music artists in the world but also has now more than 100 million followers on Twitter. You can take inspiration from Bieber’s massive, Gothic-inspired torso tattoo. This stunning piece of art took three days and more than 26 hours of needlework to complete the design by the world-famous tattoo artist Bang Bang. We recommended you to ink colored columns and gargoyles on your torso that should clearly depict forms of an eagle, a lion, and a roaring bear!


2973-Justin Bieber


3. Dwayne “The Rock” :

If we keenly follow the Hollywood celebrities and you also love to you’re your emotions boldly and bluntly on your arms, then you just need to take direct tattoo inspiration from Johnson’s bicep that showcases the masculine bull tattoo. This inspirational piece of art was completed in 30 hours in four tattoo sessions. and years of transformation. In his own words, he explains “Horns always positioned forward. Not up, but forward – representing forward progress. An eye is for the spirit and the power, where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect.…Every detail is a reflection of my own personal history. From the cracks and heavy damage to the bone representing life’s hard lessons I’ve learned over the years”




3 Most Stylish Men On-Field In The 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 17th, 2018

Graceful, stylish, always-in-shape, and far from scandals and the limelight, the football managers of the national soccer teams always show off their polished and elegant side. In tune with the latest fashion for men and the current fashion trends for men, we present you the most stylish men on the ground, the 3 most stylish football managers in FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.


1.Gareth Southgate:

Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat has become the talk of the town, in fact, the British public went into a waistcoat-buying frenzy, with the demand for this 350-year-old stylish clothing increasing by more than 35 percent at Marks & Spencer. According to reports, the British team manager has become a fashion icon with his classic navy-blue waistcoat and trouser combo along with the crisp light blue shirt and a regal red, white and blue tie. Lately, we also heard Gareth saying “I know my strengths and I know I’m no David Beckham!”




2.Joachim Löw :

The head coach of the German national team who led German team to lift the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia, is popularly known for his stylish outfits, and is classified as “sexist managers in the world”. With his iconic hairstyle and stylish V-neck black full-sleeve sweater and black chino combo, he is popular amongst the female fans. His slim-fit white t-shirt and the smart-casual look are hotly debated in the local German media.




3.Roberto Martínez :

The Belgium team’s head coach Roberto Martinez’s formal clothing is a sensation, his classic jackets, coats, and ties are inspirational. The Spanish football coach and a former professional player wear his wardrobe with the minutest detail, looking extraordinary on the field. He remarked at the onset of FIFA 2018, about the team that ultimately reached the semi-finals “To be involved in the tournament, as an international manager, means a great deal. But, just like then, football is all about the players. I have a fantastic group and I believe totally in them.”




Top 5 Male Fashion Designers In The World

July 17th, 2018

We present you the list of top 5 male fashion designers in the world who have established their careers in the business of fashion. These International fashion designers have not only introduced new trends in fashion for men but also have the capacity to mold the current fashion trends for men.

1. Tom Ford:

Mr. Thomas Carlyle “Tom” Ford, a celebrated fashion designer and film director is known for the business turnaround of Gucci. He has been famous as a fashion and style icon and was also included in the list of “All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons. His own label “Tom Ford” offers popular men’s clothing range, eyewear, and accessories.



2. Michael Kors:

This American fashion designer who specializes in sportswear through his label “Kors” offers ready-to-wear clothing line, watches, fragrances, accessories, watches, and even footwear both for men and women. There are many celebrities who frequently wore Kors’ designs including Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones and, Michelle Obama amongst others.



3. Gianni Versace:

This world-famous fashion designer from Italy is known for his international fashion house of Versace, that sells luxury home furnishings, clothes, accessories, fragrances, and make-up. He is known to be a close friend of leading celebrities including Princess Diana, Madonna, Elton John; amongst others.



4. Giorgio Armani:

Giorgio Armani, the Italian fashion designer is particularly known for his menswear and red-carpet fashion, that has an annual turnover of $1.6 billion. With a personal fortune of $8.1 billion (2017), his leading labels include Giorgio Armani S.p.A., Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange, Armani Junior, Armani Casa, Armani Dolci, Armani Caffé, Armani Fiori, Armani Hotels and more.



5. Calvin Klein:

The man who launched Calvin Klein Inc., in 1968 that sells clothing, watches, perfumes, and, jewelry. This American fashion designer is remembered for his iconic “tight-fitting signature jeans” launched in 1974, that earned $200,000 in the first week of its sale.



World’s 3 Most Fashionable Celebrity Men In 40s

July 16th, 2018

Fashion has no age. The new generation always looks for the references they can relate to, we present the 3 most fashionable men in their 40s. These fashion icons have inspired ‘the mobile generation’ for new fashion trends for men and stirred men new styles.

1. David Beckham:

This English former professional footballer who also played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Milan amongst others. Often labeled as ‘fashion world darling’ he has his own H&M collection that influences the fashion trends in the industry. Being a normal household man with a loving family, he instantly got recognition worldwide as a fashion icon, as he was the young started saying ‘’If he wore it, I can wear it too”. Earlier men’s fashion was just for gay men or strange people who were afraid to wear something special.



2. Brad Pitt:

This American actor and film producer who has won numerous awards for his acting skills has been one of the most influential and dominating figures in the American entertainment industry. For several years Pitt was the world’s most attractive man, as a result, his personal life is the subjected to wide publicity. His easy-going style and free-spirited nature is the source of inspiration for numerous men across the world. From his sleek suits to the rugged, masculine ensembles, this style icon has shown ways to look fashionable and trendy without overdoing.



3. Dwayne Douglas Johnson:

The former professional wrestler who is popularly known as “The Rock” is followed by a multitude of fans across the world not only for his acting skills but also for his stylish suits, sleeveless vest, gym shorts, and the iconic aviator sunglasses! Men can take fashion lessons from him on how to wear a loose white T-shirt with classic blue jeans and a golden necklace. He is often seen stylishly wearing a leather bomber jacket that gives him the real masculine looks. He owns his production company with the name of ‘Seven Bucks’ – as during his college years when he got off the flight from Canada to Miami he had just $7 in his pocket.



5 Top Male Models Currently In The World

July 16th, 2018

Modeling is one industry that commands the real money and enormous work opportunities, models not just display the new trend in fashion for men and latest men fashion trends on the runway shows, they are also engaged continuously by International brands to popularize the products through commercial advertisements and photo shoots. We present you the top 5 leading male models currently in the world.

1. Francisco Lachowski:

Lachowski is a well-known International male model who has been seen on the runways for leading International brands including Armani, Gucci, Dior Homme, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared², and Roberto Cavalli amongst others. He was done some popular commercial campaigns for Ford, Lacoste, DKNY jeans, Dior and DSquared².



2. Sean Richard O’Pry:

American male model, who was world became the most successful male model in 2009 adjudged by Forbes magazine. In years 2013 and 2014, he was also judged as the World’s most successful male model by While in 2015, he was ranked fifth by Vogue in the ‘Top 10 Male Models of All Time’. He has done some memorable editorials and campaigns for Giorgio Armani, H&M, Calvin Klein, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara (retailer), Emporio Armani, Lacoste, DSquared² and DKNY amongst others.



3. Rob Evans:

He is one of the Internationally renowned male models who got polarized as the judge on America’s Next Top Model in 2012 and 2013. Interestingly, he started his career with Givenchy Men’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection. He has represented by modeling agencies across the world right from New York, Los Angeles, to Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Barcelona.



4. Paolo Roldan:

You will find this Canadian national who was born in the Philippines, always stacked up from head-to-toe with bracelets on each arm and rings on multiple fingers. He got his International break- from Riccardo Tisci, who launched him in Givenchy fall. casting. Roldan has been modeling for editorial pieces and is a regular at Giorgio Armani runway shows.



5. Hao Yunxiang:

A former professional athlete, with stunning features this Chinese model has done several editorials and runways for Elle China, Lane Crawford, Gap China, Maybelline and Calvin Klein Jeans. He is also a regular model for Giorgio Armani fashions.



Ronaldo’s New Records In The First Round Of 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 6th, 2018

While records are made to be broken, we take a pause from current fashion trends for men and men’s latest fashion to look at the astonishing records of Cristiano Ronaldo that have been either equaled or broken by the end of the first round at 2018 FIFA World Cup.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s, 33-year-old legendary captain of Portugal team first goal against Spain catapulted him to the league of the players who have scored goals in four different editions of the tournament– Ronald became the 4th player in the World Cup history, the other three players are Pele, Miroslav Klose, and Uwe Seeler.



2. Ronaldo has also equaled the existing record of Ghana’s striker Asamoah Gyan of consecutively scoring in nine major international tournaments – eight if the Confederations Cup is not considered a major tournament. Ghana’s striker Gyan recently refuted the Ronaldo’s achievement, as he was the first one to score in the nine different major showpieces, namely 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups, as well as seven Africa Cups of Nations between 2008 and 2017.



3. Ronaldo’s second strike against Spain in the 2018 World Cup elevated him to become the second Portuguese to score a goal a goal from outside the box – the first one was Deco who scored against Oran in 2006.

Ronaldo’s hat-trick against Spain was momentous in history, as he not only became the oldest player to score a hat-trick but also the first striker to do so against the champs of 2010 World Cup.



4. Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the third Portuguese player in the history to score a hat-trick in a World Cup, after his predecessors Eusebio in 1966, and Pauleta, in 2002. In addition, he also matched his compatriot José Augusto Torres, who achieved the record in 1966 to score goals with head, right and left foot during a World Cup.



5. Cristiano Ronaldo also became the highest-scoring European in international history as he overtook Ferenc Puskas international goal record of 84 goals against Morocco. Iran’s Ali Daei is an all-time top scorer in the history of international football with 109 goals to his credit in a 13-year international career between 1993 and 2006.



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